Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1243 - The Final Round 2

1243 The Final Round 2

In the end, it was between Xuan Yi and Feng Xun.

Naturally, Xuan Yi won, and Feng Xun lost.

Hence, Xuan Yi asked Feng Xun, “Truth or dare?”

Feng Xun stared at Xuan Yi. “Truth.”

Xuan Yi nodded and smiled. “Are you sure?”

Feng Xun’s stomach lurched, but he still rested his hands on his waist and said, “Bring it on. I’d like to see you try.”

Xuan Yi grinned. “Who was the first girl you fell in love with?”

“What —”

Instinctively, Feng Xun glanced at Feng Wu, and the next second, he wanted to choke Xuan Yi!

Back at Northern Border City, he hadn’t known about Boss Jun’s feelings for Feng Wu and had really had a crush on her, but that was a long time ago!

“Dare!” Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi. “I choose dare!”

Feng Wu didn’t get the hint, and only looked at Feng Xun curiously. “Wait, Feng Xun, who’s the girl? Do we know her?”

If not, why would he have such a reaction?

Feng Xun glanced at Boss Jun, and as expected, Boss Jun’s face had darkened…

He recalled the night when Boss Jun had gone to his place and wanted to challenge him for no reason… He hadn’t known what that was about back then, but he had figured everything out now.

“Dare! It has to be dare!” Feng Xun said anxiously.

Feng Wu was curious. “Which girl is it? Why can’t you tell us? I’m so curious.”

Feng Xun glared at her and wondered if she was asking the question on purpose.

Xuan Yi teased him. “If I’m not mistaken…”

Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi. “Xuan Yi! Do you have a death wish?!”

Xuan Yi smiled, but didn’t say anything.

Since Feng Wu was in a rush, she said, “Fine, dare it is, then. Go downstairs and catch a fish.”

Feng Xun glared at Feng Wu. “What do you need that for?”

Feng Wu smiled. “Didn’t you choose dare? Go catch a fish now. Remember, I want it alive.”

Feng Xun had no idea what Feng Wu’s plan was, but in order to avoid “truth,” he had no choice but to go downstairs.

Luckily —

There were all kinds of fish in the kitchen of the World Tower, and Feng Xun scooped out the first one he saw.

He stepped out of the kitchen to find Feng Wu leaning against the doorframe.

Feng Wu chuckled when she saw the fish.

It was a black, slimy fish with barbed spikes around its mouth.

Feng Xun found it odd, but still looked curiously at Feng Wu. “What are you doing down here? Is it me or are you acting very strangely today?”

Feng Wu smiled at Feng Xun. “Guess what I’m going to do with your fish.”

Feng Xun asked, “What are you going to do? You’re not going to make me eat it raw, are you?”

Feng Wu grinned. “I won’t, but I may ask you to kiss it.”

“Hey, little Feng Wu! Have you forgotten that I’m your brother?!” Feng Xun glared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu smiled. “Well, I’ll cut you loose if you do something for me. I won’t even ask you who the girl is.”

Feng Xun asked, “What do you want?”

Feng Wu smiled. “It’s very simple. Let’s make Jun Linyuan lose, and after that, we’ll make him choose dare.”

Feng Xun asked, “What do you want him to do?”

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