Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 3: Status

Chapter 3: Status

3 Status

"Arch...Archmage.." Cheers erupted once more

"Hehe, It seems I'm good too" Sandra said happily

"Archmage is a high-level job only a handful of people can get it, in our kingdom we only have 1 archmage and he is currently our head court magician. How about this, you can become his apprentice" King explained

"Oh.. sure sure" She didn't think of anything, she just complied happily. She contents with her job so she didn't mind anything. she was someone who thinks as long as the result this was good, she didn't care about the after effect.

"Very well, I will inform him after this"

"Hehe... John, I am good right?" Sandra happily turn to John

"Yeah very good" John said with a smile

"Then I am going now" Ayaka competitive spirit soar, she doesn't want to be outdone with Sandra. she immediately goes in front of the crystal and placed her hand on top of that.

Name: Ayaka Saya

Job: Sage

Rank : 0

Level: 1

STR: 50

AGI: 50

VIT: 50

DEX: 75

INT: 100

"Woowww... sage.." more deafening cheers heard again.

"Hehe...., I'm not going to be outdone with you, Sandra. John is mine" Ayaka said and turn to John, she looked at the audience and from their reaction, it seems her job is the same quality with Sandra so she said to John, "John I'm very good too right"

"Yes, you are very good too" John said with a smile

"Oh yeah, what about this sage job? Is it on par with archmage ?" Ayaka asked the king

"Yes, Sage is stemmed from the same root with archmage which is a magician. But, our kingdom doesn't have a sage, how about I ask our head court magician to become your teacher too?"

"Sure...sure..." she Happily complied. She thought 'since we have the same teacher, that means all of it depend on ourselves so if I'm better than Sandra then John will look me more '

"You can't beat me" Sandra shrugged her shoulder turning to her childhood friend "How about you next Maria"

"How about you Alexander?" Maria looked at Alex.

"Just forget about him," Sandra said

Alexander just shrugged his shoulder and Maria Placing her hand on the crystal "Okay"

Name: Maria Fergina

Job: Arch Priest

Rank : 0

Level: 1

STR: 40

AGI: 40

VIT: 75

DEX: 40

INT: 120

Looking at Maria's Job, everybody cheers once again

"Arch Priest....." King immediately stood up and order his guards "Hurry, inform the pope"

"Yes" A few soldiers immediately carried his order

"Your majesty congratulation" Each minister started to congratulate the king

"Haha...." King laughed happily, he thought 'If she can become the priestess. It means my kingdom has a backing of the church'

The ministers know why the king laughing happily since one of the princes have offended one of the church's archbishop, the relation of the kingdom and the church become awkward. But if she becomes priestess means having a relationship with pope successor.

"I'm done now" Said Maria while looking at Alexander

Everyone looking Alexander with a great expectation. They thought the other 4 jobs were great, then the last one will be good too Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"Hurry Alexander..... not I have an expectation to you though" urged John

"Yeah, Alexander hurry up, don't waste our time" urged Sandra

Everyone Perplexed with their comments since they never know about their relationship in the previous world

Alex just ignored their comment and place his hand on the crystal

Name: Alexander Sirius

Job: Commoner ( A person who got dragged to another world )

Rank : 0

Level: 1

STR: 5

AGI: 5

VIT: 5

DEX: 5

INT: 5

The hall was silent while looking at his status. Suddenly John broke the silence.

"Haha.... wow Alexander you are the best" John said sarcastically

"You can't beat a child with that status Alexander" Sandra giving more salt to Alex's wound

Alex only shook his head and sigh. Suddenly the king do something they never thought

"Mr. Alexander, I'm very sorry for dragging you to this world." King apologized and bowing

Everyone perplexed with the king's action. Ministers immediately said "Your majesty, please don't bow to me" while looking Alex hatefully

Noticing Everyone's gaze on him, Alex sigh "Your majesty please don't bow to me. I'm not worth it with your bow."

"Even so, The previous queen mother teaching me, no matter you are a king, commoner or something else. When you are in the wrong you need to apologize"

"It may be rude for me saying this. But, I still want to say it. The previous queen was really wise and above all, she seems a very good mother" Alex said tiredly, he has a bit admiration to the previous queen since she seems wise, thinking his previous family he sighs. "Your majesty, may I request something? I'm a bit tired" Sigh Alex

King looking at Alex and his status sigh "Very well, we will conclude this event. Servant, please guide our heroes to their room"

All the heroes followed the servant to their respective room

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