Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 4: Scheme and Encounter

Chapter 4: Scheme and Encounter

4 Scheme and Encounter

At night, in John's room

You can see 2 people, a man and a woman chatting with an evil smile.

"John, I want to make Alexander exile from this kingdom" Said Sandra with a seducing smile

"Hoho, sure. How do you want to do it ?" Asked John

"We can just ask the king. Surely he won't offend both hero and arch mage right for some commoner right? hehe.." Explained Sandra

"Sure, let's do it. You are an evil woman, aren't you... Hehe... But first.." grabbing Sandra's thigh

"Ara.. aren't you are the bad guy here" and you know what happened if a wolf gets seduced by a witch

Meanwhile in Alex's room,

'Knock, knock' Alex surprised about this sudden knock at his door. "Who?"

"It's me, Maria" Alex more surprised about the one who came right now.

"Please.. come in" opening his door, Alex said to Maria

"Can we talk?" Asked Maria.

"Yes, Please sit" Alex invited Marian in and pointing at the chair

"I'm sorry for what happened about you and my childhood friend, Sandra." She bowed to Alex

"....." shook his head "It's not even your fault, why you apologized to me? aren't you hate me becoming Sandra's boyfriend?"

Maria Explained guiltily "Yes, at first I don't like you becoming Sandra's boyfriend. But, after I overheard you buying Sandra Golden Necklace with your own hard work. My view of you has changed. But, I never thought Sandra do something like that to you. I'm sorry" Bowing her head once again

"It's alright. With my ability on Earth, it's already good enough to dream like that. I don't have any purpose anymore in my life on Earth. Now, in this world I want to restart my life once again" he said with a determination in his eyes

"Umm... It's good then. if you need my help just ask me. I will try to repay you for what my childhood friend did"

"It's not your fault, you don't need to repay me anything. Besides if what I predicted correct, then you won't have the chance" said Alex with a low voice

"umm.... what do you mean?" Maria confused.

"Never mind... All in all, it's not your fault. Since it's already late, we better rest"

"Okay then... Goodnight Alex...ander"

"Yeah good night" After sending Maria off, Alex sit on his bed and sigh

"Sigh... If what I predicted correct, then they are going to send me out of the castle soon"

Alex wanted to sleep, but a voice can be heard

[Initiating good luck gacha system]


[Initiating completed]

[Greeting Host]

"Who?" Alex Surprised with the sudden voice

[I'm good luck gacha system host. You can communicate with me in your thought Host]

"Who are you?"

[I said I'm your Good Luck Gacha System Host]

"System.. your name.. are you insulting me ?"

[I'm not insulting you, Host. because of your experience and new determination my name is born, Host]

"Well system you just like a system that was given to me by someone"


"Hmm... judging with your reaction it seems I'm right but not qualified to get the answer just like some novel I read, well never mind then"

[Thank you for your consideration Host]

"So, what can you do system?"

[System is a gacha system Host. So I only have gacha in me]

"Oi... I read many systems in the novel were OP, but you..... are pretty useless aren't you, system?"

[There are no useless system, only useless Host]

"Oi System you are insulting me aren't you, system"

[It's only system auto defense host. Protecting the system from your insult]

"....., whatever. So what can I get from gacha?" Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

[I have three types of gacha host, techniques gacha, tools gacha, and material gacha. techniques consist of many manual starting from combat to auxiliary. tools consisted of many pieces of equipment, starting from combat tools such as sword to auxiliary tools such as a hammer. and like its name, material consisted of items like ore, herb, even food]

"How can I use the gacha ?"

[Host need gacha ticket. They can be gathered with you killing living being Host]

"Hmm, system with your explanation. I can get my ticket from killing humans too?

[Yes Host. but system won't recommend it]


[Host need to have good karma too or my name will be changed to bad luck gacha system host and what happen later you can imagine with my name Host]

"..., WTF. Alright alright, I will only kill my enemy, not innocent people."

[Thank you Host]

"Okay... I remembered, usually, in the novel with a system, they will have a beginner package. Do you have that system"

[I want to say no but hatefully I have host]

"Oi system..."


somewhere far away. You can see a woman typing her computer and its screen showed [I want to say no but hatefully I have host]

She said "It's really fun teasing you, my fiance fufu"

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