Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 28: Dissolving Engagement (2)

Chapter 28: Dissolving Engagement (2)

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However, on his face was an expression of dilemma: "General Yun, you are the country’s pillar, afraid doing this isn’t so good, it’s better that you take this Command Seal back, Long Yuan can’t be without you."

‘Old fox!’ Yun Luo mentally insulted, don’t think that she doesn’t know, this old fox is already so happy that flowers are blooming inside.

"Your Majesty, this official only want to accompany my granddaughter in the manor and retire now, this official no longer wants to overwork."

"Alright then."

Gao Tu was in great difficulty: "This Command Seal, I could take it back, but there’s no right general candidate at the moment, so the general position is still held by General Yun."

What he wants is only the Command Seal and that’s it, as to the general position, it isn’t very important, no harm in giving him a sinecure? This is to prevent the common people from thinking that he’s heartless.

"Thank Your Majesty, the Emperor," Yun Luo sneered in his heart, his voice in high spirit said: "This official still have two matters, one of them is dissolving the engagement with his Highness, Gao Ling on behalf my granddaughter, Yun Luo."

Gao Tu blanked out for a moment, tightly pinched his brows: "General Yun, are you certain you want to dissolve the engagement? You need to know, Yun Luofeng is a waste, if she dissolve engagement with Crown Prince, then she wouldn’t be able to be married off!"

The meaning was if the engagement was dissolved, definitely no one would willing to marry Yun Luofeng, that waste!

"Feng’er is my granddaughter, so as long as I live, no one would dare look down on her, not to mention Crown Prince’s heart already belong to another, if Feng’er is with him, she will suffer."

"General Yun, zhen hopes you could give this matter a good thought," Gao Tu’s slips as it sank, "With Yun Luofeng’s ability, she certainly has no way to become Crown Prince’s wife, but if she’s determined to be with Crown Prince, zhen can make the decision for her, allow her to become Crown Prince’s cefei (imperial concubine)."

As the royal family’s Crown Princess, must have ability, beauty, distinction and talent! And he has already promised Prime Minister’s Manor, to let Mu Wu Shuang become the Crown Princess!

As to the marriage arrangement from over a decade ago…

At that time, wasn’t Yun Luofeng just born? He didn’t know she would become a waste, on top of that, all Yun Family’s offspring were very outstanding, so he set a marriage agreement (between kids) with Yun Family, only now he sees that she’s a waste, so there is no need to fulfill the marriage agreement.


This General Yun’s ability is outstanding, he also hope to have marriage connection with the General’s Manor, even if he gave up the troops power, his own strength is still there. It’s just a cefei position, it ain’t a legitimate consort there is no problem giving it to a waste.

"Our Yun Family’s daughter would never become anyone’s concubine!"

The sentence was domineering and unrestricted.

His Yun Family’s daughter would never become someone’s concubine, even if the other is a royal or noble, he would not allow it "Hmph!"

Suddenly Mu Xingchou, who was suppressing a stomach of rage just now, coldly sneered, mockingly said: "Based on your granddaughter, that trash, to be able to give her cefei position is already worthy of her, unless she want to be the legitimate consort? Your head is simply in the cloud, you ask all the official here, who would let their son or grandson to marry your granddaughter?"

All the official never thought Mu Xingchou would mention them, they couldn’t do anything but bow their head lower, deeply afraid once Yun Luo is enrage, he’ll force his granddaughter on their son or grandson.

Although that waste is extremely beautiful, but one with nothing except beauty, who have no way to cultivate trash, is only suitable to become someone’s concubine! Those with even a bit of status wouldn’t take her as a wife!

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