Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 1992 - : Jinyang’s Anger (4)

Chapter 1992: Jinyang’s Anger (4)

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His words made it seem like he did not know about it at first.

Unfortunately, Princess Jinyang believed him. No matter how conflicted she was, how could she blame Imperial Father? He did it for the whole Jinyang Kingdom…

However, when she recalled Yun Luofeng situated inside the Forest of Heaven’s Trial, she inwardly sighed. She hoped Yun Luofeng listened to her warning and could safely escape this calamity.

“Actually,” Cheng Feiyang continued. “I had you come back because of something else as well…”

“What is it?” Jinyang looked up at Cheng Feiyang, unease flowing out of her heart when she saw Cheng Feiyang’s hesitation.

“Your Imperial Mother, she…” anguish appeared in Cheng Feiyang’s eyes, “… was kidnapped by the Freedom Alliance.”

Something harshly slammed into Princess Jinyang’s heart with a bang. Her breathing became uncontrollable, and her clenched fists lightly shaking.

“What did you say? Imperial Mother was kidnapped? Why did the Freedom Alliance kidnap Imperial Mother?”

“The president of the Freedom Alliance took a liking to you and wants to make you his woman, so they took away your Imperial Mother.” Cheng Feiyang’s voice was trembling as he said this. “Jinyang, Imperial Father has no choice. Only you can save your Imperial Mother.”

In truth, the Empress was dead already, but this was the only method to make her obediently go to the Freedom Alliance.

Princess Jinyang closed her eyes, her fists tightly clenched.

What did she work so hard for? It was so that she would not become a marriage tool and could find her own life partner one day. Even if she got up at sunrise and worked until sunset, she would be thoroughly content.

But in the end, as a princess of the imperial family, could she not change her fate?

“Imperial Father, you… agreed?” Jinyang asked after opening her eyes.

Cheng Feiyang avoided looking at her. “To save your Imperial Mother, zhen had no choice but to agree.”

“I understand.” Princess Jinyang lifted her cold face. “I will marry!”

As long as Imperial Mother could live, she was willing… to be reduced to a toy for men!

“Jinyang…” Cheng Feiyang called, his tone full of heartache.

This girl was a daughter who he had dearly loved for more than 20 years, to say the least, so how could he genuinely bear to let her go and suffer?

But he had no choice, right? He did not have the strength to provoke the Freedom Alliance!

“I’m tired. I want to rest a bit.” Princess Jinyang did not take another glance at her father and calmly turned around to walk out of the door.

The moment she turned around, tears could not help but flow down her face…

Her desire in life was truly simple! A caring lover would do!

Yet, she just had to be a princess of the imperial family. This wish… became very difficult.

Princess Jinyang walked toward her room in the rest station. The second she entered the room, closed the door, and turned around, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her.

She jumped with fright and was about to call out in shock when the person knelt down with a plop.

“Princess, you need to avenge the Empress!”

“Xiao Ju, why are you inside my room?” Jinyang asked with a frown. “Also, what do you mean I need to avenge Imperial Mother?”

“Your Highness the Princess, this servant had wanted to go out and find you these past few days, but the people at the city gate simply wouldn’t let this servant leave. And His Majesty appeared to have detected something and wanted to lock this servant up. This servant recalled that the princess’ room has a secret room, so I secretly hid here.”

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