Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2516 - Enemies (1)

Chapter 2516 Enemies (1)

And how did Chu Junying get in?

Hadn’t the Gu family been arrested for treason? Why was Gu Xingyuan still a free man? Feng Wu wondered if she had missed something

She glanced at them again. Level 6 Spiritual Lords?!

Both Gu Xingyuan and Chu Junying had become Level 6 Spiritual Lords!

A teacher was already there to greet them. Feng Wu heard Gu Xingyuan address him as Mr. Han.

Mr. Han was kind to Gu Xingyuan, but the look he gave Feng Wu wasn’t very friendly.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

Gu Xingyuan’s eyes were filled with hatred when he looked at Feng Wu.

But he soon looked away.

Feng Wu knew that he was only temporarily hiding his hatred, which had to be gnawing at his heart now.

She didn’t dwell on it. She was a Level 9 Spiritual Lord and far more advanced than he was.

“Mr. Han, is everyone here? Can we leave now?” Gu Xingyuan asked calmly, as if he didn’t see Feng Wu. Mr. Han shook his head.

Were more people coming?

Just then, there were footsteps outside —

Everyone turned around.

“Miss Qingluan?!”

Chu Junying cried out in surprise.

She had met Zuo Qingluan before and was a big fan. Finding Zuo Qingluan here was a very big surprise.

Gu Xingyuan was equally amazed. Mr. Han had remained nonchalant until Zuo Qingluan showed up. He quickly walked up to her and greeted her respectfully. “Miss Qingluan, you’re finally here. Please.”

He then blocked Feng Wu’s way. A portal opened.

In Feng Wu’s eyes, it looked a lot like an elevator.

Chaoge was displeased when Mr. Han got in the way. Zuo Qingluan had been trying to undermine Feng Wu recently, but Feng Wu had managed to defuse all the crises. Duan Chaoge despised Zuo Qingluan for what she had done. However, the sacred lady still had a lot of fans.

“We got here first! We should go in before her!” Chaoge was indignant that Xiao Wu had to make way for this fake fairy.

Zuo Qingluan couldn’t be bothered to look at Chaoge or Feng Wu.

It was as if her recent failures never existed. She was back to being the arrogant sacred lady.

Chaoge was furious.

What was that attitude?!

Mr. Han glanced at Chaoge and said, “Who gave you permission to speak?”

Duan Chaoge stared in shocked silence.

Mr. Han then bowed and made an inviting gesture to Zuo Qingluan. He said obsequiously, “This way please, Miss Qingluan.”

Zuo Qingluan then walked through the portal.

Chaoge stomped her foot.

Feng Wu glanced at her. “Calm down.”

Chaoge said, “Who does she think she is? Did you see how she looked at you? I’m so —”.

The portal was about to close.

Mr. Han asked impatiently, “Are you going in or not?”

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