Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3292 - 3292 Lone Sword

Chapter 3292 - 3292 Lone Sword

3292 Lone Sword

“Mr. Sakiya!” Feng Wu thought to herself.

The east wing was facing the west.

In the dark, Feng Wu tiptoed toward the east wing without hesitation.

However, before Feng Wu could rush into the east wing, an invisible shockwave spread out from the courtyard with Mr. Sakiya at the center.


It was such a terrifying power!

In an instant, Feng Wu was almost sent flying away!


Feng Wu spat out a mouthful of blood.

Just then, the golden bead which Feng Wu had received from the Sacred Imperial Spider blocked the attack for her.

That was why Feng Wu was still alive.

Otherwise, she would have long turned into a pile of pulp.

Feng Wu patted her chest with lingering fear and heaved a sigh of relief. She felt like she had just survived a disaster, and her heart gradually calmed down.

In fact, Mr. Sakiya’s shockwave wasn’t directed at her.

It was directed at the swordsman who had tried to assassinate Mr. Sakiya.

Feng Wu tried to move, only to find that the air around her seemed to have frozen. In this space, the gravity was more than twice as heavy.

She felt like she was pinned to the ground and couldn’t move a step.

To make it worse, she felt as if there was a mountain pressing down on her head. Her blood was boiling, and she was on the verge of exploding.

Her breathing involuntarily became heavier.

However, in order not to be discovered, Feng Wu had to restrain herself with her strong willpower as she breathed slowly.

Sweat the size of soybeans rolled down her cheeks, and her back was soaked.

The shockwave came from Mr. Sakiya, but the pressure came from the mysterious swordsman.

Feng Wu couldn’t take the battle between two Spiritual Overlords anymore.

The only good thing was that Feng Wu was hiding in the shadow of a pillar. The moon was blocked by the clouds, so no one would notice her if they didn’t pay attention.

But she still could be discovered at any time.

Anxious, Feng Wu took a step forward with difficulty. Her lungs hurt so much that she almost fell to the ground!

Meanwhile, Mr. Sakiya was confronting the swordsman.

“Lone Sword, do you have a death wish?!” Sitting in his wheelchair, Mr. Sakiya stared at his opponent with cold eyes.

He looked slightly pale, but his eyes were wise, firm and calm.


Feng Wu had never heard of this name before, but he was very famous in the Dongsang Kingdom.

He would always strike once only.

His strongest killing move was called “One Strike.”

Once the strike was made, he would leave immediately, regardless of victory or defeat.

Therefore, he was known as the Lone Sword.

Right now, Lone Sword stared at Mr. Sakiya and said, “There’s a price on your head.”

Mr. Sakiya looked at him indifferently. “No one can afford me.”

shook his head. “You have a price.”

Mr. Sakiya said, “I’d like to ask, who’s the bidder? What’s the price?”

was gearing up for his strongest killing move.

Therefore, he didn’t answer Mr. Sakiya’s question.

Just then!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Strong and sonorous footsteps rushed over like thunder!

It was the Violent Blade Guards.

Mr. Sakiya had personally trained them for the crown prince, Night Owl.

“I’m late. Sorry about this, Mr. Sakiya!”

The leader was the head of the Violent Blade Guards. He was over two meters tall, burly, and majestic. A violent power seemed to pour out of him!

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