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Chapter 1021 - Glory that belongs to mankind!

Chapter 1021: Glory that belongs to mankind!

“Mo Cheng, win!”

“Kill him!”

“Kill that damn human!”

The beasts’ voices were transmitted across half of the planet. On the stage, Mo Cheng also had high hopes as it unleashed its powerful attack smoothly.

As for Li Xin, he was still struggling at death’s door. All he had was half breath of his.

How could Mo Cheng not win under such conditions?

However, no one would have thought that when Mo Cheng’s final attack was about to hit Li Xin, who was already on the verge of collapsing, when he suddenly erupted with unbelievable power!

It was unmatched!


Mo Cheng was suddenly shocked.

Li Xin actually managed to erupt?

Could it be that its misfortune had failed?

No, it wasn’t that…

Mo Cheng’s eyes widened. When it saw the power erupting from Li Xin’s hand, it suddenly realized that it wasn’t Li Xin’s one hundred times critical hit at all!

“This force…”

Mo Cheng watched the erupting force in horror.


Both collided with each other.

Mo Cheng clearly saw its body shatter under Li Xin’s punch. It didn’t even have any strength to resist it. Its fists, arms, shoulder, body… Mo Cheng watched in horror as its body was bombarded and eradicated by this incredible force.

In fact, before losing consciousness, it still couldn’t believe this.

How is this possible?

How did Li Xin manage to erupt?

It was obviously not Unstable Eruption. Then, what was that?


Just one move, and the match ended!

The audience went silent!

The cheering beasts and the gloomy humans were all dumbfounded as they watched this scene with their mouths wide open.

Li Xin…

He won?

How is this possible?

What happened in the end?

No one knew!

Could he have managed to erupt at the last moment?

He managed to comprehend it?

However, he was under the influence of misfortune!

All the audience members couldn’t understand. At this moment, the voice of the system finally rang.

“Li Xin, won!”

He won!

It was really him!

The audience went into an uproar.

Very quickly, the replay of the battle appeared. After seeing the systematic analysis with the slowed-down replay, they finally saw the force in Li Xin’s hand.

“That force…”

Many humans had their eyes widened.


It was too familiar!

Even any junior high school student was very familiar with this force! When this uncertainty was solved, all humans had their blood boil.

“Basic fighting technique, Fighting Essence!”

“It turned out to be that!”


“Haha, the battle of peak world realm actually ended up counter attacked by a basic fighting technique.”

“Li Xin is so strong!”

“Hahahaha, when this daddy goes back, I will train it one hundred times!”

The audience was extremely excited.

No one would dare to believe that the basic fighting technique would decide the final victory. One needs to know that in the later stage, this thing was basically useless!

First of all, there were very few with strong physical bodies. Rule Force could easily interrupt you. How could you use your physical body?

As for the same physical body powerhouses…

Use your head!

Everyone learnt basic fighting techniques from the start. Who will allow you to use it? They will definitely interrupt your combo in minutes! Still, dreaming for an eruption? Unfortunately…

Li Xin’s enemy wasn’t a human.

It didn’t know the basic fighting technique of mankind nor Fighting Essence. Of course, it would be even more clueless that Li Xin was condensing a force. In fact, countless viewers were clueless; how could it know? In order to quickly defeat Li Xin, it didn’t waste a single minute at all! Even if it received damage occasionally.

Thus, Li Xin was able to proceed with his plan without any hiccups.

Even if he could only throw one punch every second, even if his movements were slow, when the terrifying force kept gathering countless times and erupted…


A perfect hit.


In the beast camp, when Mo Cheng knew the truth of its failure, when it learned that the man who defeated him turned out to be using the most basic fighting technique, it almost went crazy!

It turned out that it lost like that?


What a sad way to end!

What lamentable fate!

Mo Cheng angrily smashed everything in its room. Within a hundred miles, many beasts died inexplicably. No one dared to underestimate Angel of Misfortune’s power.

Li Xin won.

He won without any tricks.

Because of this, no one dared to look down at him!


Even when he had no talent, when he had no luck to rely on, he could still win and defeat the ninth ranked beast, the so-called Angel of Misfortune!

Who could do so?

Without depending on luck!

This time, Li Xin received love from everyone with his display of strength and perseverance.

This was what he deserved.

“This brat…”

Wang Ru sounded emotional.

“This, this, this…”

Wang Jun’s mouth opened wide. To tell the truth, although he never underestimated Li Xin, he always thought that Li Xin won by luck.

After all, luck is also a strength.

“What a great guy.” Su Hao smiled.

After Li Xin returned, everyone cheered. Li Xin triumphantly said, “Look, I already said it’s just cannon fodder…”

Everyone laughed. This guy, really…

However, in any case, Li Xin won with his own strength.

“Who’s in the next battle?”

Su Hao and the others had no time to celebrate. After Li Xin’s victory, they quickly concentrated on the third battle. This time, it was Chen Yiran.

However, there was no suspense in the battle.

What was the strength of the beast?

Level three world realm!

What was the strength of humans then?

Level three world realm!

They were both in the same realm!

However, was that really so?

Of course not. Unlike previous level three world espers, today’s level three world espers, including Chen Yiran, constructed their World Force with perfect boundary spirits. Their World Force was more powerful than ever, many times stronger than the ordinary world espers!

It was unmatched!

How could a world constructed from ten perfect boundary spirits be something that a world constructed from one perfect boundary spirit could compare to?

It was like Heaven and Earth.

Each level three world esper was so powerful that it terrified others!

Even when they just stepped into the realm.

Thus, in addition to the terrifying Mo Ling before and the unbelievably strong Angel of Misfortune, the other beasts had no solution when facing their human opponents!

Third match, Chen Yiran won!

Fourth match, Wan Cheng won!

Fifth match, Zhou Wang won!

Sixth match, Zheng Tai won!

Including Li Xin’s match, for five consecutive matches, humans had won! There were already five humans qualified in the top eight! The seventh match was a battle between beasts. By the end of the match, five humans and two beasts were qualifying for the next round. The glory humans experienced was incomparable!

The entire world was in a sensation.

Even the beasts were dumbfounded.

The result of the battles was beyond everyone’s expectations!

Dominating the top 16?

Dominating the top 8?


The beasts no longer dare to mention their previous declaration.

In the beginning, only seven managed to proceed to the next round when determining ranks 32-16. Who would have thought that these seven humans were so terrifying that five of them had qualified in the top 8?

Except for Wang Jun, who unfortunately met Mo Ling, everyone else managed to pass to the next round!


Too domineering that no one could believe!

As for the last match?


Su Hao had no hope for victory.

Everyone was well aware of Su Hao’s strength. If previously Su Hao was absolutely the strongest human, after everyone broke through, Su Hao became the weakest. However, because of Su Hao helping them to breakthrough, no one would dare to look down on him even if Su Hao lost.

Even if Su Hao lost, only three beasts qualified for the next round.

This was glory!

An unmatched glory for mankind!

Humans actually gained an advantage in the matches! Even when humans got tricked by the age limit suggested by beasts, even if they won’t be able to get first place.

The humans were completely immersed in an atmosphere of victory.

So what if there’s Mo Ling?

So what if they got tricked by the age limit?

Humans still had countless geniuses, geniuses who far surpassed the beasts!

This is a victory for them!

“Damn human!”

“How could this be…”

“Could our beasts fall here?”

Countless beasts were sad. Only three beasts out of eight? One needs to note that this was the first time ever that humans gained the advantage in numbers!

Amidst the endless noises, Su Hao appeared on the stage.

Same as before, level two world realm.

His strength remained the same.

When everyone had improved by many times, Su Hao still remained in his original strength. Even he was quite helpless.

The result of this battle was already decided when he stood on the stage.

He had tried his best.

Before going on the stage, he also specifically asked Wang Ru to send a few new talent espers. It took a few months before he managed to gather ten new talents. Unfortunately, he had seen them all!

The Federation hadn’t registered them, but he had seen them in some small counties.

The distance before his successful breakthrough was two talents away.

He still…

Couldn’t breakthrough!

Although humans won the earlier matches, he had also seen the terror of level three world espers. Those battles were not something he could participate in.

Each one of the participants was stronger than Yun Yi!

He couldn’t even beat Yun Yi; how could he defeat them? Su Hao smiled bitterly when he thought of this. Unexpectedly, there would be such days when he was behind others.

“Su Hao, good luck!”

“All the best!”

“Just give your very best!”

“All the best!”

Su Hao came on the stage, receiving countless cheers from the audience. Even Su Hao was stunned. This…

He suddenly felt warmth.

This battle, he was destined to lose. Everyone was well aware of that, but they still supported him no matter what. After experiencing countless incidents, people had been worshipping and trusting Su Hao blindly. Even if this battle were a loss, no one would blame him.

This was an incomparable glory!

Su Hao’s popularity was unstoppable!

“If I have such popularity, even if I lose, I would be satisfied.”

After the defeat, Wang Jun returned to the audience seat. He happened to see a beast next to him and became happy, “Brother, do you want to bet who wins?”

The beast gawked, “It’s you again?”

“Ah.” Wang Jun happily said, “How about this? This time the strength gap is obvious enough. Do you dare to bet?”

The beast hesitated for a moment to look at Wang Jun and Su Hao before decisively replying, “I dare not.”

“You don’t dare?” Wang Jun was a little dazed, “You’re that worried? Don’t be afraid, man.”

“Who’s afraid of you? Humph, that’s not anyone but Su Hao!” The beast murmured, “What if there’s an accident?”

Wang Jun was dumbfounded.

Damn, Su Hao’s reputation is also that strong among the beasts?

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