Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: It’s Me Who Dumps You (4)

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Zhao Youlin ignored the strange stares from her surroundings. She gave a swift glance at Su Qing, whose eyes were sparkling and sat beside Mu Tingfeng. No one knew since when she had changed her seat. Zhao Youlin thought to herself, ‘Just as I expected, this guy actually brought his mistress here. Great! That’s great!’

The two of them walked over to Mu Tingfeng’s table. Zhao Youlin took the lead. She opened her mouth, and smiled as she asked, “Can we sit here?”

“Sure, of course. Please take your seat.” Su Qing chattered and threw the magazine used to cover her face on the table.

Despite putting a gentle smile on her face, Su Qing’s heart was gloating from the very bottom. She thought to herself, “Tsk tsk tsk! A proclamation of war, huh?! You’re a tough one, my cousin-in-law!’

After the permission was granted, Luo Weibing timidly walked around Zhao Youlin and sat opposite Su Qing. He did not want to face the iceberg in front of him. He was too frightening, and Luo Weibing would have nightmares at night.

Zhao Youlin knew the moron all too well. Of course, she also knew what he had in his mind. So, after taking her seat silently, she mercilessly gave Luo Weibing’s thigh a twisting pinch.

“Ouch!” Luo Weibing was caught by surprise and screamed in pain. His scream shocked everyone in the cafe.

Everyone’s attention flew to Luo Weibing. His face was twisted. He smiled dryly and said, “There was a mouse. A mouse.”

The crowd fell speechless.

Zhao Youlin withdrew her hand without leaving a trace. She lifted her gaze and looked at Su Qing who was diagonally opposite of her. She remained smiling and asked pretentiously, “This is…”

Su Qing was enjoying her show when she was suddenly called out. She immediately recalled her current identity, and said with a straight face, “Hello, Ms. Zhao. I’m Su Qing, Tingfeng’s lover.”

Neither did she address herself as his wife nor mistress, but as his lover. Apparently, this suggested that both of them had naturally fakkeb in love with each other. Also, this showed that the mistress was scornful. ‘So what if you’re his wife? He doesn’t love you at all, I’m the one he loves!’

Su Qing thought that once she had spoken this, Zhao Youlin could no longer maintain her calmness and would be enraged. Little did she know that Zhao Youlin merely nodded with a lack of interest, and showed a placid expression. ‘I greeted you out of simple courtesy. Actually, I don’t really care about you, or your relationship with him.’

Su Qing fell speechless. She had been told that this woman was madly infatuated with his cousin and was a green-eyed monster. Why was she completely different from her own expectations?!

Mu Tingfeng shot a glance at Zhao Youlin’s indifferent expression. He frowned. After that, he shifted his gaze to Luo Weibing, and asked coldly, “And this is…”

Luo Weibing looked stiff, and replied, “I’m…”

“He’s my new love.” Before Luo Weibing finished speaking, Zhao Youlin snapped in.

“Pfff…” Su Qing hurriedly grabbed the magazine on the table to cover her face. However, her trembling shoulder had already exposed her true self under such circumstances.

‘New love? Does that mean that my cousin is already considered to be her old flame? Is this a party crash by bringing a new love to meet with an old flame? Hahaha! Today’s trip was totally worth it!’

Luo Weibing silently lowered his head to drink his coffee. He simply did not have the guts to face the man opposite him. That man’s face was quickly turning black. ‘Are the two of them really here to talk about their divorce? Why am I watching the legally married wife face off the mistress? Only God knows I’m just an innocent passer-by!’

Zhao Youlin confronted Mu Tingfeng fearlessly. One was as cold as ice, while the other remained smiling. There was an air of hostility in the atmosphere.

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