Fortunate Wife

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

After that, the entire family quietly ate dinner. Li Man stuck to honestly drinking the congee and didn’t dare to touch the stir-fry again.

In the midst of this so quiet that it felt stuffy atmosphere, an affected voice traveled into the room. “Aiyo, I came at a good time. Is everyone at home eating dinner?” At the same time that they heard this voice, a scent that assailed their noses also came closer.

It was so pungent, ah. Li Man curiously raised her head and saw a woman in her twenties swaying her waist as she came through the entrance, but the woman didn’t fully come in. Instead, she leaned against the doorway. With her phoenix eyes narrowed, she smiled at the people inside.

Her figure was pretty good. Her light red dress clung to her exquisite figure. Li Man didn’t know if the decorative knotted tie at her collar was broken or if the woman was deliberately leaving it untied, but her collar was gaping, and it was very easy to see her exquisite, fair clavicle.

This woman was beautifully alluring.

Almost in unison, the four Li brothers furrowed their brows.

Li Mo raised his head. His gaze was bit sharp. “Shun family’s wife, did you come here for a reason?”

“It’s that useless devil in my family of course. He left to go sell fish, but he still hasn’t returned, so I came here to ask.” The woman’s lips, which had been smeared with red, coquettishly pouted at Li Mo.

Li Mo didn’t reply. He only glanced at Li Hua.

Li Hua responded, “There were a lot of people today, and we weren’t paying attention.”

“Ah, fourth son has returned? Let older sister-in-law take a good look at you. I haven’t you seen in a few months. You matured a lot since the last time I saw you.” The woman’s sticky gaze moved from Li Mo’s body to Li Hua’s; it was like something that couldn’t be scraped off easily.

Unhappy, Li Mo’s brow continued to be furrowed. “Shun family’s wife, if you don’t have a reason to be here, you should go home. We’re eating dinner.”

“Ah, what do you mean I don’t have a reason? Can’t I come here to see my new younger sister?” As she was saying this, the woman swayed her waist as she approached Li Man. Her beautiful eyes looked at Li Man from top to bottom. She smiled and said, “Aiyo, there’s been rumors that a beautiful new wife had married into your family in the past few days, but I didn’t believe them. Seeing her now, she really lives up to her reputation. She’s even fresher and lovelier than I was in my heyday.”

Li Man looked at this woman in confusion. Who was she? She was looking at her with such an unflattering gaze.

“Younger sister, stand up. Let older sister have a good look at you. Your skin looks so good, and your hands are small and soft. I can easily tell that you’ve never had to do manual labor before.” As the woman said this, she even stretched her hand out. She wanted to pull Li Man up so that she could carefully examine her, but on the side, Li Shu already couldn’t tolerate her behavior any longer. He stood up and stopped her from touching Li Man’s hand. He abruptly turned her so that she was facing the doorway and pushed her in that direction.

Li Shu said, “Who are you calling your younger sister? Aren’t you worried that you’ll sprain your tongue by saying something like that? How can you compare yourself to my wife? If you dare to say something so outrageous again, I’ll pull out your tongue.”

“Aiyo, third son, you’re hurting me,” the woman exaggeratedly screamed. Her body went limp, and her body collapsed onto Li Shu’s.

Li Shu was a short-tempered person. He wouldn’t allow her to act so impudently. Just as he raised his hand and was about to hit her, he was stopped by Li Mo shouting, “Third brother, you can’t act rudely to Shun family’s wife.”

Seeing that Li Mo was helping her, the woman was over the moon with happiness. In a voice that was as sweet as a flowering peach blossom, she said, “Big brother Li ~~~~”

With a serious expression and a cold voice, Li Mo interrupted her extended vocalization of his name, “Big Black, send Shun family’s wife home.”

Big Black was currently playing with the two piglets behind the stove area. In the past few days, because a woman had been added to their family, Big Black felt quite repressed. Hearing its master’s order, Big Black’s aggressive behavior was set free. It jumped up, shook its fur, and bared its teeth at that woman.

The woman let out a horrified scream, “Ahhh!” Just as she was about to pretend to faint, Big Black came closer with its slobbering mouth. Frightened, she frantically fled.

Big Black wanted to chase after her, but Li Mo called it back, “Enough.”

“What a shameless creature. If she dares to come back, I’m going to beat her until she loses at least two teeth.” As soon as Li Shu recollected the words she had recently said about his wife, he regretted not moving quicker.

“Third brother, sit down and eat,” Li Mo ordered Li Shu. He divided the three steamed buns between Li Man, Li Hua, and Little Five. “Eat it while it’s still hot.”

“I don’t want to eat this. It’s too oily.” Li Man returned the steamed bun to the plate and turned around to take a millet pancake.

Little Five directly put the steamed bun that Li Mo had given him into Li Mo’s bowl. “Oldest brother, I had this for lunch. You should eat this one.”

Li Hua faintly smiled and also placed his steamed bun back onto the plate. “Oldest brother, we already ate enough of this during lunch. We left these for you and second brother to eat.”

Seeing how thoughtful and considerate Li Man and his two younger brothers were being, Li Mo’s gloomy expression finally eased. He put the three steamed buns back into their bowls and said, “It’s okay. Oldest brother also had meat for lunch too.”

T/N: Big Black deserves a juicy bone or a juicy steamed bun ^^.

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