Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 27: Accident on Arena

Chapter 27: Accident on Arena

27 Accident on Arena

In the arena, there are ten students from each class. The representative of each class. Of course Alex not in the line.

"The class challenge started now. We will give the students from E-class to choose their target.

Cheers erupt from the audience, signing the challenge started.

"Student Arwin, please choose your opponent". Arwin is the number 10 of class E.

"I choose student Caroline from D-class". Caroline is the number 9 of class D. When everyone saw Arwin choose Caroline to be his opponent, everyone booing him. Both of them have the same power that is rank 1 warrior.


"Challenging a woman, be a man!"

"A sissy"

Arwin shamelessly walks to the arena like he never heard the audience booing him.

"Please go easy on me" Caroline said politely.

"...." Arwin keep his silence

"Match start"

Arwin immediately charged at Caroline as he swung his sword. Caroline was caught off guard, she dodged. But her left hand still got a slash injury.


"You don't have any chivalry. You can only use sneak attack"

Arwin ignored them and slash his sword to Caroline. Caroline guarded his slash, after the previous attack, Caroline raises his guard to the maximum. She immediately counter-attacks ignoring her pain in her hand.

Now, it's Arwin who got shocked. He thought a woman like her, when she got injured can't withstand the pain. So he immediately slashes at her to end the match. But he never thought not only she doesn't scream but also counter-attack at him.

Caroline saw a little bit shocked in Arwin's face, she took the chance and swing her sword at his center of gravity. Arwin parried the attack but lose his balance. He fell to the floor. Caroline doesn't miss the opportunity, she immediately pointed her sword at Arwin's throat.

"End of the match. Caroline Win!"

Cheers erupt from the audience, especially when they saw the shameless Arwin loss. Arwin upon realizing this, his face pale. He won't have a place anymore in this academy.


"You got what you sow Shameless!"


Caroline left the arena to tend her injury. Even Alex commend her,

"She got many experiences in battle"

Alicia and Firia shocked when Alex commends her. They thought 'I won't lose'. Firia who lost in round 2 still participated in the challenge. Since the S-class only have 20 peoples, as long as they win one time. They still in the top 10.

"Next match, class E please choose your opponent"

The challenge continued. The winning rate of lower-class fighting the upper class was thirty percent.

The challenge from the A-class start, of course, their target would be S-class.

"I Choose Miss Firia as my opponent". The one who said this was an 18 years old young man, though he not handsome, he is above average. He fancied Firia a lot, so he used this chance to show her his excellence.

"Alex, I'm going" Firia say goodbye to Alex.

"mmm...Be careful" Alex nodded.

Hearing Alex's response Alicia jealous, she pouted. Contrary to Alicia, Firia got fired up hearing him. She thought 'I will win this'

"Please, go easy on me" Firia said politely.

"We can have the time, to practice together miss Firia. Of course in S-class, I will guide you 'thoroughly' " He gulped down when he saw Firia's fiery figure.

Firia disdain him, 'What 'thoroughly' you bastard, I will make sure you won't have the chance to enter S-class'

"Match Start"

"The fire in my body, hear my command. Manifest your self as a ball to burn my enemy" the two chant at the same time.


The reason he says he wanted to guide Firia because he was confident in his Fire element. But the result not as he planned to be.

He releases three fireballs, while Firia releases four fireballs. As they are not the same number, one of Firia's fireball blasts him.

Firia only showed three fireballs in yesterday's match. So he thought he can win since he can use three fireballs too. Never in his mind, Firia actually concealing her strength. He regretted underestimating her, he thought he can beat her with his firepower.

"Firia Win" the audience cheers, of course, many of them was Firia's fan.

Firia only ignored them came back to her seat.

"How is it, Alex?"

"As long as you not injured" He nodded.

She gives Alex a bright smile. While Alicia pouting.

The challenge continued. After the eighth challenge, this time Joshua was chosen. Since the one who already challenged can't be chosen again. That means only Joshua and Alicia that was still not chosen.

Joshua challenger was a rank 1 pinnacle warrior. The warrior wanted to imitate how Alex wins from Joshua. But since Alex was a rank 3 while he is rank 1 warrior. He lost.

Now it is the last match. That means Garu Tekuis, A rank 3 warrior vs Alicia.


"What is it?"

"Be careful. I prefer to see you lose than you got hurt" Alex said worriedly. He worried since her opponent was a rank 3 warrior, the same as him. He himself knows the best how strong he is. But he never thought Alicia will be strong because two bottles of spiritual liquids he gave yesterday.

Alicia smiled "Fine, I will be careful"

After she ingested the magic power from spiritual liquid, she now has the same magic power as a rank 3 mage.

"Princess, I advise you to surrender now as to not get hurt." Garu arrogantly said rank 1 and rank 3 have a big difference in their power.

"I will need to try as to not disappoint him" She glanced at Alex.

"Him?" He glanced at Alex "If he is the one I fight today, I might lose to him. But since I fight you, even you have a rare ice element, eventually, you are still a rank 1 mage. so I will win"

"We can only see the result after the match"

"Match start"

"ICE SPEAR" Alicia immediately release her magic. Many surprised since Alicia not using the chant. Even Alex was surprised.

Since Alex's first magic training. She shocked by Alex's talent. After that, she trained hard. She doesn't want to be outdone by Alex.

Looking at her now, Alex gives a faint smile.

Four ice spear charged at Garu. Garu dodged them while closing his distance with Alicia. When the spear missed, they immediately disappeared. Alicia makes another ice spear and charged to Garu.

Garu dodging them continuously. His distance with Alicia only a few meters left. Alex worried about seeing this.

When Garu arrived at her front, He slashes. Alicia tried to parry his slash with her wand. But she still was blown away.

But before she was blown away, she cast magic between them.

"ICE SPHERE". An ice sphere appeared and exploded.

Since Alicia was blown away by Garu's strength, she doesn't get Ice shock wave from the sphere. Whilst Garu was blown away by her ice sphere.

Alicia immediately cast again. "ICE SPEAR". Yes, this is the advantage of using magic without chant. They can use spell continuously, as long as they can form them. if they use chant, as long as the chant disrupted, the magic failed.

Four spear fly to Garu, two to his body, and another two were on his neck. Garu was immobilized.

"Alicia Win"

Cheers erupt. A rank 1 mage defeat a rank 3 warrior. This was shocking news.

When everybody cheered at Alicia, Alex frowned.

'the gap of rank 1 and rank 3 is big. But she can win, Garu looked inexperienced too.' Alex pondering for a while 'Power leveling? Garu did not hunt the monster by himself but the other hunt them and he killed them? this is the mos explainable answer at the moment'

It took a moment when Garu realized he loses.

'me, a rank 3 lose to rank 1? Impossible'

Garu stood up, "Impossible, it's impossible I, a rank 3 warrior lose to her"

Alex frowned, he stood up. He read many stories, this kind of narrow-minded people, will charge to Alicia while saying 'die' wanting to kill her without thinking about the consequences. Alex formed a hand size flame ball, he pinched to the back like drawing an arrow.

"Alex?" Firia noticed Alex's movement. She confused.

"Die!", Garu charged at Alicia with killing intent. It's really happened like the stories Alex read. The referee doesn't have time to react.

"Impudent" Many teachers got angry. But they also don't have time to react.

Alex released the ball. The ball fly to the space between Alicia and Garu. Of course, it's closer to Garu since Alex doesn't want to injure Alicia.

The ball exploded when touched the arena. The shock wave has blown Garu away and knocked him out...

After a while, they realized what happened. They suddenly looked at the direction that the ball flown. They looked at Alex who still in his pose.

The teachers immediately go to the arena to melt the situation.

A middle-aged man comes to Garu, checking his condition. He immediately got angry.

"You bastard!" He charged at Alex.

He threw a fist to Alex. Alex reacted to this. He makes a shield of flame to block the attack. even so, the fist still blew him away and injured him.

The dean got angry. "Impudent!" The dean charged at Him and severely injured him and then he went to Alex.

"You okay Alex?"

"I'm fine teacher, just a minor internal injury"

The dean nodded, he relieved.

" what have you injured me?" the middle-aged glared at the dean.

"What do you think you are doing, injuring my student. Do you think I'm just a side-kick" The dean still angry

"But, he injured my nephew. He, not even a participant!". The middle-aged man is Garu's uncle, David Tekuis

"He dared to charge at Princess with killing intent even though he already loses in front of everyone" Alex broke his silence.

"You... But it's not your turn to teach him. There's still the referee in the arena"

"If he can react before anything happened, then I won't release my magic. But he doesn't have a chance to react"

"You...He has a chance to react, he is a rank 6 warrior, he must have a chance to react to Garu charged. So you must be punished"

The referee comes to them.

"Look the referee is here. You have the chance to stop Garu right?". He gives a threatening glare at him. He heard the referee target Alex yesterday and succeed in disqualified him. So he is sure this referee will help him. Never in his mind, this referee already changed. The previous referee got injured because the dean beat him hard yesterday. Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

But because David did not attend yesterday competition, he doesn't know the referee already replaced.

"I don't have the chance to stop him" He ashamed. He never thought Garu dare to kill Alicia. "If this young man doesn't release his magic, I don't want to imagine what will happen" He pointed at Alex.


"I will report this with his majesty with everyone as the witness. It seems the count wanted to rebel"

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