Flower Master in the City

Chapter 27. Student and mistress of love

Chapter 27. Student and mistress of love

University gardens.

Sun Xinxin sitting on the couch holding the remote-control Hopping from channel to channel but for a while she didn’t find anything. Recently there always feel like nothing to watch. The Korean drama that I loved to watch in the past was now not attractive at the moment.

After changing a few channel Sun Xinxin simply turned off the TV but did not move she took out her phone look at the time and frowned slightly. It’s almost ten o’clock but Summer still has not come back.

A gently yawned Sun Xinxin feel sleepy although she only recognize Summer for only three days but she found that she has been very concerned about him even though Summer only stayed here for one night and Summer last night also did not return but last night to now as long as he did not return let her always feel like there was something missing.

I remember listening to someone who said that it is easy for a woman to have feelings for a man who saved her. Therefore the best way to get into a beauty heart is  hero to save the beauty. Isn’t that her current situation?

All in all this guy really can stir up trouble only a few days time. he has hit somany people for anyone to lose count of, the police station has also entered twice and really knows how to make people worry.

Thought of this morning driving a car of a few hundred thousand person to send Summer to the  flower shop there’s also large thousands of pieces of Apple phone send Sun Xinxin wonder is it really like Fang Xiaoru said Summer is a rich woman to nurture? Or as Summer said Qiao Xiao Qiao is his wife?

After much deliberation she felt more likely it  seems Summer near a rich woman but with his looks not so handsome but just fair to say a rich woman like this type is to far fetch!

“Should I make another call?” Sun Xinxin picked up the phone then put it down then picked it up and then a little hesitant if she should call.

“BUZZ ……” doorbell suddenly rang.

Sun Xinxin heart heard happy quickly hurried from the sofa jumped to open the door.

A young man was standing in the doorway but it’s not Summer.

“Little Yu how are you?” Sun Xinxin cried out aloud she thought it was Summer to come back but how she did not expect you will see her younger brother Sun Tianyu.

Seeing Sun Tianyu’s appearance now she couldn’t help but ask again: “Little Yu what happened? How did you get so embarrassed?”

Sun Tianyu now look really a mess, clothes crumpled and smell like a few days did not wash his face haggard disheveled eyes deep still faintly visible bloodshot seemed to be a long time did not sleep well.

“Sister go in to talk about it.” Sun Tianyu whispered voice hoarse.

“Ok good come in!” Sun Xinxin hurriedly introduced Sun Tianyu into the house and then

closed the door.

Sun Tianyu self serve themselves a glass of water drank it and then pick up the cup after consecutive drinking three glasses he finally got up and walked over to the sofa weakly sat down.

“Little Yu, you eat supper yet?” Sun Xinxin asked with concern.

“I ……” Sun Tianyu hesitated “eaten.”

“Well do not lie to me I just happen to have leftovers I’ll give you it re heat make do with it and fill your stomach.” Look at his appearance Sun Xinxin immediately come to understand got up and then going to the kitchen.

“BUZZ ……”  but at this time doorbell again sounded.

Sun Tianyu suddenly from the sofa jumped up his face became pale.

“Sister do not, do not open the door!” See Sun Xinxin toward the door to go open Sun Tianyu cried in a low voice his face anxious.

“Little Yu whats wrong?” Sun Xinxin bit puzzled.

“Nothing sister in short you do not open the door!” Sun Tianyu was extremely nervous.

“Sister Xin it’s me!” Summer sounded from outside. He has heard from outside the door inside conversation. This guy has very good ears.

“Little Yu it’s a friend he lived here do not be afraid.” Sun Xinxin vaguely aware of Sun Tianyu is hiding from some people will quietly explained to him.

“Sister is it your boyfriend?” Sun Tianyu face eased up.

“No no no.” Sun Xinxin’s face was slightly red saying that the door had been opened.

Summer walked into the room and then they glance at Sun Tianyu.

“Xin sister this is Who?” Summer looked at Sun Tianyu eyes with a little hostility this guy may seem dress in a mess but it seems still looks pretty good does he want to grab my wife if so..?

“This is my brother Sun Tianyu. Little Yu this is Summer he works at my  Flower Shop and also lives here you two talk I’ll bring hot meals.” Sun Xinxin quickly explain a bit then went into the the kitchen.

“Oh that is Xin sister’s brother good!” Listen Sun Xinxin say this Summer naturally relieved.

Sun Tianyu looked at Summer but did not speak. There was a sense of alertness in his expression. He did not speak Summer naturally will not take the initiative to talk to him this guy just like to take the initiative to talk to Beauty never in the mood with men chat as a results until Sun Xinxin brought out the food they did not say a word.

Sun Tianyu looks hungry with Summer to eat more exaggerated less than a moment the food has been wiped out by the two but fortunately Sun Xinxin done before meals quite rich plus know that Summer is a relatively larger eater specially cook Some extra rice or else I’m afraid it really does not feed the two hungry ghost stomach.

“Well Little Yu now you can tell me in the end what happened?” After dinner Sun Xinxin asked softly.

“Sister I I want to stay here for a few days.” Sun Tianyu hesitated whispered.

“Little Yu you want to stay here naturally no problem let alone a few days for months a few years can.” Sun Xinxin said softly “But I want to know in the end what happened?”

“Sister you do not ask.” Sun Tianyu bite the bullet and said.

Sun Xinxin looked at Sun Tianyu this younger brother who was only one year younger than her. She had a good relationship with him when she was a child. But years now I don’t know why. They are a lot like strangers now. He has been in Jianghai city for three years now and he only looked at her twice so when he suddenly appeared so embarrassed she had a feeling that he really encountered something that could not be solved otherwise he may never come.

“Little Yu are you hiding from someone?” Sun Xinxin hesitated for a moment then opening asked out “Even though you say it does not matter to me. I am your sister so it does matter!”

“Sister it’s really nothing I just stayed here for a few days.” Sun Tianyu shook his head and still didn’t say it.

“Nothing is strange.” Summer could not help but insert a sentence “Look at your appearance at least three days did not sleep and a week before you were beaten the injury has not completely heal yet. Hey and in the last month you have been fooling around with a woman many times. I think most likely this woman attracted trouble for you!”

“You ……” Sun Tianyu suddenly looked at Summer “You how do you know that?”

“Little Yu you say, what Summer say is true?” Sun Xinxin face slightly changed “In the end how is it? You quickly say!”

“Sister I ……” Sun Tianyu some hesitation.

Summer unhappy: “I say are you not a man simply speak  quickly say or hurry to get out I do not want to see Xin sister suffer.”

“Yes Little Yu speak quickly maybe Summer can help you.” Sun Xinxin is also beside urged.

Sun Tianyu looked at Sun Xinxin then finally say things out.

Sun Tianyu experience actually not a new story two months ago he found a part-time job with the help of a real estate company work hours did not ask it is quite suitable for further in school Sun Tianyu.

Then he will be in part-time place met a beautiful girl Sun Tianyu in fact is relatively handsome so did not take long to discuss with the girl. They did not take long before they will be on the bed and began adultery sex life.

Unfortunately Sun Tianyu do not know this girl has a master though not a married woman but it is that the real estate company CEOs nurturing mistress one week before the matter was brought to light Sun Tianyu is that master men beating The girl was also taken away.

Originally Sun Tianyu thought that this was the end of the matter but three days ago he suddenly received a call from the girl. On the phone the girl was anxious to let him run the boss just came back from the field and learned about them two. Furious he found a few people to send to kill Sun Tianyu.

According to the girl the boss had some gangster background. And is very ruthless when it comes to it so he said to get rid of Sun Tianyu will really do it.

Sun Tianyu rented a house outside the school. When he received the phone call from the girl he was outside. When he returned to the rental house he found that it was smashed. Then he knew that the girl was right. People really wanted to Kill him if not he is not at home I am afraid that he has been killed already. So he began to hide.

Scared he couldn’t sleep and was almost caught several times. Sun Tianyu was on the verge of collapse and finally thought of his sister. I wanted to come to Sun Xinxin to hide here for a few days.

Listen to Sun Tianyu finish the whole thing Sun Xinxin could not help but pale this year the house is worth just pull a real estate company CEO come out are hundreds of millions of assets these people often have a complicated background they are looking for someone to kill Sun Tianyu such a no money no background of students can be described as easy.

“Summer how to do?” Sun Xinxin look for some to help at this time  just met three days big boy she knows is the only one she can turn to to  help her brother that is Summer.

“It’s very simple. I will go and kill the boss.” Summer said casually. In his opinion this is the most simple and direct solution.

“You said it as if it’s easy!” Sun Tianyu snorted apparently he thought that Summer was bragging.

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