Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 19: Who is More Dandy (1)

Chapter 19: Who is More Dandy (1)

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"Something the matter?"

On the bustling streets, Yun Luofeng had her arms crossed over her chest. Lazily looking at the few people blocking her path; her eyes faintly flashing with evil. Glancing, it fell on the handsome young man standing in front of her.

For a moment, the information about the youth jumped into her ear.

Mu Shen, Mu Wushuang's half-brother! Imperial City's number one dandiest guy, relying on the fact that his own aunt is the royal family's most favored Consort, he has always been lawless. In his eyes, there was no one above him! In addition, there's the affair's between Mu Wu Shuang and Crown Prince Gao Ling, so during these years, he had bullied Yun Luofeng a lot!

"Yo, look who it is? Isn't this the Yun Family's trash Yun Luofeng? Haha!" Mu Shen loudly laughed twice. Toward Yun Luofeng he whistled, a pair of squinting eyes glanced up and down Yun Luofeng. "What? The Crown Crown Prince doesn't want you, so you came out to find a man? Gee, I can't believe that a figure like General Yun, could give birth to a cheap granddaughter like you! If you really need some fun, this young master will bestow the favor of satisfying you. "

Yun Luofeng gently raised her lips, and evilly smiled as she sized up the dandy youth in front of her. "I heard that Mu Family's young master Mu Shen has some flaws in that area. Inside the manor, the concubines and maidservants are still virgins. Based on your ability, I don't know if you could satisfy me?"

Mu Shen's face froze.

In that area he definitely had problems, so he had not touched a single maidservant! Not only that, even if he wanted to touch, he really has no way of touching them! But this matter even his grandfather is not clear about, Yun Luofeng that trash, how is she knew?

Of course, Mu Shen didn't know that with Yun Luofeng's medical skills, with one look she could analyze his body. She saw that he has a lack of intercourse! Therefore, it could be guessed that inside his manor, those concubines and maidservants were actually virgins.

Even more, she can also clearly see why that in this imperial city, the number one dandy lacks the ability to have intercourse!

"Yun Luofeng, you motherf*****, what are you farting?" Mu Shen's face was red after being exposed and his embarrassment turning into anger, "this young master is very strong in that area, one night with a hundred women is no problem! You motherf***** dare to frame this young master. This young master will now let you taste this young master's lower piece!"

"Second Young Master Mu."

Seeing Mu Shen about to force Yun Luofeng, his fellow aristocrat youth quickly grabbed him. " This Yun Luofeng is General Manor's only grandchild. if we overdo it, General Yun will certainly not let us off easily. "


Mu Shen kicked that aristocrat youth, who was holding him away. With anger in his eyes, he looked at Yun Luofeng. "This young master's aunt is the present day emperor's favored Consort. who dares disobey this young master? Yun Luofeng, you have slandered this young master's reputation. This young master will let you testify in front the world of this young master's innocence!"

In the restaurant, the brocade clothed man standing by the window, watched the scene occurring on the street, tut-tutting as he said, "Crown Prince, whether you like that Yun Luofeng or not. Yun Luofeng is still your fiancee. Will you allow her to lose her purity in that crowd? "

Gao Ling slightly pursed his lips, his physique was like a sharp knife; his sharp eyes looked at that white figure in the street.

"It has nothing to do with me!" Looking for a long time, Gao Ling withdrew his eyes. He paused before saying, "I would also need to thank Mu Shen for taking care of that scrap. If she really loses her purity in public, then she will have no eligibility to match me. "

After he said that, Gao Ling with his hands behind his back and walked out. From start to end, he did not look back at Yun Luofeng, who was in conflict with people.

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