Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 5: Gacha and Banishmen

Chapter 5: Gacha and Banishmen

5 Gacha and Banishmen

After calming down, Alex ask "system, I have beginner package right?" confirming once again

[Yes Host do you wish to open it?]

"Hmm, alright open it"

[10x gacha ticket acquired]

"So gacha ticket huh... use 4 at tools, another 4 at techniques, and the rest to materials

[Spear x1]

[Iron sword x2 ]

[Shovel x1]

[Basic Body Tempering Manual x1]

[Basic Cultivation Manual x1]

[Fencing Manual x1]

[Basic Trap Manual x1]

[Water Bottle x2]

"why is the last 2 I only get water bottle? aahhh.... never mind, let's check each item"

"I can use a sword later and spear with fencing is a good combination, a shovel... maybe I can use it to make trap? and for basic body tempering and basic cultivation... what is these two, system? I thought I can get stronger with killing monsters in this fantasy world?"


[Within explanation of the king yesterday, it seems in this world when a monster was killed, they release some kind energy, which the killer absorbed that energy thus resulting him leveling up. According to the legend, system speculated why he can't level up anymore, because the energy released from monsters wasn't pure enough. System can't speculate more than this without enough data]

"So this body tempering and cultivation manual is the solution?"

[Yes Host, the energy absorbed according to the manuals is heaven and earth energy thus containing a pure form of energy]

"I'm lucky to have them in my first gacha then. So how can I learn the manual?"

[Host just need to think what do you want to extract and say 'extract']

Thinking the name of the two manuals, he said "Extract". Two books appeared in front of him immediately.

"Hey system, you don't have instantaneous learning function? Like in the novels"

[No Host you need to learn it manually]

"..... you are a useless system"

[Host cultivation is a studious process, not a shortcut like what you want]

"..... fine fine I Just need to learn it right" He sigh, losing an argument with system.

He pickup the two manuals and start reading them. After reading the two manuals, it's already morning, and he didn' sleep last night.

"System, you have storage/inventory right?"

[As long as the items are from the system you can store them in me host. but if not you need to store them yourself]

".... You are really useless"


'Knock, Knock'

"Yes, who is it?"

"The king has requested your presence in the hall" Said the soldier

"Lead the way"

He followed the guard to the hall. In the hall, he saw the king, ministers, and the other four, he surprised with this line-up. Since no one said anything after a while in this heavy atmosphere, he asked

"What occasion take place today?"

"Impudent" said the ministers

"It's okay it's okay" King tried to calm down the crowd

"Mr. Alexander, after our discussion, we need `o banish you from the castle." With a bit guilty feeling, he declared Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

Alex us` silent, looking at John and Sandra who have a sinister smile on their faces, and Maria looking down. He shaking his head and sigh

The king surprised by his reaction and asked "You are not angry ?"

"Well... I already predicted this would happen soon, but I surprised for this coming too soon."

"I'm sorry Mr. Alexander, I need to banish you" with a bitter smile on his face

"You don't need to say sorry Your Majesty, it may be rude, but can I request you something?"

"Impudent" and again with the ministers

Ignoring the ministers, "What it is Mr. Alexander? As long as I can"

"Can you spare me with some money? So at the least, I can live off a few days?"

"Guards" Surprised with his request, He immediately ordered guards to prepare it

After that Alex going out of the palace, he strolls the capital a bit, buying equipment such as cloths and the others that needed for survival since he planning to go out of this kingdom, he searched for adventure guild.

"Hello, can I help you? Asked the receptionist.

"I'm new here, can I register ?"

"Yes, do you bring your status card?" Asked the receptionist politely

"Yes I have, here it is. What do you need it for?" Giving his card, he asked.

"We only need to update your job. If you already have a high-level job, adventure job will become a secondary ob" Looking at his status, she immediately frown "Sir, are you sure you want to become an adventurer with this status?

"Yes, I know I have a weak constitution from birth, but I'm planning to travel to many places, and I will search for plant or herbs on the way, my master taught me that. And so I thought I can search for a quest in adventurer guild and here I am."He bullshitting his way

"Alright, I will respect your will, but I will remind you once again, Please be careful out there" Advice the receptionist once again

Satisfied with the receptionist, he said "Thank you, oh I also need a map, do adventure guild

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