Flower Master in the City

Chapter 14. Out of thin air more of a little brother

Chapter 14. Out of thin air more of a little brother

Ding Bao gasped. What kind of person is this? Previously, Zhang Dazhu had told him that this kid was very good at fighting, but he originally thought that Zhang Dazhu was just too useless. But now, he understood that simply saying he’s good at fighting was not enough to describe him. This is what you call a super master. Even though his subordinates didn’t have much ability, but to defeat so many of them all in such a short amount of time, absolutely only a true master can do this!

“Why don’t you hit me?” Ding Bao suddenly felt something was a bit wrong, why was he still standing?

“Oh, I think you compare with them is very pitiful.” Summer said with a smile.

“Pity me?” Ding Bao’s heart was filled with anger. “Brother, I, Ding Bao, do not need others to pity me. By the way, I would like to advise you that although you are very good at fighting, in this society, not everything can be solved just with force!”

“Oh, my third master also said that violence cannot solve all problems.” Summer nodded. “But I still feel that you are pitiful, A man who is being cuckolded is quite pitiful.”

“What do you mean?” Ding Bao’s complexion became even more unsightly. This was also very normal. No matter which man, if they were told that they are being cuckolded, his face would definitely not look good.

“That woman is Zhang Dazhu’s sister, Zhang Dazhu also called you brother-in-law. So I would assume that woman is your wife, right?” Summer pointed to Zhang Yufen who was still lying on the ground. “But this woman was fooling around with that guy last night, it’s that yellow hair lying over there. Don’t you think it’s very pitiful to be getting cuckolded by your younger brother?”

“You, you don’t talk nonsense!” Zhang Yufen shouted angrily.

“Leopard brother, I’m being wrong, this brat is slandering me!” That yellow-hair also quickly distance themselves.

“Brother, do you think it’s so simple to drive a wedge between me and my people, do you really think I would be so quick to believe you?” Ding Bao said. “Although you are very good at fighting, but it looks like your brain is your weak point.”

Summer felt a bit uncomfortable, isn’t this guy obviously saying he’s not smart?

“Whether you love to believe it or not doesn’t matter to me, but, I can at least tell you this. The day before yesterday you fool around with your wife at noon and before that, you didn’t, well, your wife that day, also fool around with that yellow-haired boy along with the day before that.” Summer lazily said. “Sigh, I really believe that your wife is a chicken. In the last month, she has already changed between at least four different men.”

Ding Bao’s face became extremely difficult to look at, as he turned around staring coldly at Zhang Yufen and that yellow-haired boy, although he was unwilling to believe it, he did fool around with Zhang Yufen on the sofa at noon the day before yesterday, but the day before that day he was not together with Zhang Yufen. The accurate description from Summer made him a bit suspicious.

“Leopard brother, don’t believe this kid nonsense!” Zhang Yufen climbed up from the ground and said in a hurry.

”Yellow hair, if you speak the truth now, I will still treat you as a brother!” Ding Bao ignored Zhang Yufen, as he coldly stared at Yellow hair.

Yellow Hair was sweating profusely. He had followed Ding Bao for three years and knew of Ding Bao’s means. He also believed that if Ding Bao really checked it out, he would certainly find out.

“Leopard brother, it was my mistake, she seduced me, I …” Yellow hair finally admitted to it. If he admitted to it now, he might be able to keep his life. Once Ding Bao found out for himself, he would definitely be killed.

“Yellow-hair, don’t slander me …” Zhang Yufen’s face changed drastically. But before she could finish her sentence, Ding Bao had already slapped her hard in the face.

“Get up and go back!” Ding Bao shouted as he glared coldly at Zhang Yufen, “I’ll deal with you later!”

Ding Bao quickly left with his underlings, and Zhang Yufen and Zhang Dazhu were also taken away. They did not want to go back, but they were escorted back by Ding Bao and had no choice but to go.

“Done!” Looking at the back of Ding Bao and others, Summer said proudly. “This time he can no longer compete with me for Sister Xin.”

Noticing Sun Xinxin standing not far from him in a daze, Summer went over and took her hand as he said. “Sister Xin, let’s go home!”

“Hey, Summer, are you really a legendary martial arts master?” Fang Xiaoru ran over and asked. She had been hiding away watching the show not daring to step forward. She couldn’t afford to provoke those hooligans.

Summer looked at Fang Xiaoru and then shook his head.

“it’s not so?” Fang Xiaoru was a little disappointed.

“You’re not my wife, nor do you have the opportunity to become my wife so I naturally will not tell you.” Summer smiles as he said.

“Bah, if you don’t want to say it, then don’t say it. what’s so amazing?” Fang Xiaoru blushes as she glared at Summer for a while before running back to the flower shop.

Summer had intended to continue to pull Sun Xinxin away, but an anxious voice came from behind. “Big brother, big brother, wait for me!”

Today seems to be a lot of self-proclaimed brothers. Turning around to look, only to notice a fatty running over, Summer frowned and asked. “Who are you?”

“Big brother, it’s me, yesterday you said that if I give you 10 million you would help me kill that guy…” Fatty said breathlessly.

“Oh, it’s you, the guy whose wife was robbed.” Summer thought. “You seem to be called Wang Jie, right?”

“Right right, that’s me, big brother, your memory is very good!” The fat man call Wang Jie face was full of flattery.

“Do you have the money now?” Summer became a bit of interested. This kid said yesterday that he only had eight hundred yuan. Did he go and earn eight million in a day? was this good at earning money, he would consider finding him to learn how to earn money fast.

“Uh, no.” Wang Jie felt a bit awkward.

“Then why are you looking for me if you have no money?” Summer suddenly became unhappy, “Aren’t you wasting my time?”

Summer turn around once more and continued to pull Sun Xinxin away, Wang Jie was left stunned and then he quickly chased up.

“Brother, brother, wait a minute, listen to me, you’re really awesome, I really admire you ah ……” Wang Jie said hastily said.

“You’re not a beauty, how does your admiration benefit me?” Summer snappily said.

“This, Big Brother, although I am not a beautiful woman, I really admire you. When you raise your hands and feet to defeat such a large group of people, and also in just a day, you’ve managed to win the hand of our Jianghai University’s Rose beauty. I want to be able to learn at least a few of your skills, if I had your skill before then maybe my girlfriend wouldn’t have been taken away.” “Wang Jie was a little depressing, it’s not his fault he was born a man.

“Rose beauty?” Summer looked strangely at Sun Xinxin, “Hey, Sister Xin, is that you?”

Sun Xinxin blushed and rolled her eyes coquettishly at Summer. “How would I know?”

“Sister-in-Law, please help me. Let big brother accept me as a younger brother!” Wang Jie immediately started the curve strategy and found Sun Xinxin.

“Don’t shout, I’m not your sister-in-law!” Sun Xinxin’s face became even redder, but there was a sweet feeling in her heart.

“Big brother, I’m really sincere. How about this, big brother, let me introduce my sister to you. My sister is beautiful. ” This time, Wang Jie was going all out.

“Do you really have a beautiful sister?” Summer was finally interested.

“Big brother, how could I dare lie to you? My sister is really beautiful, she looks just like Zhao Yu Ji!” Wang Jie patted his chest to boldly guaranteed.

Summer turned to look at Sun Xinxin. “Sister Xin, who is Zhao Yu ji?”

“She’s a very famous singer.” Sun Xinxin replied.

“Beautiful?” Summer asked.

“Very beautiful.” Sun Xinxin nodded.

“Oh!” Summer relaxed and then looked at Wang Jie, “Okay then. I’ll temporarily accept you as a younger brother for the time being, but it’ll only be temporary. When I see your sister, I’ll consider whether or not to turn you into a positive.”

“Thank you, big brother, thank you, sister-in-law!” Wang Jie was overjoyed, “Big brother, I’ll treat you to a meal. How about it?”

“That’s good too, I do not want Sister Xin to go back to cook on such a hot day.” Summer nodded “Sister Xin, let’s go to the place where we ate yesterday. I think the taste is pretty good.”

“You call the shots.” Sun Xinxin didn’t have any objections to this. She just looked at him with a little annoyance. This little satyr, when people ask him to be his younger brother he didn’t agree however as soon as they say they had a beautiful sister, he immediately agreed.

Ten minutes later, Summer and the others arrived at the student’s cheap restaurant. However, three people have become four people. Sun Xinxin also called Fang Xiaoru. over.

“Big Brother, what do you want to eat?” Wang Jie held the menu and look at Summer with a fawning expression.

“Whatever is fine.” he said casually

“Then, sister-in-law, how about you?” Wang Jie turned to Sun Xinxin.

“It’s up to you.” Sun Xinxin had already accepted the title ‘sister-in-law’.

On the other hand, Fang Xiaoru was a little depressed. This kid whatever the outcome is a top student at Jianghai university and even can be claimed to be a computer genius. So, what’s wrong with him why did he insist on becoming Summer’s younger brother?

Just on the road, she had learned that Wang Jie, was the same as her. He was also a sophomore at Jianghai University, so by the time the school term started in September, he would be in his third year.

As a distinguished student of Jianghai University, he had the ability to show off but still insisted on being treated as a subordinate to this Summer guy who may have never even read a book. This made Fang Xiaoru feel that Wang Jie was discrediting Jianghai University, and although she also felt that Summer indeed has a bit of skill. If you don’t say anything else, he was a good fighter when it came to fighting. There’s Sun Xinxin such a beautiful woman it only took him a day to win her over and now even Wang Jie also bowing and groveling towards him, which caused Fang Xiaoru to feel a little unbalanced in her heart.

After Wang Jie finished ordering dishes, he looks towards Summer. “Big brother, what do you want to drink?”

“Anything is fine.” Summer gave his usual reply.

“Two bottles of snow, ice.” Wang Jie handed the menu over to the waiter and then turned his head to look at the summer, “Big Brother, lets drink.”

“Hey, Wang Jie, why do you want to be this Summer younger brother? Do you want to learn how to fight?” Fang Xiaoru could not help but ask.

“What do you mean fighting? Fang Xiaoru, you don’t seem to understand from my twenty years of experience in reading wuxia novels, I can tell that Big Brother is a true martial arts expert!” Wang Jie’s mouth sputtered.

Fang Xiaoru curled her lips. It seemed like Wang Jie had gone stupid from reading wuxia novels!

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