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Chapter 1022 - A God-like opponent!

Chapter 1022: A God-like opponent!

Is Su Hao formidable?

Of course!

To be able to make that gambling loving beast not even dare make a bet even with such an obvious advantage, that proved how terrifying Su Hao’s influence is!

Battle of Glory.

The holographic scene slowly appeared.

Su Hao’s figure emerged and the atmosphere turned solemn. There was no ridicule coming from them like when Li Xin appeared on stage. The atmosphere didn’t have the same noise as when others appeared. The entire audience turned silent!

This was the supreme glory Su Hao enjoyed.

As for Su Hao’s opponent, it also revealed itself slowly.


Name: Gao Ming

Age: 27

Strength: Level three world realm

Description: Have one’s words turn out to be prophetic

Ranking: 2nd


Have one’s words turn out to be prophetic!

Only eight words!

One had to note that the further it was in the beast’s genius list, the simpler their description. When it came to 2nd ranked beast, it was so simple and crude to be summarized in a phrase. Each one of the top ten beasts was hiding their strength deeply. If not for this elite battle, no one would have ever seen their true strength!

The human powerhouses managed to complete the counterattack with Su Hao’s help.


So what?

Su Hao’s opponent wasn’t a nobody; it was Gao Ming!

A terrifying powerhouse second only to Mo Ling, a level three world esper and also the only one who could compete with Wan Cheng and the others without losing its feet. Unfortunately…

Gao Ming wasn’t matched against the others and met Su Hao instead.

This person was destined to be eliminated.

“Such a pity.”

The beasts had some regrets.

“Su Hao will be eliminated no matter who he was matched up with. If Gao Ming is to meet Wan Cheng and the others, perhaps it could secure a victory for us…”


“However, Su Hao won’t give up easily.”

“Of course not, but the strength gap is too obvious. We are here just to see how long he can last…”

The beasts had a heated discussion.

In the human camp, they were also talking in low voices. Obviously, this topic wasn’t unexpected. It was about how long Su Hao would last. Of course, no one scolded or despised Su Hao.

This battle had a completely different atmosphere from the previous matches.

The only one who could suppress both beasts and humans in the audience seat with momentum alone was Su Hao.

Soon, the match began.

In the holographic scene, brilliant light emerged slowly.

Gao Ming sighed with regret, “We are in a deficit of an additional victory.”

If it was to meet another human, it had the confidence to win! In that case, the humans and beasts qualifying for the next round would happen to be 4 on 4, which wouldn’t look as bad.

“Su Hao.”

Gao Ming looked at this person in front of it, “In the beast domain, your story has been circulating. Since the incident of the nuclear weapon, we are associated.”

“Of course.” Su Hao smiled, “So?”

“So, I will try my best.” Gao Ming looked solemn.

“Alright.” Su Hao’s expression remained the same.

Whether he wins or fails, he was definitely not weaker than anyone in terms of momentum alone. Since this was the final match, the beasts desperately needed an overwhelming victory. Gao Ming would definitely put in the extra effort!

“Great, just what I wanted.” Su Hao smiled lightly.

If so, then allow him to fight with all his strength!

Even if…

He’s going to fail!


Both eyes of his lit up.

One red, one blue.

Illusion Reality, activate!

Synchronize Space, activate!

A series of light ray flashed, Su Hao had already activated all his auxiliary skills. With the aid of his quantum computer, Su Hao’s strength increased several times. Xinghe Sword slowly appeared within his hand, turning into a bow and arrow. Suddenly, it flew towards Gao Ming.

“Xinghe Arrow!”


A light ray flickered.


Light flickered within Su Hao’s eyes.

With his current strength, no one could evade from Xinghe Arrow. Even Gao Ming couldn’t do so!


Xinghe Arrow burst.

As the light subdued, a figure was revealed, causing an exclamation.

It was safe and sound as always!

No damage could be seen at all.

This was the strength of Gao Ming. The difference in strength was too obvious. Su Hao was only level two world esper, how could he win while facing a level three world esper?

Even with his full strength and hitting his target, so what?

He couldn’t break its defense…

There were countless sighs echoing. Su Hao’s Xinghe Arrow was strong, but…


Gao Ming made its move.

A layer of translucent World Force appeared in front of it. In fact, it didn’t even utilize its own bloodline. Standing in front of Su Hao, that thin World Force became an insurmountable gap!




Countless Xinghe Arrows were shot.

Su Hao used his full strength, which was clearly evident.

However, no matter how strong he was, he was helpless facing Gao Ming. Just that layer of defense alone destroyed every one of his attacks. Xinghe Arrow, Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, Water Split…

Su Hao kept attacking, but the result remained unchanged!

There was no suspense.

He couldn’t break its defense!



A light ray burst.

Gao Ming stood there like the son of God.

Using its full strength didn’t mean total suppression. Su Hao knew it was saying it would use its full strength to avoid letting Su Hao have any chance!

Let Su Hao lose impeccably!

Right now, wasn’t that the case here?

For Su Hao, being killed instantly might be better in this kind of battle. Doing so was much neater and simpler and helped Su Hao, but now…

Su Hao couldn’t give up!

Gao Ming also wouldn’t go easy on him.

Thus, he could only keep fighting!

Even if he knew he couldn’t win, even if he knew that he was going to lose, he needed to continue fighting! As expected, the morale of the beasts gradually picked up. This was their strong representative. Even if the number was lower, they far surpassed humans!

Countless sighs could be heard from the human camp, but no one blamed Su Hao.


Absolutely impossible!

Even if he loses, he needs to lose in a justifiable manner.


This was Gao Ming’s first move.

Different from Mo Ling’s total suppression, Mo Ling made one scared of him, but they were clueless of his actual strength. At this moment, what Gao Ming wanted to display to the audience was its true power!


I’m standing here, but there’s nothing you can do to me!

Aren’t you mankind’s hero?

What could you do then?

Now this was what a true suppression is all about.



Su Hao made several moves again, but the result remained the same.

A total failure.

At this time, Su Hao suddenly appeared extremely tragic. He was once unmatched, but now he constantly hit a wall for a battle that he couldn’t win at all!

Each attack coming from Su Hao, how tragic was it in the humans’ eyes?

Many people felt the pain in their hearts.


Is this the gap between humans and beasts?

Su Hao gave up on himself in order to help the others breakthrough. Yet, he could only obtain such a result?

For Su Hao, what kind of blow was worse than a blow to his reputation?

Was this effect what the beasts aimed for!

Countless humans’ hearts sank.

Gao Ming stood indifferently on the stage, without saying anything, ridiculing, nor cursing. There was not even a trace of contempt within its eyes. However, it was precisely because of this that it made everyone feel heavy. The other party clearly portrayed that their strength was far above human beings!

At this moment, Su Hao was the best proof!

Su Hao’s strength wasn’t strong but definitely not weak either. However, when he faced Gao Ming?

He was like an urchin.



Three Xinghe Arrows.

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer.

Su Hao attacked mercilessly.

The brilliance coming from his attacks, everyone knew those were terrifying moves, but everything was rendered useless when it came to Gao Ming.

Yet, he still couldn’t break the defense.

“This fool…” Chen Yiran squeezed her hands tight. Her small hands looked pale. Even when she knew that this match was destined to be a loss, when it came to the actual match, the match turned out to be this tragic!

Give up, you fool.

This battle, stop struggling…

Chen Yiran prayed silently.

Li Xin and the others also clenched their fists. Their nails had impaled deep into their palms with blood dying their nails. Their eyes widened, but they didn’t utter a single word.

They knew that Su Hao would never give up!

Even if it was them, they wouldn’t give up either!

Could they win?

Of course not!

However, any esper will keep trying until the final second! Even if you knew that the other party was being deliberate, you would never give up. Only with such an attitude can one become a truly strong esper!

They were the same, and so was Su Hao.

As for Gao Ming, it used this method to severely attack human hearts, allowing them to recall their place and add vitality to the lifeless beast camp at the same time.

One had to admit that this move was effective.

Ten minutes.

Su Hao had been on offense for ten minutes, but he still failed to break past its defense. At this time, Gao Ming made a small step forward and circulated its force.

Finally, it was ready to make a move.

“Good chance!”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

He would never let go of such a good opportunity.

Xinghe Arrow?

Dark Moon Dream Destroyer?

Everything was fake!

The only attack he did on Gao Ming was a mental attack. At this moment, Li Tiantian, Ping Yang, Xiao Die, and Blue Dream Butterfly… every force in Kingdom of Heaven was called upon by Su Hao to prepare for Gao Ming. The moment when Gao Ming made its move, he began to process.


A terrifying aura erupted.

That powerful force condensed into a dazzling light beam!

That was Su Hao’s strongest move at the moment. Condensing everyone’s force within his body in Kingdom of Heaven!

The truly strongest attack.


That beam was extremely quick.

It was literally too late for the audience to see it clearly. However, they could feel it.

Everyone felt excited.

There’s a chance!

After waiting for this opportunity, Su Hao actually used such terrifying force. In the end, could he reverse the result? Everyone looked over subconsciously as the light beam collided with the translucent film and passed through under everyone’s ecstatic eyes.

“It broke!”

“He broke the defense!”

Everyone shouted out loud. Could it be that the result of this match is about to be reversed?

However, at this moment, Gao Ming softly uttered a few words, immediately turning everyone’s hopeful expression into ashes, “I say, this power will definitely dissipate.”


Under everyone’s eyes, Su Hao’s condensed blow disappeared.

In fact…

There was not even a gust of wind blowing.

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