Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 28: Celebration

Chapter 28: Celebration

28 Celebration

" we can discuss this again" David paled.

"And also the one who recommended Alex to the academy is the king himself!" the dean casually said.

Hearing this, David's face turned to dark. 'Damn you, bastard Nephew! Do you want to destroy Tekuis house' he can only curse Garu, the source of the problem secretly in front of the people

Originally he planned Alex to take all the blame. If the referee said he can block Garu's attack, then he can blame Alex for it. the king was known as impartial and just, so he sure even Alex will be punished even he is the dean student. Never he thought the king was also the one who recommend Alex to the academy. Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

Wanting to kill a princess can result in the extermination of family, especially Princess Alicia. The king only has a son that is the crown prince. But his brother, the current grand duke of Rizertia house have three daughters. The first daughter was aloof and proud, the second daughter was genius but clumsy and doesn't talk a lot and the third daughter was cheerful and easy to get along, so he dotes on Alicia so much, even though he was impartial, the only exception was the matter concerning to crown prince and Alicia.

Now, not only Garu charged at the Princess that the king dote on most, but he also planned the one who the king recommends, in addition, he also the dean only successor.

"We..we can discuss again" David pleaded.

"hmph, I will let his majesty decide on this matter"

"Young..young master Alexander, we.." David started pleading to Alex.

Alex ignored him, he left to see Alicia. Firia followed him too.

"Hehe... Alex thank you for helping me back then." Alicia's heart was now sweet, even he distances himself from her. Alex still cared for her, though she disappointed about him calling her princess. She recalled in their journey, Alex loved to go out to kill monsters and she often sneaked out to follow Alex.

There's one time when she got surrounded by dozens of star wolves and the wolf leader is a rank 3, she thought she will die at that moment, in her last moment Alex come. He killed all the star wolves and battling hard with the wolf leader, and eventually killed it while he himself severely injured. She remembered at that time,

"Alex, I'm sorry this is my fault. If..if I not.."

"Alicia, this time it's really your fault for sneak out" Hearing this Alicia cried "So, next time you need to tell me first if you want to follow me. So next time It won't be your fault anymore" Alex smiled at her.

"I...I..." She cried

"Hehe...your tears got in my cloth, so you need to reimburse me. 10 gold coins for this cloth" Alex teased her.

"What 10 gold coins, this cloth only worth 10 copper coins and you want ten thousand times for it" She angry.

After that, they quarreled for an hour but the atmosphere not sad anymore but cheerful.


Back to present,

"As long as princess alright"

"Hehe... How is it Firia? Do you see my power just now?" Alicia said smugly

"you....hmph" Firia snorted

"There there... since the match ended how about we celebrated it?" Alex tried to change the topic, he was uncomfortable in this kind of situation.

"I'm in!" Alicia happily agreed. She continued "I want my favorite and extra portion"

"Yes yes.. since I didn't go out yesterday, we will have all the meat stored in the box."

Alicia cheered.

Firia confused. "Meat in the box? Aren't we celebrate this in the cafeteria?".

The room never has any cooking utensils so the food only comes from the cafeteria.

"Alex can cook you know, and they are very delicious" Alicia bragged about Alex's cooking

"But we don't have any cooking utensils on our room"

"Alex bought them, alright we can't waste our time anymore. Alex let's go" Alicia can't wait to devour her favorite food. She forgets she and Alex was a roommate.

They come back to their room.

"Wow... Alicia, this is your room? Your room was a special single room? I'm envious" Firia claimed.

"No, this is also Alex's room" She casually said.

Hearing this Alex darkened, Firia froze. After a while looking at the two, Alicia realized what just she said. She blushed.


Alex sigh.

"You two are roommates? Alicia how about we change place?" Firia was envious. In this world, you need strength if you don't want to be controlled. Even Alex's face was a bit above average but Alex's advantage is his strength, Alex is very strong.

So if she joined with Alex, there is no one who will complain to her. To boost it, Alex is kind. So she knew if they get together Alex must care for her a lot, so she is envious to Alicia.

Now she knew, the royal family and grand duke want to tie Alex with marriage. But she puzzled, what makes them want to tie Alex with Alicia. Alex strength as a rank 3, high nobles family can make them easily if needed. 'is it because he is the dean successor?' she thought, she still wanted to think about this but,

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Alicia shouted.

"I can give you many benefits as long as we can exchange place"

"NOO!" Alicia's eyes now like a mother wolf protecting her child.

Firia turned to Alex "Then how about you Alex to move in with.."

Before Firia finished her sentences, Alex run away

"I will start cooking now" He hurriedly replied and run away.

Alicia and Firia now glare at each other.

Alex cooked many dishes. When cooking his sweat continued raining down on his back. Alicia and Firia still glaring at each other, not even speaking anything, just glare. The atmosphere was tense.

Suddenly, a nice fragrant scent filled the room.

"mmm, what is this aroma? So seducing" Firia immersed with the aroma

"Alex, you are done?" Alicia hurriedly asked.

"A bit more, princess" Alex replied.

"Hurry up hurry up" Alicia was impatient because the aroma just now was the aroma of Alicia's favorite food, Karaage. Alex deliberately cooks these dishes last, so Alicia won't make a scene.

After a while, Alex has done with the cooking. He brings the dishes to the table.

Alicia was trying to snatch one of the karaage, but her hand was slapped by Alex. She looked at Alex angrily.

"Wash your hand first" Alex said.

"Fine..." She looked like she was wronged. Alicia went to wash her hand, while Firia still immersed in the aroma.

"Miss Firia too"

Firia snapped, "Ah..umm, I will go then" She awkwardly get up and wash her hand.

When they come back, they have a star in their eyes. Can't wait to eat, they looked at Alex expectantly.

Alex sigh "Please eat"

Alicia immediately attacked the karaage. Since karaage was Alicia's favorite, then Firia wanted to try it too.

Firia was nervous, what kind of food that Alex made to have this kind of seducing aroma. She bites a little, her eyes immediately widened. 'Delicious'.

Now, Firia becomes like Alicia, a hungry wolf that not eating a few days.

Alex looked at Firia, he secretly thought 'Is she going to be another foodie?'

The foodie in his word absolutely is Alicia. Usually, Alex never snatches Alicia's food, especially karaage. But now, Firia also eating the karaage, Alicia and Firia start competing with each other.

Alex watching this scene only smiled. He then brings their drink, but just as he placed them on the table, he noticed all the food already gone, eaten by these two.

Alicia expression is blissful, while Firia is in ecstasy, Firia now likes a natural seductress. If a normal person was in front of her just now, they will push her down immediately. Unfortunately, the one who sees her is Alex. Alex still has his trauma with Sandra, so when Alex saw her, Alex only moved a bit, but that thought immediately disappeared.

"This is the drink"

The two snapped. They both were embarrassed. They realized Alex still have not eaten.



Seeing Alicia and Firia expression, he smiled "I'm glad you like it. I can make it again later". Alex now in the Qi gathering stage, so even he didn't eat for a day, he won't get hungry. He eats just to make Alicia not worry.

"I will wash the dishes"

"I will help" Firia asked.

"I will too" Alicia didn't want to be outdone.

"It's alright, you two can drink first and chat a bit" He smiled.

Alicia and Firia always treat like a princess, so even in their home, they never wash the dishes especially Alicia. Alicia has tried to wash two dishes but the result, is not clean and the other is broken. Alex secretly worried the plate will break again and he needs to buy them again in town. So he turned them down.

After a while, Alex comes back. The atmosphere around the two become tense again as they started glaring at each other once more.

Noticing Alex come, Firia asked,

"Alex, you really can cook... then how about become my chef? You can get a big salary, 3 meals a day and a beautiful wife" Firia teased him.

Alex and Alicia stunned. But before he replied, Alicia cut in.

"NOO! Alex is mine!"

"Alex is yours? I don't see any tag symbolizing he is yours?" Firia glared at her.

"You..." Alicia glared at her, 'he is my fiance!' she wanted to shout this, but of course she can't, she already agreed to keep this secret.

"If miss Firia wants, I can cook it on another occasion" Alex tried to smooth the atmosphere.

"Alright. How about your promise?"

"We can practice for an hour after class, after that, I need to see my teacher"

After that, they are chatting for a while, and Firia left.

"Alex... don't be seduced by that seductress alright?" Alicia gave him threatening glare.

"I..." Alex doesn't know what to reply so he just nodded.

Alicia grinning happily seeing Alex's response, Alex just sighed and cultivating again.

Tomorrow, after class.

"Let's go to the dean office, I will borrow his courtyard to practice magic," Alex said.

"We... can we really use the dean's courtyard?" Firia asked timidly. The dean was her idol, he is a rank 8 fire mage. they have the same element so Firia chose him as her role model.

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