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Chapter 1020 - Persist: Never give up!

Chapter 1020: Persist: Never give up!

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Su Hao arrived in Kingdom of Heaven instantly, “You know it?”

“Of course!” Ping Yang exclaimed, “This guy is a legend. It didn’t reveal any of its special traits before. If not for the trick earlier, I really wouldn’t recognize this guy.”

“Is it strong?”

Su Hao went straight to the main point.

“Strong, it’s very strong. As heaven-defying as Li Xin!”

“However, very few knew its face. In the beast domain, one only heard of its legend. I also just remembered who was so daring to fight with Li Xin head-on.”

Ping Yang’s tone sounded solemn, “Its name was rarely known but its nickname…”

“Angel of Misfortune!”

“It’s it?”

Su Hao suddenly felt horrified.

Angel of Misfortune, he had heard of this title before. Humans still paid quite the attention to strong beasts. Although the number was low, there were always some strong names reaching human ears such as this Angel of Misfortune. As for what Ping Yang said, this guy is definitely a legend.


Its bloodline power was misfortune!

Whenever he goes, no grass grows.

If one is to say Li Xin is a luck attracter, then this guy is an absolute disaster-level creature. Moreover, the effect had no regard for foes or friends. Not even its own family was an exception! In the legend, when it first appeared on the beast battlefield, it was total destruction. It wasn’t humans, but both beasts and humans! Everyone!

Then, it appeared six more times.

Each time, both beasts and humans would be wiped out; no one survived. The terrifying army was all obliterated by various unexpected accidents and natural disasters!

In fact, it didn’t even make a single move.

Of course, the existence of Angel of Misfortune had always been a legend because everyone who had seen it before had all died. That was a disaster walking creature that couldn’t be controlled.

Perhaps, only in this holographic world did it have a place.

Because this place…

It’s not reality!

However, no one thought that it would show up on the stage and happened to be Li Xin’s opponent. Just like what it said, its strength wasn’t strong. However, to generate good luck in front of it was simply a joke. One could even say it suppressed Li Xin’s main weapon and made him helpless.

“Angel of Misfortune.”

Su Hao looked at this mysterious figure and suddenly remembered the so-called grade S talent.


If the bloodline of the beast is to be graded too, this guy must be grade S! Unlike Li Xin’s inexplicable luck, this guy caused misfortune to its surroundings!

That power belongs to itself!

Back in reality, Su Hao still hadn’t recovered from his shock.


Who would have thought of this power?

“What have you seen?” Zhou Wang felt that Su Hao’s expression was amiss.

“Angel of Misfortune.” Su Hao sighed and roughly explained it, but everyone was stunned after hearing this. There was such a power? A disastrous power far worse than curses?

“Does that mean Li Xin is destined to lose?” Wang Jun smiled bitterly.

“Not sure, at least, he still might be able to release it within a controllable range…” Zhou Wang thought for a moment.

At this moment, Li Xin, who was in the middle of the fight, couldn’t bear it any longer. After hundreds of his attacks failed to produce a critical hit, he finally released his own force.

“One hundred times critical hit!”

A golden light appeared in Li Xin’s hand.

Everyone was taken aback.

One hundred times?

This wasn’t the previous power!

Now stepping into level three world realm, integrating World Force, if it’s one hundred times critical hit… Even Angel of Misfortune would tremble.


Angel of Misfortune summoned its most powerful defensive measures.

Countless light circulated around it.

As for Li Xin, the power in his hand was getting stronger and stronger. Just when everyone was waiting for Li Xin’s move to collide with Angel of Misfortune…


Li Xin’s accumulated strength in his fist suddenly shattered.


Numerous particles emerged, and the golden light dissipated into nothing.



“What happened?!”

Everyone’s eyes widened. It took a few seconds before they suddenly realized the move failed!


This was also possible?


Zhou Wang looked at this scene in disbelief, “How is this possible? Is Angel of Misfortune that powerful that it can make the opponent’s move fail?”

Chen Yiran and the others were also quite shocked.

This was too unbelievable! One hundred times critical hit, how many times had Li Xin used this skill? How could it fail? However, the fact was it failed!

“It’s because of Angel of Misfortune.”

Su Hao narrowed his eyes and saw something, “Li Xin broke through too quickly, which is why he’s not yet proficient in using World Force. To control World Force and generate such strength, he’s still not consistent. To be precise, the success rate is only 50%.”


Everyone smiled bitterly.

That was quite a high probability.

Two times and one will succeed, how powerful would that be!

However, it depended on who he was against!

If it were someone else, that wouldn’t matter, but if it’s Angel of Misfortune… out of a 50% chance, it could be infinitely reduced close to zero!


Li Xin did the same move again, but it still failed.




Angel of Misfortune also understood the current situation right now and looked at Li Xin with a smile, “Little brat, no matter how many times you try, you will not succeed.”

“Because this is a power that you can never understand!”


“No, in front of me, there’s no such thing as luck!”


A cloud of dark energy burst out.

Angel of Misfortune made its move. This time, it was different from before. After this attack, it still maintained its absolute advantage, firmly suppressing Li Xin!

With physical strength alone, how would the beasts be afraid of humans?

Without critical hits, Li Xin’s power was literally sealed off.

At this moment, the audience had long been dumbfounded.

They seemed to finally understand something. This wasn’t a battle of strength but a battle of talent!

Unstable Eruption VS Misfortune!

As a result, Li Xin’s Unstable Eruption was completely rendered ineffective.

For Unstable Eruption failing to erupt, it was almost equivalent to a world esper without a talent. If one’s talent is sealed, what was there left to fight then?



Both clashed several times.

However, Li Xin has been completely suppressed right now. He could only barely hang on.

“He lost.” Wang Ru smiled bitterly. Everyone also felt helpless.


Who would have thought that Li Xin would run into this guy?

Perhaps, the reason Li Xin met this beast was because of the talent issue? Maybe he got targeted by Angel of Misfortune, or is it because of the opponent’s misfortune?

Otherwise, why was Li Xin the one being matched against it out of seven humans?

The battle had already begun before the match!


Li Xin was blasted away.

“Damn it.”

Li Xin stood up and charged at it again.

He’s a protagonist!

How could he lose?

The invincible talent of his seemed to have lost its effect now. Forget about not having luck, being unable to perform even the most basic attack was extremely bad!

“A protagonist won’t have it smooth sailing either.” Li Xin sneered, “A powerful protagonist can only transform himself after experiencing suffering. A mere beast, I will never admit defeat! Ahhhhh!”

Li Xin gave a howl and charged again.



A clash started again.

Li Xin had no talent, but Angel of Misfortune was useless too.

The battle between both had turned into a complete physical brawl! The powerful Rule Force in their hands only had the effect of smashing into each other…

It was similar to Su Hao.



Two punches crossed each other again.

The fighting pace between these two participants was getting faster and faster. Everyone could see that Li Xin was being abused!

It couldn’t be helped. Angel of Misfortune hit him with ten punches before he managed to return one. At this time, the powerful flesh of a beast finally showed its effectiveness!

Not to mention…

Angel of Misfortune was originally excellent in close combat, but Li Xin had always relied on his talent and was a bit restrained after losing his power.

He wasn’t familiar with such conditions.

If one is to ask an esper with a fire talent to suddenly erase his talent, and see how he fights! For Li Xin to be beaten like that, it was already fine because it was purely a physical brawl.



Li Xin could punch once per second, but his opponent could throw ten punches in one second!

What’s more, their physical quality was different to begin with!

Total abuse!

A few minutes later, Li Xin’s body was dyed red.

No matter how strong his body is, Li Xin couldn’t help being beaten like this. Li Xin had suffered many attacks all over his body. Even so, he was still getting beaten without any hope of winning.

“No outbreak…”

“Not even once!”

All humans sighed.

“I want to win!”

“I will definitely win!”


Li Xin roared, but Angel of Misfortune just sneered, “What can you use to win?”


Li Xin’s chest received another punch.


A mouthful of blood spewed out.

Everyone’s heart felt cold. He finally couldn’t hold on?

He was about to lose.

However, no one looked down on Li Xin!

Because Li Xin had always been supported by his luck, but he was still fighting even after losing his luck. The injuries were very heavy. If not for his persistence, what else could drive him to continue fighting? One need to know that after this is a virtual reality, the pain felt was real!

For his entire body to be like this, what kind of pain was he feeling right now?

Li Xin insisted on fighting!

Everyone couldn’t bear to watch it. As for the beast camp, their cheers were getting louder and louder. Everyone knew that Li Xin was about to be unable to continue any longer!

The battle had finally reached its final stage.



A series of attacks came from Angel of Misfortune.

This time, it didn’t show any mercy. Li Xin still insisted on hitting Angel of Misfortune with a punch. Although it was slow, his movement never stopped.

“He’s about to lose.”

Seeing Angel of Misfortune erupt, everyone sighed.

However, Su Hao suddenly noticed that Li Xin’s lips were squirming lightly. If one is to see closely, you will notice that he was actually counting each punch!

The number of each punch!

“What’s he doing?”

Su Hao was a bit dazed. Counting?

What does counting have to do with anything?

Could it be that a special punch requires counting? Li Xin created it? However, he had been using the most basic fighting techniques up until now… Hold on!

Su Hao seemed to understand something, and his eyes suddenly widened.

Could it be…

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