Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2515 - Who Else?

Chapter 2515 Who Else?

Feng Xun grinned at Feng Wu. “Of course, that restriction is only for ordinary people. If Boss Jun goes with you, that passageway is always


All the things privilege could do…

Feng Wu nodded. “I’ll go to Year 4. That is, the War Academy.”

In the Imperial College, each year was given a different name, and Year 4 was the War Academy.

Seeing that Feng Wu was going, Feng Xun became serious. “Of course, you can go to the War Academy, but once you’re there, just be a normal student. Don’t get involved in anything else.”

Feng Wu asked, “What do you mean by ‘anything else’?”

Feng Xun said sternly, “You’re not a student there yet, and there are things you can’t be told yet. Once you’re officially one of them, you’ll know. I can’t make an exception for you.”

Feng Wu’s heart sank a little. By the sound of it, things could get quite serious.

Feng Xun said, “Boss Jun and I have graduated from Year 4, and we can’t go back as students. Once you’re there, you’re on your own.”

Feng Wu nodded. “Yup.”

Feng Xun said, “What I can tell you is that the students there are all very aggressive. They love fighting. If someone picks on you, you can go to Chen Ziyun for help. He’s the president of the Martial Arts Society.

“But don’t get too close to him. In fact, don’t go to him unless it’s really necessary!”

Feng Wu was intrigued. Who was this Chen Ziyun, and why would he have such an effect on Feng Xun?

“And don’t take part in their wars,” said Feng Xun. “No matter how persuasive they are, don’t get involved!”

“Wars?” Feng Wu was perplexed. “What wars?”

Feng Xun said sternly, “I can’t tell you more. I’m already telling you too much. Just keep in mind: Don’t join them!”

Feng Wu said, “Alright.”

She was more concerned about her tasks. The eleventh trial still wasn’t finished, and there was also the bonus task regarding Bao Er.

She knew that things wouldn’t always turn out the way she wanted.

Sometimes it was up to fate.

“Remember to ask around about the Immortal Spiritual Fruit for me,” she reminded Feng Xun.

Feng Xun nodded.

Feng Wu wasn’t going to stay in Year 4 for too long. The 12 Trials of Love and Bao Er were the top priority. She would graduate from the War Academy in a month.

Because she wouldn’t be home for a month, she made sure that everything was covered.

She felt quite safe now that two elders had become her friends and that the white fairy was guarding Fallen Star Yard.

The next day, Feng Wu and Chaoge went to the assembly hall of the War Academy.

The location surprised both of them.

Because it was a gambling house.

It was Lucky House, the biggest gambling house in the empire.

They followed the winding corridor and arrived at a courtyard.

Two people were already waiting there. Feng Wu recognized them right away. They weren’t exactly friends.

One was Gu Xingyuan, the third son of the Gu family.

The other one was Chu Junying, the girl who had a crush on Gu Xingyuan.

Feng Wu wondered why Gu Xingyuan was here since she didn’t think that he was capable enough.

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