Flower Master in the City

Chapter 26. Woman call Zhao Qingqing

Chapter 26. Woman call Zhao Qingqing

“Shut up!” Cold finally can’t take it kicked the robber body next to her finally let out some gas “Put them all lock up to the station!”

Although Cold truly wants to kick Summer but she knows that she can’t beat him. So just glanced at him fiercely: “You come with me to the police station!”

At this moment cold had already made a decision whether this rogue is Qiao Xiao Qiao’s husband or other identity she must find a way to exert her mouth foul taste!

Nine unlucky guys were taken to the police car but in the end, they went to the hospital first. There is no way. These guys are broken hand broken feet do not send to the hospital then may really hang up.

As for the cold she is with Zhao Qingqing and Summer to return to the station as the victim party in accordance with normal procedures, they also need to do a recording.

“Hey hero you just say as long as your wife you can learn martial arts with you is not it?” In the police car Zhao Qingqing asked a little excited.

“Yes.” Summer nodded seriously.

“Being your wife really can become the second master in the world?” Zhao Qingqing was even more excited and then asked again “Yes why just the world’s second master not the world’s first master?”

“Stupid the world’s first master is of course my own how can my wife be more powerful than me?” Summer felt this is obvious.

“Oh also.” Zhao Qingqing nodded then look forward to watching Summer “You taught me martial arts I will be your wife how?”

“Qing don’t mess around!” Cold is a little angry “Do you believe this hooligan?”

“Ice sister he is really powerful truly a master you have not seen he just put so many people brought down he’s really to strong. He’s much stronger my taekwondo teacher!” Zhao Qingqing looked at Summer, eyes with a bit of fanatical taste.

“I have said that taekwondo is a flower boxing no real effort. Your teacher can’t even beat me!” Cold snappily said “Your teacher is not really anything!”

“But ……” Zhao Qingqing clearly not give up hope.

“This rogue also already have a wife!” Cold bit helpless to her knowledge of Zhao Qingqing knowing she will not easily give up hope, she had to resort to a killer.

What to know Zhao Qingqing did not care: “It does not matter I can be a concubine hey heroes how? I will give become your concubine then you make me into the world’s first woman!”

“No!” Let the Cold and Zhao Qingqing very surprised is that Summer actually refused. Cold feel how this hooligan would refuse this kind of good thing to send to home?

Zhao Qingqing is even more difficult to understand the lady is willing to be your concubine yet you still refuse to teach me martial arts? What the hell!

“Hey hero why not? Didn’t you say that your wife can learn martial arts? I am your concubine you still refuse to teach me?” Zhao Qingqing was angry and uneasy.

Summer pursed his lips: “I do not want you to be my wife.”

“What?” Zhao Qingqing really angry “I am just a concubine you don’t want? I’m pretty good-looking also have chest and a butt smart and cute you don’t want?”

Summer sweep her then drew a conclusion: “The body is general face general chest not big enough ass not round enough did not I clever did not I cute In short you not qualified to be my concubine.”

“You you you are too high demanding?” Zhao Qingqing depressed “Even if you are hero even super-high master can not be so picky? According to your standards where can you find a concubine?”

“Take a good look at my Police sister.” Summer look at Cold that was driving and then smiled again “Police sister did you think about it? Are you willing to be my wife?”

Cold look fiercely at Summer then ignore him just step on the accelerator car go any faster.

“Dream on Cold sister do not like macho men!” Zhao Qingqing snorted.

“Police sister will be my wife.” Summer is confident.

“Hey I told you that there are more men chasing Cold sisters and there are a lot better than you. Cold sister will not love you.” Zhao Qingqing now has great resentment towards Summer .

“It doesn’t matter who robbed me off Police sister I put him into an eunuch.” Summer said indifferently.

“Cut careful Cold sister don’t put you into a eunuch first!” Zhao Qingqing snorted knowing that Cold is not the first time to turn a man who has teased her into an eunuch.

Summer nature is not afraid. Fairy sister who is the most difficult to chase in the world has been chased by him. He does not believe that he can’t catch cold.

“Hey hero think about it again even if I am not good enough now but I am only seventeen years old can still develop. You accept me as your little wife!” After a while Zhao Qingqing could not help again beg.

“Zhao Qingqing you ask to be a concubine again and I will cut off relationship with you!” Cold suddenly yelled at her.

Zhao Qingqing stayed opened his mouth and finally stopped talking about anything. She suddenly remembered that she touched Cold most taboo place.

The police car finally quiet down. After a while the car drove into the Municipal Public Security Bureau again.

After a lapse of twenty hours Summer again into the Interpol but now the Interpol is very deserted. In addition to the Cold that has just returned only another female police officer is on duty.

The sixth criminal police brigade where Cold is has a lot of people but now it is night. Most of the people who have no cases at work have already gotten off. Most of the police have gone out. Now these people are also watching the robbers in the hospital and it is naturally only cold left here.

Cold first made a record for Zhao Qingqing. She was in the office and did not go to the interrogation room. As for Summer she left aside.

But she soon found that Summer this guy had been staring at her with burning eyes but why stare at key parts of her body so she has the urge to dig his eyes out.

“Where are you looking?” After a while the cold have had enough.

“Police sister of course I’m looking at you.” Summer smiled and said.

Cold almost bite her tongue this damn rogue watching her with bedroom eyes no problem actually also calmly admit! Over the years she see more perverts but like Summer so arrogant pervert really first encounter and what annoy her most is that this pervert happens to be very skill so the way she use to dealing with such situation with violent means on other predators here is literally of no use.

“I say hero you have a wife why play Cold sister idea!” Zhao Qingqing could not help but say aside.

“I only have two wives now too little I have to find a few more.” Summer a natural look.

“What?” Zhao Qingqing cried her face look angry at Summer “You said only two wives? Do you know that now  monogamous is illegal? Do you know a man can only find a wife?”

“My master told me that the more capable a man the more wives he has I am a man with the most skills so I will find the most wife.” Summer is a little disapproving.

Zhao Qingqing is a bit depressed: “I say hero what do you want to do with so many wives? Even if you have a high martial art finding so many wives will kill you!”

“Because the fairy sister is lonely.” Summer eyes suddenly became gentle. “So I am looking for a lot of wives to accompany her so she will not be bored.”

“Fairy sister?” Zhao Qingqing little confused “Who? Is it Wang Yuyan or Liu Yifei?”

“Fairy sister is my first wife.” Summer speaking comes to mind a full fairy-like shadow and the mood suddenly became a little bad because he found that only a few days after going down the mountain he was a bit miss fairy sister.

“Heroes it’s really tiring to talk to you. How do I listen to feel dizzier?” Zhao Qingqing little headache “Ice sister we still continue the statement.”

Cold but at this time say one thing: “Your wife is not Qiao Xiao Qiao?”

“Police sister fairy sister is my first wife Joe little is my mistress Well yes Police sister you can only be a concubine but it does not matter I will treat you no different from Joe.” Summer fast said.

“You continue to dream!” Cold croon but her heart was a burst of excitement and finally caught the dead rogue handle and he was still carrying Joe found another woman what fairy sister which is even actually dare to say that Joe is his mistress hum and so she told Joe little this, Joe will certainly kick him out!

Suddenly the Cold feel much better she quickly for Zhao Qingqing do a good record and then only a few minutes for Summer recorded parts of confessions she did not embarrass him and then she told Summer he can return home.

But Summer was a bit reluctant to leave so soon with Police sister did not say a few words but then thought of Sun Xinxin still at home waiting for him and to see the time is late or to go back anyway Japan longer this beautiful Woman certainly can’t escape his palm.

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