Flower Master in the City

Chapter 13. Am I familiar with you?

Chapter 13. Am I familiar with you?

“Stupid girl! If you continue to talk nonsense like this, I may really fire you!” Sun Xinxin Face was flush red with shame, as she took out the boss’s prestige power in an attempt to suppress this blabbermouth.

“Oh wait..wait…wait, Sister Xin, you can’t do that! Although I know that you want to open a husband and wife shop with Summer, without this job, I won’t have any money to even afford a meal. I promise to try not to be a light bulb in the future. From now on, I can’t hear anything and I can’t see anything. You two can do whatever you want, and just pretend like I don’t exist.” Fang Xiaoru said as she pretended to be afraid

“You’re still running on with nonsense!” Sun Xinxin already felt like crawling into a hole, she picked up a nearby flower basket and was about to throw it at Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru quickly raised her hand up to surrender: “Sister Xin, I stop, I stop! Quickly put down that flower basket, it’s very expensive, one hundred eighty-eight yuan!”

Sun Xinxin rolled her eyes at Fang Xiaoru, as she looked at the flower basket in her hand and then she reluctantly places it back down.

Fortunately, the food delivery arrived quickly, allowing Sun Xinxin to temporarily escape this awkward situation. Fang Xiaoru also knew not to take things too far, so she didn’t continue to tease Sun Xinxin

The sun outside was extremely hot today, for the whole afternoon, Sun Xinxin didn’t bother to leave the flower shop, Summer naturally also stayed. Although the flower shop also did several businesses in the afternoon, they all came to buy flowers directly and didn’t need any to be sent and so naturally, summer had no work to do.

Summer had already begun to feel bored since a while ago, but fortunately, there was such a big beautiful and seductive woman as Sun Xinxin who he would never get tired of looking at, if it wasn’t for this he would have truly been bored out of his mind. Sun Xinxin, on the other hand, felt extremely uncomfortable throughout the afternoon because she found Summer has been staring at her, though this didn’t cause her to feel that way but the places at which he was staring at are places that shouldn’t be looked at so openly.

“Oh, it’s nearly six o’clock, Sister Xin, why don’t you head out first? I’ll continue to keep watch of the shop for two more hours than close up.” Fang Xiaoru stretched out and said. When school wasn’t on break, the flower shop usually open until about 10pm, however during the holidays, it usually will close before eight o’clock.

“Alright, thanks.” Sun Xinxin thought for a moment and then agreed. “Summer, let’s go!”

Summer naturally had no objection to this, the two walked out of the Flower Shop together. Summer naturally held Sun Xinxin’s hand, and perhaps Sun Xinxin was becoming accustomed to this, so she didn’t struggle and accept it naturally.

However, Sun Xinxin was only able to take a few steps before she had to stop due to a group of people coming towards them. In front of her vision, there were two men and one woman one was even that bastard Zhang Dazhu.

As for the woman beside Zhang Dazhu, she looks to be in her thirties with a bit of beauty, she smeared her face with makeup and was dressed quite glamorous. This glamorous woman was holding the hand of the second man. This man wasn’t tall, but he was still quite sturdy with a buzz cut and sharp eyes

Following behind the three were another group composed of a dozen young men with different clothes. They look like a small fry in a gangster society.

“Sun Xinxin, you slut! Sure enough, you’re raising a little bitch behind my back. Now that I’ve caught you, you don’t have anything to say, right?” As soon as Zhang Dazhu saw Sun Xinxin he shouted angrily.

“Zhang Dazhu, why is your mouth so dirty?” Sun Xinxin was so angry that her pretty face turned red with rage. “What do you mean by ‘I’m raising a bitch behind your back’ I have nothing to do with you! Even if I find a boyfriend, you have no control over it!”

“Well, you now admitted it?” Zhang Dazhu became even angrier. “Now that you’re in the city, you want to turn hostile, don’t you? Are you trying to clear up your relationship with me, ha it won’t be that easy!”

“Xinxin, I just want to say, although my little brother isn’t a good person but whatever the outcome, he is still your husband. Yesterday he was arrested and brought into the Public Security Bureau yesterday and yet you didn’t even go to bail him. leaving him to be left there for a night, don’t you think you went too far! Now you are also keeping a little bitch on the outside, you’re really at fault here.” The women on the side also spoke.

“Sister Yufen, you’ve also been in the city for so many years, so you should be clear about things between me and Zhang Dazhu are not counted. In the past, your family gave mine 20,000 yuan for bride price, but in these few months, the amount of money I have given Zhang Dazhu is more than fifty thousand yuan, which is more than enough to give back the dowry money. I have nothing to do with Zhang Dazhu! “Sun Xinxin angrily shouted, this woman is Zhang Yufen Zhang Dazhu’s sister, so she naturally knows the inside story.

“Sun Xinxin, do you feel just because you say there’s nothing then that makes it a fact?” Zhang Dazhu stared at Sun Xinxin with greedy eyes. “You want to break off all ties with me, right?  Fine, as long as you agree to my conditions, I won’t come looking for you anymore. It’s fine for you to raise a little bitch or whatever!”

(T.L Note: I really was surprised at Summer patience it’s strange this guy isn’t dead yet for calling him a little bitch for so long now)

“What conditions?” Sun Xinxin clenched her teeth and asked.

“It’s simple. First, give me a hundred thousand yuan!” Zhang Dazhu stared at Sun Xinxin’s towering breasts and gulped. “Secondly, sleep with me for the night!”

“Shameless!” Sun Xinxin was so angry that her face turned pale. The first condition she can accept, to her if all it takes is one hundred thousand yuan to make Zhang Dazhu disappear from her life forever then she wouldn’t mind giving him a hundred thousand yuan. But the second condition was not something she could accept no matter what.

“Xinxin, in fact, I think this condition is also pretty good. In the past, our family’s twenty thousand yuan saved your brother’s life, and now you just have to give 100,000, it should be considered, in recent years, prices have soared, but the twenty thousand yuan from back then is worth more than one hundred thousand yuan now.” Zhang Yufen lazily said. “As for sleeping together for a night, there is nothing wrong with it. Since you’re husband and wife, isn’t it only natural for you to fulfill your duty as a wife?”

“Sun Xinxin, you can give cheap to that bitch, but can’t even give your husband a bit of taste?” Zhang Dazhu’s eyes were filled with lustful desire, Sun Xinxin’s sexy and flirtatious look had long made him restless.

“Hey, idiots! You, idiots, have been calling me a little bitch for quite some time now and I can’t stand it any longer!” Summer Ghostly appears in front of Zhang Dazhu, grabbing him by the neck and exerting a little strength. “You look at me carefully and tell me where do I look like a little bitch?”

“You! Let me go. Cough…” Zhang Dazhu had been pinched so tightly that it was difficult to breathe.

“Bastard, let go of my little brother!” Zhang Yufen shouted.

Summer didn’t pay any attention to her, he just continued to stare at Zhang Dazhu: You idiot, show me, wherein my name is Bitch, No, you say I’m a little bitch, I will turn your face into a bitch.”

Sun Xinxin was a bit angry at first, but after hearing Summer words, she couldn’t help but laugh a little, what’s a bitch face, did he get influenced by some tv show last night?

“Kid, if you don’t let go of my little brother, you better don’t blame us for being impolite!” Zhang Yufen said angrily.

Summer finally turned to look at Zhang Yufen, but his face and voice were filled with dissatisfaction. “I say, why are you so annoying? Do you not know that your voice is very difficult to listen to, sounds just like a duck!”

Summer looked a little confused as he stared at her face. “Strange, you look like a chicken though, so why don’t you sound like a chicken? Your voice should at least sound like the crowing of a chicken, so why do you sound like a duck? I heard that there is something called genetic mutation, is this what you are?”

“You, you, you actually called me a chicken?” Zhang Yufen was so angry that her whole body was trembling with rage.

“Little brother, don’t you think your remark is a bit too much!” That sturdy man finally spoke, his voice was rather calm, “I am Ding Bao, nicknamed Leopard Brother. I wonder if a brother can give me some face and let go of Zhang Dazhu first?”

Summer looked at Ding Bao strangely. “Am I very familiar with you?”

“Uh, this should be the first time we’ve met.” Ding Bao was taken aback but still answer promptly.

“Since we’re not familiar with each other, why should I give you face?” Summer looked at Ding Bao. “Is there something wrong with your head?”

Ding Bao was almost choked to death by those words. Meanwhile, the delinquents behind him started to curse loudly.

“Brat, you don’t want to live anymore? How dare you talk to Leopard brother like that?”

“Fuck, brothers, let’s kill him!”

“I give you a bit of face but you don’t appreciate it. Leopard brother is just being polite to you, do you really think of yourself as someone important!”

Although these people were scolding, but since Ding Bao hasn’t spoken yet none of them really dare make a move.

“Hey, kid remember this. Sister Xin is mine so don’t come and fight with me for my woman, do you understand?” Summer picked up Zhang Dazhu and threw him to the ground. “Now get out of my sight!”

Zhang Dazhu grunted in pain and got up from the ground. He ran to Ding Bao’s side and said with a sullen face, “Brother-in-law, I’ve said it before, this little bitch is really good at fighting!”

Just as he finished speaking, two loud bangs could be heard as five bright red finger marks appeared on each of the two sides of Zhang Dazhu’s face.

“I’ve already warned you. If you continue to call me a little bitch, I’ll turn you into a big bitch face.” Summer looks unhappy as he continued, “Do you know what that means? it means I will draw nineteen vertical and horizontal slaps across your face, it would be a real big bitch face, now I’ve only given you two slaps, so this can only be considered a small bitch face.”

Ding Bao’s face turned ugly. “Brother, don’t you think you’re being a little too arrogant?”

“Third master said to keep a low profile. I am already keeping a low profile.” Summer seemed disapproving.

“Brother your skills are pretty good. How about this, let’s compete!” Ding Bao slowly took a step forward.

Summer was a little surprised: “Do you want to single me out?”

“Yes, do you dare?” There was a tinge of provocation in Ding Bao’s voice.

Summer shook his head, that group of small fries immediately begin to whistle booing.

“No balls!”

“Kid, if you don’t dare, just kneel down and admit defeat!”

“Damn, as expected of a little bitch. He’s useless at critical moments. Beautiful girl, why don’t you follow me!”


“I’ve overestimated you.” Ding Bao’s eyes were filled with disdain, “If that’s the case, then hurry up and leave, don’t interfere with Sun Xinxin’s business.”

“It’s too troublesome to fight you alone, it’s a waste of time All of you can fight me together.” Summer said lazily.

The moment those words came out, the surroundings became silent. After a while, the commotion became even louder.

“I Rely on, this kid is too arrogant!”

“Kill him!”

“Brothers, let’s attack together!”

Summer suddenly charged into the crowd, punching, and kicking, suddenly and incessantly screaming. A moment later, the ground fell. Large pieces of bodies, even Zhang Dazhu and Zhang Yufen fell to the ground, the only one still standing, the only one still standing was Ding Bao.

“You guys are too noisy.” Summer clapped his hands. “This is much quieter.”

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