Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3291 - 3291 Night Visit

Chapter 3291 - 3291 Night Visit

3291 Night Visit

Her eyes were also disguised.

So, as long as she wasn’t caught red-handed, she could dash off, put away her night clothes, and turn into Bu Jingyu again.

Feng Wu ran through the night like a cat.

Because Zhu Yi had walked the route with her earlier in the day and Feng Wu had a good memory, she soon reached the main courtyard.


Xue Zhibei used to live in the main courtyard, but the crown prince lived there now.

Xue Zhibei moved to Wind Snow Tower in the east.

Mr. Sakiya lived in the left courtyard in the south. Bu Jingyu and Zhu Yi also lived with him. Mo Lan had also moved in.

The rest of the military officers lived in the west.

As for the north side, the stewards, maids and servants all lived there together.

Because of what Bu Jingyu said, Feng Wu went straight to the main courtyard.

She was ready for action.

The crown prince was unconscious, and his brothers all wanted to kill him so that they could survive. Therefore, they would definitely take this opportunity to assassinate the crown prince.

This was a Grand Battle Royale. If only one person could survive, then in order to survive, everyone would become even more ferocious than wild beasts.

That was how Night Owl’s brothers were right now. They couldn’t wait to take out Night Owl, who sat firmly in his position as the crown prince.

At the entrance of the main courtyard, a row of guards stood in a line, guarding the door.

These guards were the Violent Blade Guards that Mr. Sakiya had trained for Night Owl!

There were a total of ten of them, and all of them were extremely ferocious.

Feng Wu hid in the shadows of some rocks nearby, trying to figure out a way to sneak in without anyone noticing.

At that moment, a cold voice rang out.

“Since you’re here, why don’t you come out and meet me?”

Mr. Sakiya’s voice!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched.

She hadn’t even thought of a way in, but Mr. Sakiya had already noticed her. Just as she was wondering if she should run away, a figure flew past her and charged forward!

Wherever he passed, a cold light flashed!

The light came from the sword in his hand!

Feng Wu was speechless.

So, the person Mr. Sakiya was referring to wasn’t her.

That made sense. To make Mr. Sakiya wary, a person should be at least a Spiritual Overlord.

The person flying over her head was a Spiritual Overlord.

Feng Wu wasn’t sure about that person’s exact level.

She only saw a flash of light as the man flew past the guards.

Although the ten guards in a row were clad in golden armor and held long sabers in their hands, they were actually unable to resist the enemy’s attack. In an instant, all ten heads were cut off, and blood spewed out from their headless bodies. It was bloody and terrifying!

Feng Wu had two choices.

Should she take the opportunity to enter, or turn around and escape?

Feng Wu chose the first option without hesitation.

An expert had drawn Mr. Sakiya’s attention. If she didn’t sneak in now, she wouldn’t find such a good opportunity again!

At that thought, Feng Wu flipped and entered the main courtyard.

It was a courtyard with all the necessary houses.

Near the door was a house facing the opposite direction. On the left and right sides were the east and west wings. Beyond them was the main room.

Feng Wu remembered what Bu Jingyu had said when she was about to leave.

There was a secret passage under the east wing that was suitable for hiding things.

However, Feng Wu saw that the defense formation in the west wing was more rigorous.

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