Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 6: Adventurer

Chapter 6: Adventurer

6 Adventurer

"Yes, we sell map in three categories, Standard, detailed, and special. The standard map contained basic information about towns in the kingdoms. A detailed map is a more detailed version from the standard while the special contained only one place each map. It gave you detailed information from each place."

"I want the basic one please" Since he doesn't have much money on him. He immediately chose the basic one

"It's 1 Silver"

In this world, there are copper, silver, gold, and royal coins. 100 copper=1 silver, 100=silver1 gold, and 100 gold=1 royal.

"Here" he handed one silver coin to the receptionist

"This is your map" the receptionist handing the map to him

"Alright thank you, and are there any caravan, going to Alisia forest?" Glancing at the map, he pointed out the most nearby forest in the map

"You can search many of them at the west gate, they often take off in the morning. Any other question?"

"No, thank you very much" Satisfied. He thanked the receptionist once again.

"Just doing my job" the receptionist said with a smile

After that, he went to an inn, "Can I book the room for tonight ?"

"Yes, there are many rooms vacant at the moment, it's 3 copper for a night ?"

"I will take for one night then. Here are 3 coppers. Can I have water to wash my body?"

"For cold water, you can get them in the well at the back of our inn, if you need hot water, you need an additional copper for that"

"I will take the cold water then" he didn't mind having cold water he thought. On earth, sometimes he needed to take a bath with cold water if the heater was broken. since his money was limited, he needed to fix it alone and that take too many days since he wasn't an expert on them.

"How about your meal?"

"I already ate on the way here"

"Your room was on the third floor, the furthest one your left, here is your key" she gave the room's key to Alex

"Thank you" since he didn't have any luggage, he went to the well first to wash his body. he drew the water in the well.

He washed his body and go to his room, the room was simple, only basic furniture in it. He sat on the bed "Hmm, I never have a chance to try this manual on the castle. According to the cultivation manual, there are three-stage. They are body tempering stage, Qi Gathering Stage, and Qi Manipulation Stage. Each consisted of 3 phases which are low, middle and peak phase. The body tempering stage was a preparation stage before cultivating any Qi. Then with body tempering techniques, I can get the optimal result for the body tempering stage. Thank you system, love you"

[It's because my name Host]

"Yes yes" He started training his body again for four hours, after that he was too tired and fell asleep.

In the morning, Alex woke up, he looked at the window. it seems the sun was about to rise. He never seen a sunrise, he wanted to see it but he remembered.

"Hmm, I forgot to check my status last night after training my body for 4 hours"

Name: Alexander Sirius

Job: Adventurer

Rank : 0

Level: 1

STR: 20

AGI: 15

VIT: 16

DEX: 13

INT: 5

"Hmm... system, isn't my cultivation too OP?" Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

[Yes, Host need to thank the system for that]

"Yes yes thank you system, love you" his is excited looking the effect for his training

[Your welcome Host, but I need to inform you Host, it's only the beginning you can have this effect, it will be much harder to up your status later on]



[Love you too Host]

Of course, he forgot to watch the sunrise, and he quarreled again with the system

After he eats breakfast, he immediately went to the west gate. He searching for a caravan, he looked at the caravan at the corner, there is 'Alisia Forest' written in it. When They transported to this world, they seem to get the basic literature in this world, they can speak and read in this world language so Alex didn't need to learn again.

"Excuse me, are you going to Alisia forest ?" Alex asked to a middle-aged guy that seems to be a leader.

"Hmm...." he is a bit daze when he looked at Alex. Alex reminded him about his deceased son.

"Hello ?" Confused with his expression, Alex asked again

"Ah.... yes... you want to go to Alisia Forest right? We will go to White Town, if you really want to go to Alisia Forest you can come with us since that place was along the way." Flustered, the middle-aged guy hurriedly reply

"How much is it?"

"No no, you don't need to pay" he hurriedly explained to Alex

"Are you sure I don't need to pay ?"

"Yes, you remind me to my son" with a bitter smile he said

"Really? It's really a coincidence"

"He already passed away" with a bit tears in his eyes

"Ummmm... Sorry" Alex lowered his head

Noticing the awkward situation, he replied "It's alright, we will take off in 5 minutes, you can get in first."

"Then I will do just that" Alex really want to get away with that awkward situation

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