Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 29: Dissolving Engagement (3)

Chapter 29: Dissolving Engagement (3)

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Yun Luo’s eyes got colder bit by bit; those quick and powerful eyes scanned over the body of those officials who wanted to bury themselves into the ground like a dagger’s sharp edge stuck on their backs.

"Your Majesty, this dissolving engagement matter was decided by my granddaughter. If Your Majesty can sympathise with this big official, then please grant this official’s wish."

He turned his head around and looked at the elevated Gao Tu, his tone sounding quite firm.

"Alright!" Gao Tu’s eyes lit up like torch. Filled with dignity he said, "Since General Yun placed such a request, zhen will permit it. Only General Yun, don’t regret it in the future!"

"This official will not regret it!" Yun Luo’s eyes became firmer and more persistent. "This official still has one last matter discuss, that is to hope Your Majesty will permit this official to use the promised blank edict being a decree for my granddaughter. That decree is, from now on whenever my granddaughter meets any royal family member, she doesn’t need to bow."

From beginning to end, Yun Luo never mentioned the matter of the death-free gold medallion (refer to chapter 17)

"Permitted." Gao Tu indifferently stated as he waved his hands.

If he really did anything to offend the Emperor, the Emperor could also dispatch the number one expert to kill him, so it matter not whether one has this death-free gold medallion or not.

Even if he doesn’t allow this, then what?

That old guy already brought out that blank edict. What could he say? After all, that blank edict was something he had initially promised.

"If there are no other matters, you can all retire."

"Official take your leave."

When Gao Tu wearily stood up, every official joined their fists, walking out of the main hall in groups of two-three.

Mu Xingchou walked over to Yun Luo’s side, and he sneered as he mockingly spoke, "Yun Luo, due to your decision today, your granddaughter will never be able to find a husband! However, there might be some who would accept your granddaughter – beggars. HAHAHA!"

As he spoke, Mu Xingchou arrogantly laughed, "Yun Luofeng, even if that waste uses her whole life, she still wouldn’t be able to catch up to one thousandth of my granddaughter Mu Wu Shuang! In addition, I’ll teach you something, no matter how powerful your Yun Family’s talent is, it’s no use. Why not raise an outstanding daughter instead?! Yun Qing Ya was the number one genius back then. Yun Luofeng’s father’s talent was also not bad. But in the end, they was defeated in our Mu Family’s hand. Do you know why?"

Yun Luo’s expression become livid. His fist clenched with resounding snapping sounds. His powerful eyes glared like daggers shot at Mu Xingchou.

Mu Xingchou wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of him. He sneered as he kept on talking, " That’s because our Mu Family raised Mu Qin. In the Inner palace, there are no girls as favored as Consort Qin. Even after the Crown Prince’s birth mother died, he was also adopted and brought up by Consort Qin! Now, the Mu Family raised a magnificent girl, Mu Wushuang! In the future, she will be the future mother of our country! Your Yun Family first gave birth to two short-lived sons, and now after much difficulty has gained a granddaughter who’s trash!"

"So..." he paused, as his lips curled to a ridiculing arc. "After long, the Yun Family will become the past! Also wait until after you die, when Yun Luofeng will suffer everyone’s abuse, living a life worse than death!"

Yun Lu took a deep breath, fists slightly shivering. Obviously, he took great effort to suppress his heart-felt urge to kill.

"You don’t need to worry! I can live for 50-60 more years! Want to bully our Feng’er? Don’t even think about it!"

"HAHAHA." Mu Xingchou loudly laughed. "Then you self-hypnotise yourself here! However, no matter how much you deny, you can’t change the result in the end! My Mu Family will forever be incomparable to yours, and you will quickly become history!"

After finishing his speech, Mu Xingchou no longer looked at Yun Luo’s livid face. He boorishly laughed as he walked out of the main hall.

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