Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: It’s Me Dumping You (3)

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Luo Weibing stiffened. He paused mid-stride and said dryly, “Sister Lin, are you kidding me? Your ex-husband is… Mu Tingfeng?”

“So, you know my husband? Oh no… I mean my ex-husband. No kidding. It’s him.”

Before Zhao Youlin finished her words, Luo Weibing turned his body and prepared to run away. But Zhao Youlin had sharp eyes and grabbed hold of him. She said with a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, master. My dear master, please spare me. I really can’t afford to offend that man!” Luo Weibing cried bitterly and looked at Zhao Youlin pitifully.

The corner of Zhao Youlin’s lips twitched. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Who was the one who said that he would perform his duty to his death and complete his mission even at the cost of his life?”

“Sister Lin, you said nothing about your ex-husband being Mu Tingfeng!”

Seeing Luo Weibing’s good-for-nothing face, she rolled her eyes at him. When she remembered that her ex-husband was staring at them from a not far away distance, she grew impatient.

She reached out to pinch Luo Weibing’s arm in the crowd’s blindspot. She gritted her teeth and said, “It’s Mu Tingfeng, so what? Let me tell you, even if he’s a God, you have to be with me in this! If you dare to run away at the last minute, trust me, I’ll make you crawl out of this cafe, and hang you at the Coin River for the fishes to feast on you!”

Luo Weibing shuddered violently. He had been in a dilemma for half of the day between the two options. Either he was to be disciplined by his father based on his family’s tradition, or be hanged by Zhao Youlin at the river for the fishes to feast on him. Eventually, he felt that being feasted by the fishes was more frightening. So, he straightened his neck and lent his arm to Zhao Youlin as if it was the last thing he was going to do in this life.


Zhao Youlin smiled. She reached out to pat the creases on his arm which her pinch had brought out and wrapped her hands around his arm. Then, they walked toward Mu Tingfeng and Su Qing.

The two of them ended their hidden dogfight. Little did they realize that they looked like a good-looking couple, whispering to one another intimately as if nobody was around them, displaying their affection in public.

Looking at the intimate interaction between the two of them, Mu Tingfeng’s annoyed countenance intensified. ‘What’s wrong with the woman? She actually acting so lovey-dovey with another man, so intimately before the crowd. She doesn’t have any guilty conscience! Also, she must have forgotten that she’s still a married woman. How dare she seduce another man in front of me. Such a disgrace!’


At that moment, Mu Tingfeng apparently had forgotten that he would no longer be a married man soon. Moreover, it was he who had looked forward to divorcing her. The scene of Zhao Youlin behaving intimately with another man should have cheered him up instead. There was no need for him to be that angry.

Mu Tingfeng was irritated and the next moment, he discovered this himself too. If this were the past, not only would he not be furious to see that woman so close with another man, instead, he would be very happy. He would be so happy that he had a reason to finally kick her out of his sight. However, unbeknownst to himself, seeing her get so close with another man at that moment brought him great displeasure.

Mu Tingfeng had always been a self-disciplined man. Very quickly, he suppressed his own displeasure without leaving a trace behind. There was a hint of discomfort shown in his eyes, which was a rare sight during the moment he saw Zhao Youlin wrapping her arms tightly around Luo Weibing’s arm.

The high-end cafe was frequently visited by many upper-class elites. After they were stunned by her beauty in the beginning, many of them started to identify them as Zhao Youlin and Mu Tingfeng.

Zhao Youlin and Mu Tingfeng’s marital discord was no secret among the upper-class society. It was just that this was the first time the both of them appeared in the public place, accompanied by close friends who were of opposing genders. Most of the people keenly sensed that an explosive event was about to happen. They kept their eyes open and gave their ears to them, ready for a good show.

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