Fortunate Wife

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – A family member

“Older sister, what are you looking at?” Li Xiaowu snuggled up by Li Man’s side and also looked outside. Other than fourth brother, there wasn’t anyone else, ah.

Li Man returned to her senses and inwardly laughed. Over a decade had passed since that old memory. Ten years of marriage and living together had made her indifferent to it. It was surprising that something today would make her relive that memory so clearly.

“Why haven’t your other older brothers returned yet? Go and fetch them for dinner.” As Li Man was making an eating food gesture at Xiaowu, a light suddenly flashed in her mind. Leaving Xiaowu behind, she rushed outside, grabbed Li Hua’s hand, and pulled him to the peach tree.

Li Hua felt confused, but before he could say anything, he saw Li Man breaking off a branch, leaning over, and writing on the ground, “Who am I?”

Li Hua took the branch she offered, didn’t say anything, and only expressed his confusion in writing, “You know how to write?”

Eh? Did the original owner of this body not know how to write? Had she exposed herself as a fake?

Li Man hurriedly took the branch back and wrote out two sentences. “I’m not sure. I don’t remember anything.”

Li Hua lowered his hand. Looking at those two lines, he didn’t reply for a long time.

Worried, Li Man used the branch to point at the words, “Who am I?” Then, she pointed at herself. Her eyes were full of pleading.

As Li Hua looked at her eyes, a complicated feeling flashed through his clear eyes. In the end, he took the branch from her and wrote out the words, “family member” by her question.

“Family member?” What did he mean? Were they her siblings?

Just as she wanted to ask this question, the other three members of Li family returned.

“Fourth brother?” These words were almost said in unison. Just from the tone of their voices, Li Man could tell that they were very happy to see the return of their brother.

“Oldest brother, second brother, third brother.” Li Hua very joyfully went forward to greet them.

Li Yan lazily draped his arm on Li Hua’s shoulder and quietly asked into his ear, “What were the two of you doing?”

Li Hua shook his head. “Nothing important.” Seeing that his third brother, Li Shu, was carrying two buckets of fish with a shoulder pole, he wanted to help him and hurriedly walked to his side.

Li Shu loved his younger brother dearly, so of course he wouldn’t let him help. “It’s okay. Don’t touch them. They’re very smelly.”

Looking at his fourth brother, a rarely seen gentleness appeared in Li Mo’s eyes. “When did you come back?”

“This afternoon,” Li Hua replied, “Oldest brother, is the wound on your leg better?”

“It healed a long time ago.” He had gotten that injury over a month ago.

Seeing that his oldest brother was walking normally, Li Hua stopped worrying.

Li Shu brought the two buckets full of fish to the northeast corner of their home, then he dumped all of the fish into a deep hole that he had dug in advance and had filled with water. Once the fishes entered the water, each and every one of them became quite lively.

Li Man was blankly standing in the same spot. Seeing these brothers happily talking and laughing with each other, she didn’t know how to feel. Li Hua’s earlier answer had been too vague.

Following after his older brothers, Li Hua headed towards the kitchen’s entrance. When he turned his head and saw that Li Man was still conspicuously standing underneath the peach tree with her eyes lowered in a confused expression, he turned around and walked back to her. He wanted to say something, but then he remembered that she wouldn’t be able to understand.

And so, he just reached his hand out to hold hers.

Surprised, Li Man raised her head. Li Hua broadly smiled at her. Holding her hand, he led her towards the kitchen.

Looking at his thin, but straight figure, Li Man suddenly felt that he was a dependable and warm person.

A family member? Right, she seemed to have heard from Xiaowu that this family’s last name was Li. And, from the transmigration novels that she had read, it seemed that most people transmigrated into people with the same names as themselves. Then, the original owner of this body must have also been called Li Man.

So then, was this teenager her older brother or her younger brother?

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