Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 18: Yun Family's Number One Genius, Yun Qingya (6)

Chapter 18: Yun Family's Number One Genius, Yun Qingya (6)

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Feng Yu Restaurant is Long Yuan Country's most luxurious restaurant!

According to rumors, this Feng Yu Restaurant's owner is part of the royal family. Therefore, in all these years, no one has dared to make trouble in the Feng Yu restaurant. Even those arrogant domineering aristocratic children are also well-behaved when they enter Feng Yu Restaurant.

At this time, in a deluxe private room within Feng Yu restaurant, Crown Prince Gao Ling sat with a cold face and was exuding a cold chilling aura.

"I said, your Highness Crown Prince."

A man in brocade clothing sitting beside him was finally unable to endure it, frowning as he said, "didn't you make a trip to the General’s Manor? Since coming back from it why do you have such a murderous look; what did you suffer in the General Manor to make you so angry?"

Gao Ling fiercely drank some wine and on his handsome face was a burst of anger.

"Isn't it still because of that trash Yun Luofeng! In order to break the engagement, I let Jing Lin treat her; but in order to pester me, she refused! I do not know what that waste is thinking. It's simply impossible for us. Why does she want to bitterly pester me?"

The Crown Prince is usually gentle, only when mentioning Yun Luofeng would he become so irritated. As long as the name Yun Luofeng is mentioned, would he the desire to kill!

"It can't be?" The brocade clothed guy looked surprised at Gao Ling. "Yun Luofeng actually has such an ambition, in order to marry you she even ignored herself? I say Your Royal Highness Crown Prince, looking upon this Yun Luofeng's devoted love, you should just accept her. "

Gao Ling coldly glared at the brocade clothed guy, his eyes were chillingly ice cold.

"Yun Luofeng that trash, even being this Crown Prince's concubine, it still too high a position for her! In any case, the marriage must definitely be dissolved!"

The brocade clothed guy opened his folding fan, his facial features were smiling, "so, you found a person with a similar physique as you to pose as you. So this way you could frame that Yun Luofeng and ruin her reputation, to dissolve the engagement with her?"

Gao Ling gradually calmed down, pursing his thin lips; in his eyes, there was a vague light.

"General Yun controls military power with millions of soldiers. If I break the engagement for no reason, it will easily provoke General Yun 's anger, at that time, it will be very detrimental to our royal family."

"Even if Yun Luofeng will be ruined because of your framing?" The brocade man clothes paused, "But I heard, because you framed her, it caused the suicide of Yun Luofeng."

Gao Ling snorted, his tone was very unfeeling. "Does Yun Luofeng even have a good reputation? Doesn't she bear such shameful title? Snatching a man in the street, so what? Even when she can not stand slander and commit suicide, that is because she isn't a guarded women and cheats on her fiance. Even when dying she will still remain guilty. Public opinion will never stand on her side, so what kind of face does General Yun have to avenge for her? What a pity, that this trash isn't dead, but actually survived!"

Perhaps because the extreme trust of the brocade clothed guy beside him, he did not hide his true nature in front of the other and his ferocious heart venomously said these words.


Suddenly, a surprised voice came from the side.

He only saw the brocade clothed man looked out of the window. His eye flashing a playful smile. "Your Royal Highness, is that not your trash of a fiancee?"

Gao Ling was startled for a moment, then he followed the brocade clothed man ‘s eyes and looked outside. At that moment, on the bustling streets, a girl dressed in white entered his sights. But, it only made his pupils colder.

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