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Chapter 1083 - Who’s the true god?

Chapter 1083: Who’s the true god?

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Silent fluctuations swept across the surrounding.

The moon was long gone, otherwise there would have been another huge explosion…

Within Kingdom of Heaven, Su Hao was long dumbfounded.

At first, he could still see something, but when the red light filled up Synchronize Space that he could faintly feel the burning of his spirit, he decisively retreated!

That force was so strong that it went beyond anyone’s imagination.

At least, as far as Su Hao was concerned, even if he has Kingdom of Heaven, he dared not approach it, let alone trying to ingest the energy. As for An Xue, that guy who courted his own death…

Su Hao no longer wished to consider him.

Detonate Earth?

It was such an irony he could think of it.

Before this, Su Hao had given a lot of people and beasts the nickname of the champion of courting death, yet this An Xue was without a doubt the number one! Even with Su Hao’s current strength, he wouldn’t even survive standing there!

What about An Xue who was at the Earth’s core, someone weaker than him?


The glaring light explosion lasted for a long time.

The entire Earth exploded. Every hour, Su Hao only dared to quietly release some Supreme Rule to observe. If the Supreme Rule was eliminated, Su Hao decisively took no action. After three full days, when the Supreme Rule survived, Su Hao released Synchronize Space, and what appeared in front of him…

It was a world full of many asteroids and comets akin to a shattered ball of rocks.

The original Earth was no longer there. Planets with various forms and even some planets made of gas began to occupy the original position of Earth.

This was the fascinating part of space.

Su Hao watched from a distance. If he didn’t have the strength of a peak strongest esper, perhaps even the radiation from the blast would evaporate him.

“In this case, it should be over now right?”

Su Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

This huge battle was beyond his imagination.

No one would have thought the final result would be the destruction of Earth! That fool An Xue, he was so addicted to destruction that he destroyed the Earth?

Looking at the current Earth, everyone in Kingdom of Heaven was shocked.


In the future, they would have drifted to the stars.

Although ordinary men in Kingdom of Heaven didn’t know the truth at all, they knew that if they left Earth, they would be helpless. Although they had the strength of a peak strongest esper, no one knew what terrifying things would happen in the universe!

The universe had always been mysterious and awe-inspiring.


Su Hao said silently.

Without knowing why, this feeling of being rootless was bad.

“Come, Wang Jun, turn into a space battleship for this lord.” Li Xin arrogantly pointed, “This lord’s goal is this endless universe!”

“Get lost!”

Wang Jun gave him a kick without holding back.

“These guys…”

Su Hao became speechless.

Just as he was about to make fun with a few words, Synchronize Space suddenly discovered that an afterimage was shaking in the Synchronize Space. An unexpected creature flashed past.


Su Hao’s heart skipped a beat.

As soon as the earth disappeared, had they encountered some terrifying creature?

Everyone was on high alert.

However, in just a flash, that figure vanished. No matter how hard Synchronize Space searched for it, nothing could be found. Su Hao frowned and suddenly looked towards the sky. Over there, a crack appeared and above Kingdom of Heaven, countless terrifying lightning could be seen.

“Not good!”

Su Hao was stunned.


The space trembled.

He then saw a terrifying creature appearing. It was a lava monster, made of magma stones. Su Hao frowned. What is this thing?

Is it a product of the Earth’s explosion?

“Haha, Su Hao. You must have not thought I’m still alive?”

The lava monster spoke.

Su Hao was stunned, “An Xue?”


An Xue!

Su Hao thought it was some terrifying alien creature, but never would he thought that this creature turned out to be An Xue. After all, it was the total destruction of Earth, “How could you still be alive?”

“Why can’t I be alive?”

An Xue smiled grimly, “Hehe.”

“The moment Earth exploded, the energy was indeed beyond my expectation. However, I was lucky to find a lava boulder in the earth core. The energy within the boulder had been tempered for hundreds of thousands of years. I hid in this state and managed to escape the catastrophe.”

“Hahaha, not only that, I also gained the force of Earth.”

“Although it was only a portion…”

An Xue’s eyes were cold and terrifying, “It’s enough to turn me into a god!”

Su Hao and the others were on high alert.

The current An Xue had become a god?

A god?!

What kind of concept was that? Based on everyone’s understanding, it’s an omnipotent existence.


Su Hao was as calm as ever, “You became god and discovered Kingdom of Heaven?”

“Kingdom of Heaven, this is the name of this world?”

An Xue laughed, “Hahaha, no wonder I always had this bad feeling about you. It turned out that you all had found this world ahead of time!”


“Do you all know what mistake you made?”

An Xue sneered, “You shouldn’t have used this world as a node to traverse. As long as you traverse once, you already have established a record of this point to Mingguang’s blackhole.”

“Hahaha, this is why I can come here easily.”

An Xue sneered.


“Humans are trash. Souls are immortal.”

“Stupid humans, you all have ruined your last chance because of your own negligence. Hahahaha.” An Xue’s voice was laughing wildly.

Ping Yang and the others were upset.

“Yes, I am a master of space. How could I forget about it.”

Ping Yang patted his forehead, “The space record, the space record, ahhhhhhh….”

All the people with talent in space were extremely depressed.

They were all aware of this but they had forgotten to remind Su Hao. The blackhole is also a part of the Supreme Rule of space. Naturally it would leave behind records.


Ping Yang smiled bitterly.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Su Hao didn’t care at all. Instead he was full of smiles, “So, what do you want to say?”


An Xue was stunned.

This script doesn’t seem to be right?!

He had finally broken through and became a god. Not only that, he could easily find the hiding place of Su Hao and the others. He could instantly kill them if he wished, yet Su Hao had no slightest bit of fear! Instead, he looked at him with a pitiful expression. Exactly what was happening here?

Shouldn’t it be fighting until death or kneeling down to beg for mercy?

What’s with that plain expression of his that made one want to wipe it off?

“Are you trying to control yourself?”

An Xue secretly smiled, “Fine, you won’t be able to hold it any soon.”


Su Hao sighed, “To be honest, I don’t know what the biggest mistake I made is, but I know what the biggest mistake you made is.”


An Xue was dumbfounded.

“This is Kingdom of Heaven.”

“This is my world.”

Su Hao casually said, “I don’t know how powerful your god realm is, but here, in my territory, I am the only god!”

Su Hao’s eyes were cold. The way he looked at An Xue was akin to looking at an ant.


An Xue was stunned for a moment before suddenly came to a realization as he said in horror, “This is your world?”


Without any hesitation!

An Xue turned around and wanted to flee but would Su Hao still give him such a chance?


A terrifying aura erupted.

The power of entire Kingdom of Heaven was used by Su Hao. There was once when Sky Slash used this power outside. His slash nearly killed An Xue back then.

However, now, in Kingdom of Heaven, he could only become stronger!

“Run! Run! Run!”

An Xue ran like mad.

He thought that this was a world discovered by Su Hao and the others accidentally, but never would he have thought that this world, which is a more complete world than the previous one, was created by Su Hao.

Go to other people’s world to be a fool?

Isn’t that courting one’s own death?

However, Su Hao just waved his hand and An Xue was already suppressed. He didn’t dare to move a bit. If he did so, his body would be directly shattered!

“You can’t kill me!”

An Xue yelled, “I have become one with the world and have completed the transformation. Now I am the master and both Su Tiancheng and Mingguang are just my sub-personality!”


Su Hao calmly said, “In other words, you finally became a human?’

“You’re right.”

An Xue sounded surprised, “You can’t kill me.”


Su Hao sneered and cut him down with a sword.


An Xue was pierced by the sword. Gritting his teeth, “If I die, Su Tiancheng will die!”

“He’s not in the same world. How can he die?” Su Hao smiled.

“Su Tiancheng isn’t here?”

An Xue was at a loss.

Earth was destroyed. Is Su Tiancheng isn’t here, where else could he be?

“You’re forgetting one bit.”

“Here, I am the god.”

Su Hao camlmy said, “If I say no, from now on, you two are not from the same world!”

An Xue’s body trembled. He just broke through and felt his strength increased greatly. He had never thought that a god realm esper would possess such terrifying strength.

“I have absorbed a portion of Earth’s energy.”

An Xue looked fierce, “Although I don’t know how powerful your world is, it can’t bear my self-destruction. So, at most, we will die together.”

“You don’t dare to kill me!”

An Xue roared.

Su Hao just looked at him sadly, “If the god realm really exists, then you must be the saddest god.”

“Can a god’s power only be used in fighting?”

“In my name, seal.”

Su Hao faintly pointed.

A circle of brilliance enveloped An Xue, and then An Xue’s face instantly turned pale. All of his power was isolated and he couldn’t summon it. So this is what a god is capable of?

If he…

If he didn’t overestimate himself after a huge breakthrough…

If he truly spent the time to understand the power of god…

An Xue regretted it.


Su Hao lightly swiped his right hand. This third avatar finally paid the price after creating so much havoc and fell under Su Hao’s Kingdom of Heaven.

The battle was truly over.


After wiping out An Xue, a soft brilliance emerged.

Su Hao gently lifted it up in the air. It was a lava boulder that had absorbed the Earth’s essence. Su Hao held it silently.

The lava boulder…

The Earth’s essence?


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