Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 1991 - Jinyang’s Anger (3)

Chapter 1991: Jinyang’s Anger (3)

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Qi Yu was dazed. He had no idea how his actions turned into framing Cheng Li.

“Miss Yun.” Cheng Li speed-walked to the front of Yun Luofeng, bowing like a Pekingese dog. “How did I do?”

Yun Luofeng’s lips slightly turned up. “He spoke correctly. In the beginning, didn’t you want to team up with the Prince of the Ziyue Kingdom to fight us?”

Cold sweat rose on Cheng Li’s forehead, and he wiped it away. Who knew the more he wiped, the more sweat surfaced. His face was pale as he awkwardly chuckled. “That was because I was bewitched by the Ziyue Kingdom back then. Miss Yun, please forgive humble me’s mistake and spare me.”

Yun Luofeng peered up at him. “Remember. The leader of the four kingdoms isn’t me, it’s Qi Ling. If you have anything to say, find him.”

As for why she did not make Qi Su the leader of the four kingdoms, it was because Qi Su needed to help her manage the Spirit-gathering Medicine Store and did not have excess energy to manage the four kingdoms.

“Yes.” Cheng Li flatteringly smiled, blasé inside.

Although Miss Yun claims the leader of the four kingdoms was Qi Ling, anyone could tell that Qi Ling had become her subordinate already. So the one controlling the four kingdoms from behind the scenes was still her!

“Right…” Recalling something, Cheng Li said, “Princess Jinyang from our Jinyang Kingdom was summoned back previously, but when Wu Zun mentioned Jinyang, I could feel that his tone was peculiar. I suspect something will happen to Jinyang…”

A coldly beautiful face surfaced in Yun Luofeng’s mind. She pondered over it for a moment before saying, “Yun Xiao, we will return to Fengyun City immediately.”

No matter what, before Princess Jinyang left, she had warned her that this journey to the Forest of Heaven’s Trial would not be simple and she should pay attention to her safety.

Based on this warning, she would help Jinyang once at the key moment!

“Alright.” Yun Xiao’s hand wrapped around Yun Luofeng’s waist and they slowly ascended into the air. They were 100 meters away in a few steps…

“Master.” Qi Su looked at Bai Ling and explained, “Princess Jinyang had warned us to be cautious of our safety. If she’s truly in danger, we ought to help…”

“Let’s go together then.” Bai Ling did not hesitate. Since she had helped her daughter and disciple, then she must lend her a hand at the vital moment.

Everyone ignored the fallen Qi Yu and all headed toward Fengyun City.

Fengyun City

Princess Jinyang swiftly entered an extravagant estate and caught sight of a frowning Cheng Feiyang contemplating something.

“Imperial Father, why did you urgently summon me back?”

As Cheng Feiyang looked at Princess Jinyang’s face, struggle flashed through his eyes, but he ended up sighing helplessly. “Jinyang, Father inadvertently received news that people from the Freedom Alliance also went to the Forest of Heaven’s Trial and planned to slaughter the prodigies of the four kingdoms inside the forest!”

Hearing this, Princess Jinyang’s face abruptly shifted. “Imperial Father, why didn’t you mention this earlier? It is the princes and princesses who came from the four kingdoms this time. If they die, it would be a heavy loss to the four kingdoms. If you told them, perhaps they could escape this calamity!”

“Jinyang, even if the four kingdoms were united, they might not be able to resist the current Freedom Alliance. Imperial Father merely didn’t want the Jinyang Kingdom to be destroyed.” Helplessness covered Cheng Feiyang’s face. “If… I knew this would happen, Imperial Father wouldn’t have chosen the Forest of Heaven’s Trial as the competition location.”

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