Fortunate Wife

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Adding food to her bowl

Li Man suddenly smiled. Thinking of how caring this teenager had been towards her, she guessed that he was probably her older brother.

Seeing her smile, the two men at the doorway swayed as if they were looking at dazzling goddess.

Leading Li Man to the doorway, Li Hua lightly said to the two stunned men, “Older brothers, it’s time to eat.”

Li Mo said, “Oh,” and hastily entered the hut.

In contrast, leaning against the doorway, Li Yan whispered into his fourth brother’s ear, “Still not letting go?”

Li Hua faintly smiled. His hand subconsciously tightened around Li Man’s. He led her straight past Li Yan and had her sit down at a stool while he went to get the food himself.

Dinner was simple. Li Man had braised the mountain chicken and steamed a large pot of rice.

When Li Hua saw the large pot of rice, he froze for a moment in surprise. Rice was expensive. In their family, they were reluctant to eat rice even once a month. Moreover, the rice would be used to make congee to spread it out more.

Li Mo had already finished scooping out rice for everyone. Looking at this fourth brother, he chucked and said, “Let’s eat.”

Although women couldn’t really support themselves, as long as their family of brothers worked hard, they wouldn’t let her suffer. Since she loved to eat rice, then they would eat rice every day in the future.

By the time the bowls of rice and plate of chicken were brought over to the table, Li Shu had already finished washing and came inside. Seeing that there was meat and rice, he cheerful said, “Oh! Life isn’t the same after you have a woman.” They were eating rice two meals in a row.

Everyone’s gazes subconsciously drifted towards Li Man’s direction.

Li Man had been in the middle of stretching her hand out to pick up a piece of meat. Suddenly faced with everyone looking at her, her fingers slipped and the piece of chicken liver dropped onto the table.

Her small face turned totally red. What were they doing? Were they holding a grudge against her for eating meat?

Feeling a bit wronged, she subconsciously drew back her chopsticks.

“Do you like this?” Li Hua picked up the dropped slice of chicken liver from the table and put it into his own bowl. Then, he selected a piece of chicken liver from the plate and put it into Li Man’s bowl.

Before Li Man could respond, Li Yan had already added a chicken leg into her bowl. “The meat on the leg is tender and smells delicious.”

“Here’s another piece.” Li Shu dug around the plate before finally finding a piece of chicken liver and quickly putting it into Li Man’s bowl.

“Older sister, eat mine too.” Li Xiaowu didn’t want to be left out. He stood up, selected the piece of meat that he thought was the best, and added it to Li Man’s bowl.

Li Mo had also picked up a piece of meat and wanted to give it to Li Man, but he felt embarrassed to do it in front of his younger brothers. So, he gave the meat to Xiaowu and said, “Let’s all eat. The food will get cold soon.”

And then, taking advantage of when everyone had lowered their heads to eat, Li Mo speedily picked up a piece of meat and without having time to clearly look at what it was, he placed it in Li Man’s bowl. He thought that no one had noticed his action.

Li Man’s head had been lowered to eat the chicken leg. Out of nowhere, there was suddenly another piece of meat in her bowl, but it was…

Ahhhh! A chicken head? Who tossed the chicken head into her bowl?

Li Man was so scared that she almost knocked over the bowl when she pushed it away.

Li Hua was sitting next to Li Man. Seeing the chicken head that had appeared in her bowl, he immediately understood. He quickly took the chicken head from her bowl and said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Li Shu looked over and called out, “Who added that?” And made their wife so scared that her face had turned so pale?

Li Yan resisted the urge to laugh and looked at his oldest brother with a mild mocking gaze. Li Mo was sitting across from him.

Inwardly feeling vexed with himself, Li Mo practically buried his head into his bowl of rice. Why was it a chicken head? It had clearly felt like a chicken leg, ah.

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