Fortunate Wife

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Feeling annoyed

Shocked, Li Man yelled out, “Ah, the piglets!” She hurriedly chased after them.

Hearing her scream, Li Mo was the first one that rushed outside and saw Li Man chasing after the two piglets in the courtyard with her short legs. His eyes suddenly felt like twitching as he resisted the urge to laugh.

Li Shu, Li Hua, and Little Five hurriedly came outside too and saw Li Man running around in circles as she chased after the two piglets.

“Why are you just standing there? Hurry and help me catch them.” Li Man’s legs already felt tired from her sprinting, but these people were just blankly standing around and didn’t even think to help her. She was so angry that she almost wanted to give up and just let the little piglets run away.

Li Hua hurriedly walked over to stop her, but Li Mo was one step faster than him. In a few strides, Li Mo reached Li Man and grabbed her with one hand to stop her. “Stop chasing them.”

“Why did you grab me? Go grab them!” Li Man was gasping for breath. As she was pointing at the piglets in front of them, she noticed that they had stopped by a corner and were also huffing to catch their breath.

Li Shu led Little Five to that corner and picked up the two piglets. What made Li Man want to smash herself against the wall the most was that the two piglets were being extremely docile in Li Shu’s arms.

Li Hua walked over and wrote on the ground, “The more you chase after them, the more they’ll get scared and continue running.”

Li Man’s eyelids twitched. If they hadn’t run, would she have chased after them?

They didn’t know if her small, flushed face was from being angry or from being tired, but it looked very charming to them.

Li Mo felt as if his eyes had been pricked again. He hastily released her hand and said, “Alright, let’s go inside and eat dinner.” He turned around and headed towards the kitchen.

Li Man scampered after him.

Looking at her back figure, Li Hua finally couldn’t stop his lips from smiling. They had purchased and bought back the piglets, but would she really be able to raise them?

Li Mo had made dinner tonight. It was a pot of congee and a plate of unidentifiable stir-fry.

Li Mo’s brothers knew that he didn’t know how to cook. It was already an unprecedented accomplishment that he had cooked a pot of congee without burning it. As for the fact that this congee was watery enough to be soup, that wasn’t worth commenting on. Fortunately, they still had three steamed bun and a couple of millet pancakes that hadn’t been eaten yet. After warming up the leftovers from their lunch, they had enough for a meal.

Unfortunately, Li Man didn’t know better and though that blackened mess was pickled vegetables. She foolishly picked some up to eat with her chopsticks. Right after putting the food into her mouth, the taste was so awful that she almost spat it out. But, worried that she would hurt Li Mo’s feelings, she pressed her lips together and swallowed the food down.

“Drink some congee.” Seeing her expression, Li Hua brought over a bowl of congee.

Li Man didn’t even think twice before pouring the watery congee down her throat. After desperately drink an entire bowl of watery congee, the awful taste was finally washed away.

Concerned, Li Hua asked, “Are you feeling a bit better now?”

Li Man put down the bowl and let out a long, comfortable sigh.

Seeing this, Li Shu wickedly curved his lips into a smile. “Oldest brother, why did you think to make dinner tonight? Why didn’t you wait until we had come back?”

“You guys had a long, tiring day, so I wanted to have dinner ready for you guys,” Li Mo slowly replied with a calm expression. But, he secretly felt annoyed with himself. He had tried to cook a few batches of the stir-fry and picked the best one, but it still ended up tasting awful. He was so useless.

He stood up, picked up Li Man’s empty bowl, walked to the kitchen range, and tried his best to scoop out the part of the congee that was thicker.

Li Man froze for a moment in surprise. She hurriedly went after him and said, “Thank you, I can do it myself.”

Li Mo naturally didn’t let her fill the bowl herself. He went on determinedly filling her bowl with congee by himself.

Li Man raised her head and looked at the handsome face from his side. His lips were tightly pressed together. She secretly stuck her tongue out a bit and thought about how she had almost spat out the food he had cooked. He must be feeling annoyed with her, right?

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