Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 16: Yun Family's Number One Genius, Yun Qingya (4)

Chapter 16: Yun Family's Number One Genius, Yun Qingya (4)

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Yun Luo sighed, his old face had a hint of helplessness on it.

"Girl, your second uncle's circumstances are special. If the news that he is still alive is spread, it will definitely attract those people once again. At that time, based on the strength of our Yun Family we don't have a way to oppose them."

When Yun Luofeng heard this, she bewitchingly smiled. "This matter is simple, Grandfather, you will abandon us out in the mountains. While people aren't paying attention, secretly move Uncle over. Tell the outside world that I am quietly recuperating in the mountains; this way no one will bother me."

As everyone knows, Yun Luofeng's body is ill, resulting in her being unable to even practice!

So, if she was quietly recuperating in the mountains, it is actually very convincing.

"Little Feng'er, it'll be hard on you."

Yun Qingya lifted his hand to touch Yun Luofeng's head, the cold in his eyes contained a touch of heartache. "Originally you could have enjoyed a luxurious life in the Yun Family, but instead you want to accompany me to live in the mountains. If I really cannot restore my legs, it does not matter, over the years, I have already accepted fate."

Accepted fate?

Yun Luofeng looked at this cool, fairy-like man in front of her. However, she felt that the words 'accepted fate' should never come out from his mouth.

Such a good man like him should be like he was ten years ago, high-spirited.

"Second Uncle, I will do my best to heal you;" Yun Luofeng secretly decided in her mind. Her line of sight turned to the nearby Yun Luo, "Grandpa, with our Yun Family, there is still need one matter we need to deal with!" 1


He didn't know why, but the current Yun Luo had the feeling that he couldn't see his granddaughter very clearly. (TL: Of course you can't. She's someone else :p) This feeling made his heart very uncomfortable. Somehow he feels that in the decade he was gone, he missed too many things.

Yun Luofeng's eyes flashed with determination. "Grandpa, have you ever heard of such a phrase? 'High achievements will cover the master!' You hold millions of soldiers and horses in your hands, how can that dog Emperor sleep properly? If you want the Yun Family to live peacefully, that military power must be let go! Otherwise, it will definitely bring the Yun Family a disaster!"

These days, Yun Luofeng has come to understand the situation in this world. In this vast mainland, the imperial power is not supreme; above the imperial powers are strong hidden families and other forces! When those forces stamp their feet, the whole country would tremble.

However, to the present Yun Luofeng, she can't help but dread that dog Emperor! At least before she grows stronger, she can't get into conflict with the imperial power.

"High achievements will cover the master; oh, these words are a good way of describing this situation."

Yun Luo smiled wryly; his face filled with helplessness. "This time I have triumphantly returned, and not only did I receive His Majesty's praise, but I also won supreme glory. But so what? The common people may admire me, but His Majesty's fear will deepen. Following a monarch is like following a tiger, this phrase can be used in any dynasty."

"Grandpa, you will listen to my words," Yun Luofeng stroked her chin; her smiling lips revealed a touch of evil. "That military power, you will immediately return it to that dog emperor; You will have no real power and will be a general in name only, but this is enough! Even if there is no military power, you will still have the title of Long Yuan Country's second strongest expert, no one will dare bully our Yun Family!"

More importantly, only when Yun Luo returned his military power, would she was able to feel at ease and develop their own forces!

Yun Luo's heart was startled, what his granddaughter said wasn't wrong. Even if they didn't have those millions of soldiers, he himself is Long Yuan Country's second strongest! As long as he is still alive, in this Long Yuan Country, no one would dare to bully his Yun Family!

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