Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1242 - The Final Round 1

1242 The Final Round 1

Feng Wu grinned at the other three. “The one who backs out will look like such a loser!”

Feng Xun said, “That sounds quite interesting. Little Feng Wu, you’re going to tell us all your secrets.”

Feng Wu said proudly, “No, I won’t. I’ll definitely be the winner.”

But it was no use that Feng Xun was intrigued. Jun Linyuan was the one who called the shots here.

“Brother Jun ~”

Tugging at Jun Linyuan’s robe, Feng Wu eyed him eagerly.

Xuan Yi’s gaze was fixed on her hand.

Boss Jun might seem indifferent to Feng Wu, but he was in fact being extremely nice.

No other girl would dare come within a meter of Jun Linyuan, let alone touch his sleeve.

“Boss Jun is going to say yes…” thought Xuan Yi and Feng Xun as they exchanged looks.

As expected, Jun Linyuan threw an impatient and dirty look at Feng Wu.

She ignored Jun Linyuan’s attitude and only beamed at him. “Play with me, please. Don’t you want to know everyone else’s secret?”

She then dragged Jun Linyuan toward the other two, and despite the reluctant look on his face, he let her.

From an angle the crown prince couldn’t see, Xuan Yi and Feng Xun smiled.

What an interesting pair.

“Where are we going to sit?” Feng Xun’s eyes darted around, but he only saw two chairs at the table.

Feng Wu pressed down on his shoulders and made him sit on the floor. “There, the carpet is thick enough for you to sit on.”

Feng Xun had no problem with it, but he wasn’t sure about Jun Linyuan.

His Boss Jun was an uptight and graceful man, who couldn’t possibly sit on the floor, even if he really was in love with Feng Wu. No, he would never say yes.

Feng Xun’s mouth fell open when Feng Wu took Jun Linyuan’s hand and gestured to him to sit down. “Come on. Sit here —”

The proud and respectable crown prince really sat down on the thick carpet.

Feng Xun was speechless.

They could tell that Boss Jun was a little awkward as he sat there stiffly, because he had never sat on the ground apart from when he was cultivating.

“Here we go! The game starts now!”

Feng Wu cut to the chase, for she was in a hurry!

She didn’t have much time left.

She was only on the third trial, but this ridiculous mission was already driving her crazy.

There were quite a few finger-guessing games they could choose from, but Feng Wu only had one particular game in mind. “Let’s start with rock, paper, and scissors.”

“What’s that?” Feng Xun asked curiously.

Feng Wu explained the rules to him.

“That sounds fun. Let’s start, then! I can’t wait!” Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged smiles.

They decided that they would be the best wingmen possible today.

If little Feng Wu or Boss Jun lost, they would definitely ask questions about their feelings for each other.

Since there were four of them, they would have to form two pairs to play rock, paper, and scissors.

After picking lots, Feng Wu was up against Feng Xun.

She grinned at him. “I’m going to go with ‘paper’.”

Feng Xun glanced at her, and decided not to believe a word this mischievous girl said.

Hence, Feng Xun chose ‘rock’ without hesitation.

However —

Feng Wu really used ‘paper,’ so she won.

Feng Xun was dumbfounded.

Xuan Yi and Jun Linyuan had their round as well, and obviously, Xuan Yi lost.

So, the final round was between Xuan Yi and Feng Xun.

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