Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 12: Royal Academy

Chapter 12: Royal Academy

12 Royal Academy

After Raymond sees the two off, he immediately went to the castle.

In the king chamber,

"Brother... brother, I have very good news for you" Excited, he informs the king. Carollus Van Zelle Acacia is the king's name. He was a good-looking middle-aged man with long red hair on his back.

"What is this news about for you become this excited" Intrigued by his brother, he asked.

"Hehe... If you know what I want to say, you will become like me too brother." Teased Raymond. Even one becomes a king and one becomes a grand duke. Their bond still as good as ever.

"Alright alright, don't tease me"

"Haha... alright, You know my youngest daughter just come back today right?"

"umu.." He nodded

"My daughter brought a man home. She said he become her travel companion because he saved her when her group got ambushed by orcs"

"Alright alright don't beat around the bush" It's already night, so the king wanted to rest.

"Fine. I used a mana crystal to test his element. And the crystal glowing with a bright red color" Raymond Explain

"Glo...wing...?" flustered with his brother news, he asked him and get a nod

"Pure... element... haha... our kingdom have the second pure element... haha" Joys filled the king immediately

"After our founder, we have another pure element haha... another potential to become god, brother we have a pure element" he grabbed Raymond's shoulder and shaking him

"Brother, please calm down" Looking at the excited king, he shook his head

After a few minutes, the king started to calm down

"Haha... Raymond... Where the lad? I will visit him now"

"Now? How about tomorrow brother, he already rested now. Since he traveled a few months with my daughter" He advice the king

"Ah.. yes yes, I was too excited just then. I will visit him tomorrow. Ah... Heaven blesses my Acacia, heaven blesses me, to think we now have another pure element. Zircodina have hero, Holy Kingdom have priestess, and now my Acacia have pure element" The king said gratified

"You said your daughter right? How about marrying your daughter to him? I know about your principle, but there will be always an exception right?" The king then glanced at Raymond

"Haha... There are seems a connection with my daughter since they traveled for long. I thought since Zircodina has a hero. My daughter would be interested, never I thought she disgust him. Well whatever since now my daughter took a liking at Alex. And also Alex doesn't seem like nobles too much, so I think it's better for you not to visit him." then he laughed.


"Ah.. the boy's name is Alex. Alexander Sirius"

"Haiz, I envy you, brother, you have three daughters while I only have a son. If I have a daughter I will engage her to him right now" Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"Haha... I too envy you, brother, If I have a son, then he can inherit the house, and now my eldest daughter will be the one to inherit my position"

"Oh.. not the boy?"

"He... likely not. Even though he is a worthy successor when I looked at him. He looked like someone who loved freedom. He won't be caught up with the nobles system." Raymond's observation was close enough. Alex just got new freedom and a new determination so he doesn't really like to be bounded for now

"It's fine, just make sure your daughter grips him close enough. If others hear about this, they will start to approach him

Raymond nod with a solemn face. "Then what should we do now with him, brother ?"

"How about we place him at our Royal Academy and make the Dean take him as his student since the dean himself was a rank 8 fire mage." The king suggested.

"I don't know if he wanted to enter our academy. I will try to persuade him. If he doesn't want, we need a different plan"

The king then nodded his head.

"I will go back home then brother" Raymond said

"Haiz.... you Raymond, do you know the news you bring, will make me can't sleep tonight"

"I can't sleep too, brother. So, I don't want to be alone who suffered, so I shared this with you"


The two laughed happily.



'knock knock'

"Who is it?" Alex reaching his room's door. He saw two maids in front of him.

"Grand duke call you Mr. Alexander. We came to guide you" Said one of the maids

"Alright, I'm going to prepare myself a bit" Alex trying to fix his appearance

"Let us help you, Mr Alexander"

"no need" Said Alex, he still not used to have a maid to do it like yesterday so he refused. The maids start to begged him especially because grand duke himself ordered them to make sure to satisfy all his demands. And again Alex surrendered after countless times the maid begged him.

After they got out of the room, the maids guide him to the previous study room. In there, he saw grand duke, Mia, and Alicia.

"Please sit Alex" He pointed at the spot beside Alicia. After Alex sat down, the grand duke starts talking.

"How do you see the Royal Academy ?" He asked in a roundabout way

"Royal academy? I'm sorry I don't know much, as you can see I'm just a commoner from Zircodina kingdom" a bit ashamed, Alex answered

"Then, do you want to enter the academy? there's going to be an enrollment a month later"

Alex thinking a bit, he answered

"I'd love to, thank you, sir". Alex thanked him

"Then it's decided since you don't have any previous grade, you will enroll as a first-year. The same as Alicia. And call me uncle" Hearing that, Alicia smiled.


"Then as yesterday planned, Let's Mia teaching you basic fire magic" Grand duke look at Mia, who nodded

"Then Please take care of me" Alex said

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