Flower Master in the City

Chapter 12. Dirty old man driving BMW

Chapter 12. Dirty old man driving BMW

“Alright, stop messing around and do something worthwhile!” Sun Xinxin said as she rolled her eyes at Fang Xiaoru.

Not waiting for Fang Xiaoru to speak, Sun Xinxin said. “Xiaoru, I want you to watch the shop today, I will be taking Summer out for a walk around the campus area, To get him familiar with the area, if there is a matter, you can just call me.”

“Got it, sister Xin, both of you can slowly enjoy you’ll date.” Fang Xiaoru giggled.

Sun Xinxin stared harshly at Fang Xiaoru once more, before turning around and saying to Summer. “Come on, today I’ll take you to familiarize yourself with Jianghai University.”

After all, Jianghai University is where Xinxin Flower Shop obtains most of its business.  Since Summer is now one of its employees alongside being assigned to delivery, it’s only natural for him to get familiar with each route within the school, although most of the time the flowers would be sent to the girl’s dormitory, sometimes it could also be sent to the classroom, or even to the canteen, playgrounds and other places are also possible.

“This is the sports field, over there is a gymnasium, and that is the administration building …”

As the two walked side by side at Jianghai University. Sun Xinxin introduced Summer everywhere they walk past. Time passed by unknowingly, and the small bit of coolness of the early morning quickly disappeared. As the sun fully rises in the sky causing the temperature of the day to continue to grow, more and more rich fragrance begins to float from Sun Xinxin’s body, although the two were walking slowly, that still didn’t stop her from sweating so profusely. I have to say, this kind of weather, is really not suitable for outdoor lounging.

“Sister Xin, are you hot?” Summer asks.

“Don’t you feel hot?” Sun Xinxin rolled her eyes at Summer. Wasn’t that obvious

“I’m not hot.” Summer nodded seriously.

Sun Xinxin was stunned for a moment, as she turned her head to look carefully at Summer only to find that this guy was not sweating at all.

“Strange, how come you’re not hot?” Sun Xinxin was a bit curious.

“Fairy sister said I was born to be an air conditioner, I’m warm in the winter and cool in the Summer.” Summer giggled as he said “Sister Xin, do you want to cool off a bit?”

“Of course!” Sun Xinxin positively replied as she wipes off the sweat from her forehead, but when she was putting her hand down Summer suddenly grab hold of it, placing her hand in his palm.

Sun Xinxin suddenly blush as she thought. So, this little pervert just wanted to look for a reason to take advantage of her.

“Summer, come on, let me go!” Sun Xinxin struggle a bit but couldn’t break free.

“Sister Xin, you’re the one who said you want to cool down a little. If I don’t hold your hand, how can you cool off?” Summer slyly replied.

Sun Xinxin had wanted to say something, but she suddenly felt a cool sensation came from Summer’s hand, this cold sensation quickly spread throughout her body, making her feel as if she had suddenly stepped into an air-conditioned room, leaving her with an indescribably refreshing feeling.

Sun Xinxin was caught in a daze, as she turned her head to look at Summer there was a strange feeling in her heart. She had originally thought that Summer was only looking for a reason to take advantage of her, although she wasn’t really opposed to Summer hold her hand but after all, they hadn’t known each other for very long, she didn’t want to move too fast.

However, she didn’t expect that Summer really can make her feel cool. At this moment, the sinister sunshine over her head no longer seems to work on her. She gradually stopped sweating altogether. Her heart couldn’t help but emerge an idea, how many more surprises would this seemingly lustful boy give her?

“Just who are you, Summer?” Sun Xinxin asked softly. After just recognize him in less than a day, Summer has made her experience many different types of feelings and once made her curious about him. If we were to say him easily beating up Zhang Dazhu, it can be considered okay but not really out of the realm of understanding. But then later his actions on the bus being as steady as a mountain, left her feeling incredible!  She had thought he had given her a big enough surprise yesterday, but now, he had given her yet another surprise and like before this one is even bigger than the last.

“Xin sister, of course, I am the best man!” Summer giggled as he replied.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me!” Sun Xinxin snorted with dissatisfaction. “What man, you’re just a little boy!”

Summer was unconvinced, what little boy, Fairy sister had already said he’s a real man.

However, Summer didn’t bother to refute her. he decided to just enjoy her smooth tender hand. as they continue to hold hands, while leisurely walking forward.

Occasionally when someone walks past the two men, they couldn’t help but turn around to glance back at the two of them, obviously, everyone thought that the two of them were a couple, but Sun Xinxin was such a thousand style great beauty. So Seeing such a beauty alongside such a plain-clothed ordinary-looking man as Summer made many people feel it was unbalanced, this was simply a living definition of a flower inserted in a cow dung!

“honk ……” A car horn sounded and along with it, a BMW pulls up to their side and stop, As the car window rolls down, a middle-aged man pokes his head out with a sly look on his face as he said: “Little Sun, where are you going? Do you want me to give you a lift?”

Seeing the middle-aged man, Sun Xinxin’s brow begins to frown, her eyes flash a look of disgust. She replied back to him while her face was barely able to squeeze out a smile: “Professor Chen, there’s no need to trouble you. We’re just strolling around.”

“Oh okay. How about what I told you the other day, did you consider it?” As the middle-aged man speaks he begins to greedily look at Sun Xinxin’s proud figure.

The disgust in Sun Xinxin’s eyes intensified from this. “Professor Chen, as you can see I already have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, is that him?” The middle-aged man casually glanced at Summer and then shook his head. “Little Sun it’s not like I’m looking down on you, but you’re quite outstanding in other areas. It’s just that it seems your ability to pick a boyfriend is quite lacking!”

“Sister Xin, who is this idiot?” Summer immediately became unhappy, isn’t he clearly saying he’s not a good choice?

“You student, how to speak so?” Before Sun Xinxin could reply, the middle-aged man angrily asked. “What college did you attend? Which class? Do you believe that if I just make a call, I can immediately have you expelled?”

“Idiot, I’m not a student.” Summer had a look of disdain as he replied.

“Little Sun, look, you see, the quality of your boyfriend? The moment he opens his mouth he began to curse!” The middle-aged man shook his head and sighed. “For your sake, I won’t argue with him, but I advise you to quickly break up with him! “

“Professor Chen, this is my private matter, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Sun Xinxin suppressed her anger and calmly said.

“Hey, idiot! If you don’t quickly get the hell out of my sight, I’ll beat you up!” Summer Ferociously stare at the middle-aged man.

Seeing the fierce look of Summer, the middle-aged man became a bit timid in his heart “I’m a very civilized person, I’m too lazy to be bothered by you, Little Sun, I’ll go first. You should continue to think about that matter carefully!”

The middle-aged man reluctantly looked away from Sun Xinxin seductive figure, stepping on the gas pedal, the car will start to move forward again.

“Sister Xin, what does that idiot want you to consider?” Summer couldn’t help but curiously ask.

“The old goat said that he can make Zhang Dazhu no longer cause trouble for me, on the condition that I become his mistress then he will be willing to help me!” Sun Xinxin spat out.

The moment Summer heard this he became furious. “Sister Xin, why didn’t you say so earlier? If I had known this beforehand, I would have immediately flattened that idiot!”

looking at the BMW pulling further and further away until it’s already far out of sight, Summer couldn’t help feeling a bit depressed, it seems like he can only wait until he saw that guy again in the future to settle this score with him

the next few hours were rather calm and peaceful, as the two continue to stroll around the school for a few more hours. by the time it reached noon, Summer had basically familiarize himself with some of the key areas within the campus. Although he wasn’t able to memorize all right away but it wouldn’t hinder him much when it’s time to send flowers.

“Wow, sister Xin, Summer, you guys are developing really fast!” As the two just return to the flower shop, Fang Xiaoru started to make a fuss.

Sun Xinxin suddenly blushed, at this time she realized that she was still holding Summer hands.

“Stupid girl, do not talk nonsense!” Sun Xinxin rolls her eyes at Fang Xiaoru and quickly drew back her hand while also trying to change the subject. “You call for lunch yet?”

“Oh, not yet, I’ll call for delivery now.” While Fang Xiaoru was taking out her phone to place an order she begins to look strangely at Summer. In all honesty, she’s really confused right now, she has worked at this Flower Shop for almost a year now and is already quite familiar with Sun Xinxin, she is also very clear that Sun Xinxin has always been more repulsive to men. So just what so special about this call Summer guy, in the end, to let Sun Xinxin treat him differently?

Is it really the so-called ‘Hero save the beauty to gain her grace’, and then the beauty will commit herself to him? But that is too old-fashioned!

As Fang Xiaoru continue to guess in her heart. Sun Xinxin, on the other hand, was beginning to feel uncomfortable, it’s not because of what Fang Xiaoru just said, but the moment she let go of Summer’s hand, she immediately begins to sweat profusely while not being able to stand the heat any longer.

As soon as she began to sweat, her rich body fragrance immediately begins to drill into Summer nostrils, Summer grinned at her and held her hand once more.

Sun Xinxin timidly looked at Fang Xiaoru, she even wanted to withdraw her hand back, but that burst of coolness being influx upon her body from her hand made it difficult for her to make such determination, while she was hesitant, Fang Xiaoru had already finished the call.

“Sister Xin, you guys really can’t bear to be apart!” Fang Xiaoru could not help but jokingly say, she is now completely convinced that Sun Xinxin and Summer have become a couple, although she still feels that their development was a bit too fast, but when taking into account this day and age where you have others that only know each other for half an hour but already get into bed with each other or even marry in such a short amount of time, so seeing the two of them just pulling hand, in fact, that is basically nothing.

“Xiao Ru stop talking nonsense before you bite your tongue, I’m just afraid of the heat my body gets cool when I hold Summer.” Sun Xinxin attempt to explain.

“Xin sister, you already hold Summer? Or else how would you know his body feels cool?” Fang Xiaoru sly smile.

Sun Xinxin attempt to open her mouth to retort, but suddenly she remembers that Summer really holds her yesterday on the bus, they even hug each other for more than 10 minutes.

“Yeah, I guess right again!” Fang Xiaoru had a look of excitement as she continued to tease her. “Sister Xin, since Summer feels so cool, how about you let him hold you to sleep at night!”

Before Sun Xinxin could respond, Fang Xiaoru exclaimed as if she come to realize something. “Ah! Sister Xin, could it be that you have already slept in Summer’s arms last night!? No wonder you couldn’t sleep last night!”

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