Flower Master in the City

Chapter 28. killing without a knife

Chapter 28. killing without a knife

Summer rolled his eyes completely ignore Sun Tianyu if not he worry that this kid make Sun Xinxin sad he would not bother to control such low level things. If there’s no skill to back up do not go rob other people wife.

Sun Xinxin was shocked: “Summer you do not impulse murder is against the law!”

Sun Xinxin do not know if Summer there are other skill but she really believes that Summer could kill that CEO.

“If nobody knows it you won’t break the law.” Summer is a bit disappointing. His second master killed a lot of people nobody caught him.

“It is always bad to kill people!” Sun Xinxin worried that Summer is really going to kill. “Is there any other way?”

“Of course there is but it is a little more troublesome.” Summer see Sun Xinxin was worried he said “ Xin sister since you don’t want me to kill then I won’t kill. I’ll use other methods.”

“You really have a way?” Sun Tianyu could not help but asked.

“A trivial matter.” Summer stretch “Tell me where that guy live I will go fix him right now.”

Royal Garden is a villa area where every villa is priced at 10 million. People who can live here are naturally wealthy people and this place is also known as the wealthy area of Jianghai City. Although the rich may not live here but live here Definitely rich.

One of the owners Ma Xiong Bing is Tianma Group chairman he was in the real estate industry just booming entered this line in less than 10 years He earned one billion net worth and has enter the ranks of the richest people in Jianghai City.

A rich man does not find a few beautiful young mistresses not only sorry for himself he will also be looked down upon so Ma Xiong Bing also raised a few young beautiful tall temperament lovers his lovers are more than one naturally a little care however he was not careful one of his lover was another man for him to place a green hat on his head.

This makes Ma Xiong Bing very angry this is also normal any man will be angry when he encounters such a thing but the anger of Ma Xiong Bing is more intense than the average person. Generally the man just throws the adulterer out and may beat her and the guy but Ma Xiong Bing want to let the kid named Sun Tianyu disappear directly from the world.

Just a few days passed and his men had not found Sun Tianyu which made him very angry so he sent all his pent up anger to the little lover body with Viagra he in  bed toss the little lover for half a night

After Ma Xiong Bing exhausted dismounted was planning to go to the bathroom to take a shower but suddenly look like he saw hell in general: “You you you …… Who are you?”

Sitting at the edge of the bed, because Ma Xiong Bing When I putting in work  like to turn on the lights so right now he could clearly see the person’s appearance. It’s a very ordinary  seems like he’s less than twenty years old and his face had a weird smile. Of course Ma Xiong Bing was the most concerned. The boy had a kitchen knife in his hand and a long white radish in the other hand. At this moment he was cutting the radish with a very boring look.

The Bed woman screamed and then they hid in the quilt the two men are considered to see the world so at this time they know it’s better to not cause a commotion because they know that once cry for help they might really end up dead.

“Brother you are not looking for money? The safe over there has two million you take it!” Ma Xiong Bing quickly calm down although he did not know who this man is or how to come in but now is not the time to consider these issues.

“Robbery this kind of thing is beneath me.” Young man toward Ma Xiong Bing smile “To introduce myself my name is Summer Day.”

Ma Xiong Bing’s face turn pale Usually a robbery will not disclose his identity and this person has no mask and he automatically utters his name. Is he going to kill him?

“Brother let me live I will be grateful to you.” Ma Xiong Bing has already had a bit of pleading in his tone.

”Don’t be afraid the possibility of me killing you is still quite small.” Summer smiled and said “Although I feel that killing you is the best way to solve the problem but the three masters do not like me to kill Xin sister does not want me to ether so I will not kill you for now”

“That, that then brother you, you want me to do?” Ma Xiong Bing heart is still very tense.

“That woman is not called Tian Xiaoya?” Summer looked at the bed sheets wrapped on the body of a woman.

“Right right she is call Tian Xiaoya!”  Ma Xiong Bing quickly said “Brother you have a crush on her? No problem you how to play all can directly do!”


Summer holding radish smack on top of  Ma Xiong Bing head: “I look like I have such low taste?”

Ma Xiong Bing head hurts from the radish knocked but my mind was cursing: “Damn thats not to say I have bad taste?”

Tian Xiaoya is the most beautiful of Ma Xiong’s many lovers. It is precisely because of this that Tian Xiaoya actually gave him a green hat he was so angry that he had to kill Sun Tianyu..

Despite his unhappiness Ma Xiong Bing’s face still can only be accompanied by a smile: “That brother why are you looking for me so late?”

Not money nor a woman could only be his life?

“Nothing I just want you to know this place I wanted to come can come and be able to go whenever.” Summer laugh “That is so when I want to kill you think you can stop?”

“No no!”  Ma Xiong Bing hastened the nod.

“You are very afraid of this kitchen knife?” Summer took the kitchen knife in hand show over to the front of  Ma Xiong Bing. “This kitchen knife is actually taken from your kitchen but you don’t have to be afraid. In fact I never use a knife to kill people.”

Summer throw the radish then with both hands hold the two ends of the kitchen knife slightly force then the kitchen knife slowly bends then Summer hands together the kitchen knife is smashed into a round ball

Ma Xiong Bing rubbed his eyes He suspected that he was dreaming. Otherwise how could there be such a powerful person in this world? But he soon discovered that this is not a dream he is indeed awake.

Looking at Summer smiling Ma Xiong Bing strike a chill straight from his soles to his head. At this moment he did not doubt at all that this person had the ability to easily kill him.

“Actually I told you no injustice so if you do two things well you will be safe and sound.” Summer lazily said.

“You you have any orders?” Ma Xiong Bing gingerly asked this time he was really afraid is called the more money the more people fear death. Ma Xiong Bing have so much money more than most people will be more afraid dead.

“The first thing they must not go to Sun Tianyu to find trouble the second thing to do is to make this call Tian Xiaoya woman to leave from here though I told her no interested but Sun Tianyu seems to have similar taste like you.” Summer finally say his requirements since they could not kill they had to use the threat means.

“Sun Tianyu sent you?”  Ma Xiong Bing surprised.


Summer pick up the radish and knocked Ma Xiong Bing upside the head again: “Do you have any brains? Do you believe he would have the capacity to send me!?”

“Yes yes yes I was wrong!”  Ma Xiong Bing touched the bag on his head long face and my heart is also cursed himself how so stupid? How can Sun Tianyu make such a powerful person move?

Summer stood up: “Well things are finished I’m gone. So simple two things you should be able to do right?”

“Yes yes yes I will do it!” Ma Xiong Bing hastened said.

“Sigh, finally finish it’s really troublesome!” Summer grew a sigh of relief. “It’s way easier to just kill people directly oh well…”

Shaking his head walking to the window Summer opening the window jumping forward disappearing in Ma Xiong Bing sight.

Ma Xiong Bing collapsed in bed the body was already drenched in cold sweat he had no strength to move.

“Get out! you give me Get out of here!” After a long time he shouted at the woman around him.

A few hundred meters away from the Royal Garden.

Sun Tianyu who had been waiting saw Summer came out and hurriedly greeted. He hurriedly asked “How is it?”

Summer can be found here nature is Sun Tianyu with him while Sun Tianyu is a few days ago from Tian Xiaoya mouth know this place however Sun Tianyu did not dare to go nor is Summer interested to take him in so he was waiting outside.

“Done, let’s go back!” Summer looks easy.

“Really?” Sun Tianyu seems a little bit hard to believe.

Just then the phone rang, Sun Tianyu quickly took out the phone and quickly connect the call: “Xiaoya is that you? Are you really? Well well I am outside the Royal Garden… well I am waiting for you!”

Hang up the phone Sun Tianyu look of excitement watching Summer: “Xiaoya said she immediately come out!”

“Oh then you are waiting for her here I will go back first.” Summer turned to leave.

“Brother-in-law wait a min!” Sun Tianyu quickly shouted.


Chewing this title the impression of Sun Tianyu suddenly changed Summer feel yes this kid have a future!

“Little Yu is there anything?” Summer also changed the title face with a smile of satisfaction.

Sun Tianyu is a bit depressed. This guy really thinks of himself as his brother-in-law. He even called him like his sister. Although he now feels that such a brother-in-law is very good the problem is that he has learned from his sister that this guy is only 19. At the age of 19 he is 2 years younger than himself. such a youngster call him Little Yu let him how to feel a bit weird.

“Brother-in-law now it’s late here is the villa area there is no bus. There is usually no taxi coming in. If you go back now you would have to walk a few miles to finally see a taxi.” Sun Tianyu continue. “Would you like to wait for Xiaoya she said she would drive out I let her send you back.”

“Okay.” Summer I thought about it and agreed he felt that his walking is very fast but the problem was He is not familiar with the road and he does not wish to get lost again.

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