Flower Master in the City

Chapter 25. beauty rescue hero

Chapter 25. beauty rescue hero

Girl came to the robbers, one foot step on the robbers chest: “Outrageous, dare in front of this lady robbed?”

The girl Turned her head and looked at Summer: “hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m all right.” Summer casually should be a cry, and now he look at this girl’s appearance, she wore a sportswear, has short hair, face very beautiful, but a bit less soft feeling, but more a little British gas, look at her posture, really a sort of Sports Woman taste.

“Nothing good, let me make a phone call first.” Girl took out her cell phone and tried to make a call.

“Big sister, I was all right, but you may not be soon.” Summer could not help but say.

“Who is your Big sister? I am only seventeen years old!” The girl was a little unhappy.

“And, how can I have something?”

“Hey, little sister, look at the front.” Summer pointed his finger.

The girl couldn’t help but look at, and then screamed: “Ah, run!”

four guys carrying a knife came ruining from the front it looked like the robber on the ground and they are a group. The girl was not a fool the best option for this situation is naturally to run.

Unfortunately, she just turned around and ran to the side of Summer, and found the situation was wrong. There are also four people behind carrying a knife. The alley is not wide enough now the front and rear, has four people, basically put the alley block up the opportunity to run is slim.

At the moment, the first robber had climbed up from the ground and looked ferociously at her: “the man hacked to death, as for the woman rape then kill!”

“Oh, now how to do?” The girl holds her fist and swings, posing her face was a bit white, so many people, she can’t beat down.

Summer did not speak, his face was showing a big smile, just was surprised to be beauty save the hero to make him feel humiliated but now make him a hero to save the beauty the opportunity finally appeared.

“Bitch really can not count on!” The girl muttered, then shouted toward the front rush past “Ah… this woman fight with your gang of bastards!”

Don’t fight, this gang of bastard Actually want to rape her, rape is already much, but actually want to rape her then kill her, anyway either die later or earlier, it is better to die first, there is a kind of you bastard to rape my dead body.

Mind thinking about such messy thoughts the girl lifted her foot and kicked the guy closest to her.

“Uh ……” screaming came, the girl is surprised a moment, your uncle, this woman hasn’t kicked you yet. What do you call so miserable for?

But she soon discovered that people just holding a knife in his right hand is actually in a bizarre posture bent, and the knife, has dropped to the ground.

“Wow, the original is hand broken!” The girl quickly react, but then she was confused. How could this person’s hand break?

“Uh …… ah ……” continuous screams continued to pass into her ears. The girl finally realized something was wrong, she turned to look, just beside her bitch was gone. Look again, he was standing in front. Then, the four guys who came from the front, plus the robbers before, had fallen to the ground in pain.

“Oh, this bitch is actually a master!” The girl muttered.

“Do not call me a bitch!” Summer shocked flashed in front of the girl, gave her a stern stare, and then continue toward the additional four men.

The right hand is out Kacha, broken hand the left hand is out, once again Kacha, has broken another man’s hand, lifting the foot, kicking the third person’s knee, knee crush, screaming down, one more foot , kicked to the fourth person in the middle calf the poor guy’s calf fracture, in an instant, four people were broken.

Girls see stupefied, then her eyes appear small stars too worship where this is just a master ah, it’s simply a super master!

“Wow, heroes you are too powerful, accept me as your disciple!” The girl looked at Summer with a adoring look, “Apprentice, I will introduce myself first. My name is Zhao Qingqing. I am seventeen years old and I am one meter sixty-five weighing 50 kilograms, my measurements are…”

“I do not accept apprentice’s.” Summer interrupted her.

“No apprentice?” Zhao Qingqing suddenly angry, “How can you not accept apprentice? You have such powerful martial arts, how can we not let it flourish? How can you hide such precious Chinese treasure? hero, this is simply a throwaway, you should feel sorry for the people sorry for the future, but most of all sorry for I Zhao Qingqing! “

Summer stunned, he has only felt a little sorry for his three master, his favorite fairy sister to be rob by him, but he did not think how he actually should feel sorry for so many people he don’t even know!

“Hey, hero, let’s talk about the apprenticeship little later I first make a call. We will send these bastards to the police station and say then talk again.” Zhao Qingqing also seems to think that he had just said those words a bit exaggerated, face is rare red, and then come up with a phone, quickly make a call: “Cold sister, it’s me Qing, I am in the alley near…… yes, that piece, there are nine robbers, you quickly sent someone to take them away!”

“Who are you calling? It will not be cold, right?” Summer a little curious and asked. For the hot, sexy Police sister, Summer has been quite obsessed.

“Hey, hero, you also know Cold sister?” Zhao Qingqing was bit puzzled.

Summer was going to answer but his cell phone rang: “My husband, answer the phone…… My husband, answer the phone ……”

Phone is still Sun Xinxin fight over: “Summer, where are you how not come back yet??”

“Xin sister, I met a few robbers ……” Summer just said here, Sun Xinxin worry big ask loudly: “ah, you all right?”

“Xin sister, I certainly nothing, but I do not go back, I have to wait for the police to come, you eat do not wait for me.” Summer decided to send beautiful Police sister home, as for the meal it is small matter, to get a beautiful wife, don’t eat a few meals is nothing.

Sun Xinxin calm down, Summer fighting skill she is not the first time I saw, natural believe that he really all right.

“Well, you try to come back early.” Sun Xinxin voice is very gentle, like a gentle loving wife, on the phone talk with her husband.

“Xin sister, I will definitely come back tonight.” Summer categorically said.

Just hang up the phone, Zhao Qingqing  turn find Summer: “Yes, hero what’s your name?”

“Summer Day.” Summer casually say, although he just did hero rescue Beauty action but he is not interested in this beautiful woman. The cold beauty who is coming is the one he truly wants to be his wife.

“Hey Summer hero, why don’t you accept apprentices?” Zhao Qingqing is still worried about this matter. It is a pity that such a master is standing in front of her eyes but cannot become her master.

”Because I don’t want to be like my masters.” Summer replied.

Zhao Qingqing scratched his head: “Summer hero, I seem to not understand what you mean.”

“Do not understand doesn’t matter In short, I do not accept apprentice.” Summer don’t even bother to explain, just keep an eye to the alley the other end looking forward for Police sister wondering how has she not come yet?

“Then you this one awe – inspiring skill, so lost, don’t you feel it’s a pity?” Zhao Qingqing did not give up.

Summer with confused eyes look at Zhao Qingqing: “how will it be lost?”

“You do not say no apprentice?” Zhao Qingqing more confusion, no apprentice, is that not lost?

“I did not say I will not teach others.” Summer looked at Zhao Qingqing with contempt “You’re really stupid!”

“I am stupid? I have an IQ of one hundred and eight…” Zhao Qingqing unconvinced retort, but suddenly realized what was said, suddenly overjoyed, “Hero, you say you are willing to put your martial arts teach others? Then you teach me, OK?”

“No!” Summer flatly refused, told her not familiar why teach her?

Zhao Qingqing suddenly was depressed again. he said that he would teach, but he still didn’t want to teach her martial arts.

Suddenly hear rushing footsteps came from the front of the alley  Summer will see a familiar seductive cold beauty cold behind her a group of policemen followed.

“Qing!” Cold bit anxious towards Zhao Qingqing ran over to see her look of concern, obviously she and  Zhao Qingqing relationship unusual.

“Qing, are you okay?” Coldly pulled Zhao Qingqing look back and forth carefully and ask.

“Ice sister, I am fine!” Zhao Qingqing stick her tongue out “Fortunately, this hero help or I will be miserable!”

“Hero?” Cold follow along Zhao Qingqing sight, and finally lock on to Summer body, suddenly long buried gas seems to simmer up “is that you?”

“Police sister, now willing to be my wife?” Summer smiled and ask.

“Dead rogue, what do you say?” Cold glared at Summer.

The policemen behind the Cold can’t help but feel speechless. This guy is really sturdy each meeting open to let people become his wife, even if people really want to, nor can so casually promise him?

“Police sister, being my wife there are many advantages, I will treat you well. With me no matter what disease are injury can get fix are cure in an instant with me you will never have to go to the hospital, I can protect you, can help you catch rogue, you see me now in one breath to help you catch nine, I also have a beauty breast enhancement and other beauty recipe, let you beautiful all day, of course, Police sister you do not need breast enhancement……”

Summer hard to sell himself, but cold face was increasingly getting more and more ugly, Summer is also not aware of that still there talking  “Yes, I can teach you martial arts, turning you into the world second master!”

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