Flower Master in the City

Chapter 6. Crazy Rogue liar

Chapter 6. Crazy Rogue liar

“Rogue!” The girl stared fiercely at Summer.

“I haven’t finished yet.” Looking at the girl’s leaving figure, Summer couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

Shortly after a slender young woman came and Summer quickly greeted her: “Hey Big sister, I have a breast cream recipe that I’ve inherited from my ancestors, as long as you use it for a month, you can go from A to C…”

The slim young woman was immediately annoyed: “Are you blind. How am I an A? I’m clearly a B!”

“Okay…Then you will go from B to D. Big sister do you want to buy it? It’s very cheap.” Summer said quickly, though he secretly whispered, ‘obviously an A but pretending to be a B’.

“Is it really so useful?” The young woman was slightly tempted.

“Of course, it is, I used a Millennium papaya juice to make it!” Summer nodded quickly.

“Millennium papaya exist?” The young woman looks suspiciously at Summer.

“Of course, there are all kinds that can last for thousands of years!” Summer confidently reply.

“Well, how much is it?” The young woman hesitated before asking.

“One hundred thousand yuan per bottle, very cheap right?” Summer was filled with joy. It appears like he’s finally about to make some money.

“Do I look like an idiot to you?” The young woman rolled her eyes at Summer before she turned around and left while cursing at him from afar, “Damn scammer!”

Summer felt wrong, it really was cheap, if not for the fact that he’s in an urgent need of money right now, he would have sold if for at least one million.

“Elder sister, you are sick ……”

“You’re sick! You’re crazy!”

“Big brother, there’s something wrong with your head …”

“Damn, you’re the one with a screw loose!”


An hour later, Summer was extremely depressed as he sat on the side of the road, he begins to silently curse his three masters. Didn’t they say that earning money was easy? If so, then why is it so difficult for him to earn such little money?

An hour ago, he had never felt that earning money would become a problem. If First master could casually treat a patient and earn tens of millions and he’s clearly stronger than his first master, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to earn a few thousand, right?

Looking at Xinxin Flower Shop from across the street, Summer began to consider whether or not he should just give up and go directly to Qiao Xiao Qiao? But deep within his heart, he was slightly unconvinced. Could it be that I really have no ability to earn money?

At this time, a man and woman holding hands together came to the Flower Shop. The boy was tall and handsome, while the girl was slim and beautiful. A moment later, the boy gave the girl a bouquet of red roses. The girl became excited and gave the boy a french kiss.

Seeing this scene, Summer was even more determined to buy flowers, but at this time, an angry voice suddenly sounded breaking the atmosphere. “Zhang Li, what are you doing?”

The voice that came out of nowhere was from a Fat man. He rushed towards the girl who just received roses with a face full of anger.

The girl’s expression changed for a second and then immediately returned to normal. She held onto the tall boy’s arm firmly, raising her head and look at the Fat man: “Wang Jie, since you see, then I’ll tell you. I want to break up with you!”

“Why?”  the Fat man called Wang Jie roar. “Is it just because he’s richer than me?”

“Wang Jie, this has nothing to do with you, in short, from now on we have nothing to do with each other. So, don’t bother me!” The girl named Zhang Li looked at Wang Jie with disgust.

“Zhang Li, you will regret this!” Wang Jie growled as he clenched his fists.

“What I truly regret was ever being your girlfriend!” Zhang Li snorted lightly before pulling the tallboy arm and walked toward the school. “Zi Qiang, let’s go. Ignore him. He’s crazy!”

The two left while Wang Jie fiercely stared at their backs, grinding his teeth.

“Hey, man, your wife was robbed?” Summer quickly ran to Wang Jie’s side. “Give me ten million and I’ll help you get rid of that guy. what do you say?”

In anger, Wang Jie turned his head and looked at Summer: “What did you say?”

“I said give me ten million, and I’ll help you get rid of that man. I’ll even help you get your wife back!” Summer said quickly.

Wang Jie looked at Summer with a strange expression. After a long while, he asked. “Are you crazy?”

Summer was depressed again.

“Hey, man, I’m serious, I’m in urgent need of money right now, so I’ll give you a discount, eight million.” Summer didn’t want to give up this business opportunity.

“Damn it, I don’t fucking have eight million, as for that Zhang Li I can find a woman who is ten times better than her!” Wang Jie snappily said.

“If you don’t have the money, then say so earlier! Tch…Wasting my time!” Summer was truly dissatisfied!

“Wait a minute I have eight hundred on me. Why don’t you go and beat that brat up?” Wang Jie took the initiative to offer.

Summer directly choose to ignore him, to be used as thugs is beneath him.

Suddenly a burst of stomach growl prompt Summer to take note of a very cruel fact that he was hungry. It’s no wonder, from morning until now, he hasn’t eaten.

“My wife said, that you need money to eat out, this is really troublesome, life in the mountains is much better.” Summer suddenly found that he missed life on the mountain a little, but miss or not won’t solve his current hunger issue, which has returned him to square one, that is how to get money.

“Sun Xinxin, Get your ass out!” A loud shout caught the attention of Summer once more, I saw standing outside of Xinxin Flower Shop a yellow hair Young man, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, short pants, and flip flops.

“Zhang Dazhu, what do you want?” A woman walked out of the flower shop. She looked to be about 24 or 25 years old, with snow-white skin and brunette hair. She was extremely beautiful, with an unspeakably curvy body fill with lots of flesh in the right parts exuding a mature and charming style. But at the moment her pretty Face had an annoyed look printed on it.

“I have no money!” Zhang Dazhu greedily stare at Sun Xinxin body. While a part of his lower body seems to be swelling.

“I gave you two thousand yuan the day before yesterday!” Sun Xinxin looked angrily at Zhang Dazhu

“Anyway, in short, I want money today!” Zhang Dazhu stared at Sun Xinxin’s full chest. “Give me five thousand. Otherwise, go home with me and get married!”

“You!” Sun Xinxin became anxious, “Zhang Dazhu, how can you be so shameless!?”

“I am shameless? Since you have the money to raise a small white face, can’t I ask you for money?” Zhang Dazhu Said indifferently.

“You! do not slander me!” Sun Xinxin was so angry that her face turned red with rage, She begins to look around seeking for help. Although there were a dozen people watching the scene and there were even the school security guards present, but once they met her eyes, they all averted their gazes.

This was not the first time Zhang Dazhu came here to cause trouble. Everyone knew that this guy is a rogue. There were people that even try to call the police for help several times, but the police came and also couldn’t do anything to him. So now, everyone just watches the drama.

“Sun Xinxin, are you going to pay me or not? If you don’t, I’ll smash your flower shop!” Zhang Dazhu continues to threaten.

“How about I give you money?” A voice suddenly speaks up. Everyone turned their heads in unison and saw an average looking youth standing there, grinning.

“Who are you?” Zhang Dazhu was caught off guard by this uninvited guest.

“My name is Summer, Summer Day. Summer in spring, autumn, and winter the world’s first above the heavens.” Summer smiled brightly as he flicked his finger, and the only coin on him flew towards Zhang Dazhu like a bullet “Here’s The money, catch it quickly!”

Zhang Dazhu subconsciously extended his hand, but he quickly regretted it. A sharp pain came suddenly and an earth-shattering scream followed soon after: “Ah ……!!”

“Ding ……” The coin dropped to the ground, issued a crisp sound.

“You, are you fucking plotting against me?” Zhang Dazhu clutching his hand and stared fiercely at Summer.

Summer leisurely walk to the front of Zhang Dazhu. He bent down and picked up the coin on the ground and replace it into his pocket, then straightened up and walk toward Zhang Dazhu while keeping his trademark smile, when he raised his hand, the crowd only heard slapping sound, he fan Zhang Dazhu a slap in the face.

“Ha, plot against you? you take yourself too highly and that’s not even my style! I always openly and honestly beat.” Summer giggle.

“You, you dare to hit me?” Zhang Dazhu was a little dizzy from the slap and still hadn’t fully reacted.

“Pop!” Another crisp sound louder than the last, Summer slap Zhang Dazhu in the face even harder as if to help him face up to reality: “Of course I dare to hit you.”

“FUCK!! I’m going to kill you!” Zhang Dazhu roared then lunch toward Summer.

Summer gently race his foot and kick Zhang Dazhu’s in the stomach causing Zhang Dazhu to scream out even more miserable than before as he fell down headfirst.

Everyone was dumbstruck. This young man looks ordinary but fights really hard.

“Well, well, Sun Xinxin, you little slut, actually dare to let your small white face hit me? Zhang Dazhu climbed up from the ground clutching his stomach. “You wait for me… uh ….@!”

Zhang Dazhu screamed as he was sent flying a few meters back, then heavily crashed onto the ground. he was rewarded with another hard kick from Summer.

This time, it seems Zhang Dazhu learn his lesson. When he got up he kept quiet as he ran toward the school, running faster than rabbits.

The onlookers also sneaked away. Obviously, they didn’t want to get into any trouble. Even the security guard quickly returned to his security room, as if nothing had happened.

Sun Xinxin stared blankly at Summer. Every time Zhang Dazhu came to make trouble, she always looks forward to someone stepping up and helping her. Today was the same. However, she is usually always left disappointed, but she didn’t expect that today someone really steps up and helps her, this time, Summer appeared, and he cleanly beat up Zhang Dazhu driving him away.

In the past few months, Zhang Dazhu has caused her countless troubles from time to time and have already made her physically and mentally exhausted. She has fantasized countless times about a real prince charming coming to save her, but she has waited until now and no one showed up. On the other hand, a few days ago, an uncle in a BMW was willing to help her solve Zhang Dazhu, but the condition was that she would become his secret lover.

Looking at the young man’s clear eyes and bright smile, Sun Xinxin couldn’t help but produce a strange feeling from the bottom of her heart, she suddenly had a gut feeling her prince charming has finally arrived. It’s just a pity that this prince is not as handsome as she had imagined and judging from his clothes, he seems to be poor.

“Sister Xin, are you okay?” A girl ran from out the flower shop, the girl wasn’t beautiful, but she was at least petite and delicate giving off a kinda cute feeling and she was Xinxin Flower Shop’s only employee, Fang Xiaoru.

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