Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3290 - 3290 Who Is Chu Tianxiao Looking For? (5)

Chapter 3290 - 3290 Who Is Chu Tianxiao Looking For? (5)

3290 Who Is Chu Tianxiao Looking For? (5)


Rubbing his head, Bu Jingyu looked at Feng Wu accusingly. “I didn’t say I wanted to marry you. The little girl in the painting looks so cute and obedient. She won’t be as fierce as you! Hmph!”

Feng Wu said, “Cut the crap. What does Chu Tianxiao want with this girl?”

Bu Jingyu said, “I don’t know. The maid didn’t say.”


Feng Wu asked, “Where’s your maid?”

Bu Jingyu said sadly, “She’s dead.”

Feng Wu asked, “How?”

Bu Jingyu shook his head and didn’t say much.

“My mother is already dead, and my maid is also dead. You can’t get any answers.” Bu Jingyu rolled up the painting and wrapped it up layer by layer. He was very careful, afraid that he would leave marks.

“This is my life-saving charm,” Bu Jingyu said solemnly to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu rubbed her temple, thinking, “Your real life-saving charm is right in front of you, okay?”

But Feng Wu wouldn’t tell anyone that.

Would he…

She thought that Chu Tianxiao might be looking for her out of good intentions, but what if…

Therefore, Feng Wu decided to hide her identity and wait to see what happened.

She looked up and saw it was getting dark outside.

She wouldn’t be staying in Sun Castle for long, so she had to act as soon as possible.

Hence, Feng Wu asked Bu Jingyu, “Do you know where the golden leg bone is?”

Bu Jingyu looked at Feng Wu in distress. “Don’t tell me you want to take the golden leg bone with you as well.”

Feng Wu said, “Why not?”

Bu Jingyu said, “It’s in the main courtyard, where the crown prince is. It’s heavily guarded and the place is rife with danger. Do you really want to take it? I advise you not to.”

Feng Wu asked, “What about the Immortal Spiritual Fruit?”

Bu Jingyu said, “I think you’re going to die this time.”

Feng Wu asked, “Where’s the Immortal Spiritual Fruit?”

Bu Jingyu said, “You stole the last one, so this time, Master set layers of traps to confuse you people who want to snatch the Immortal Spiritual Fruit. I don’t know where the fruit is, and Master definitely won’t tell me. I know my second eldest brother is determined to get it this time as well.

“That’s because if the crown prince dies, the second prince will be the most outstanding person among the princes, and he’ll most likely take the throne.

“Master even suspects that the loss of the first Immortal Spiritual Fruit was the work of the second prince in cooperation with the Junwu Empire.”

Feng Wu said, “Your Master sure is imaginative.”

Bu Jingyu said, “But Master will never know it was you.”

Feng Wu said, “And you.”

Bu Jingyu glared at Feng Wu. “I already tried to talk you out of it, but you won’t listen and insist on getting yourself killed. What else can I do?”

Just then, Feng Wu asked, “Where’s the armory?”

Bu Jingyu stared at Feng Wu with wide eyes.

Feng Wu grinned.

Bu Jingyu said, “You… Forget it, I don’t want to talk to you. Go get killed!”

At first, he had thought Feng Wu was here for the Immortal Spiritual Fruit, but he had never expected that she was after more than that fruit.

Apart from the Immortal Spiritual Fruit, she also wanted the golden leg bone and the flying fighter jet.

He had no choice but to admire her.

Bu Jingyu pretended he didn’t know anything, but by then, Feng Wu had already gone out.

The first place she had to go was the main courtyard.

Feng Wu had made sure to put on some disguise when she left. She was dressed in black, covering herself with a black scarf and a black hat and leaving only her eyes visible.

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