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Chapter 1084 (END) - Godlike state

Chapter 1084: Godlike state

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Within Kingdom of Heaven, the ordinary people were living like always.

No one noticed that Su Hao’s body was floating in the new endless sea. Countless energies were flashing around, and there was a giant lava boulder that contained enough force to destroy the entire Kingdom of Heaven!


Su Hao returned to reality.


A strange wind blew.

A few small planets were orbiting in the distance. Those were fragments from the Earth’s explosion, and one could even observe the existence of comets. This was the current state of the Earth.

It was a total mess but contained a cosmic charm.

“God realm, huh?”

Su Hao was floating in the universe.

Suddenly, Su Hao remembered the past prank of a godlike state and a smile appeared on his face. Godlike state, that origin technique he created in the past, what a nostalgic memory it was.

One step, two steps.

Su Hao stepped into space and dodged all kinds of stars around. At this moment, Su Hao was the only god of this world.

After a while, Su Hao came to the location of the Earth, stretching out his hand casually.

“In the beginning, God created the world.”


An invisible force vibrated.

The surrounding debris, planets, and comets unexpectedly began to follow the force, and everything was controlled by Su Hao.

“The earth is emptiness and chaos itself.”

Su Hao spat out the second sentence lightly.

The stars gathered.

In the past, the Earth exploded, splitting into countless fragments and planets. However, following Su Hao’s words, they were condensed again, forming a sphere! All the broken parts were condensed together, it was similar to the Earth before.

“The face of the abyss is darkness.”

Su Hao spat out the third sentence.

This round sphere began to transform. Having abyss, canyon, edges, corners, and traces, it gradually became a real planet.

“The spirit of god runs in the water.”

Su Hao said the fourth sentence.


Countless currents on the Earth emerged, filling up those valleys and gullies, big rivers and giant oceans appeared as the whole planet became complete, and Su Hao leisurely stepped on the surface of the sea.

“Godlike state, there must be light!”


Light emerged.

The sun had always been there from the start to the end.

However, the light at this moment wasn’t referring to the sun. Su Hao pointed toward the moon that had been destroyed for decades, and it emerged once more! In this way, it slowly became reality and resumed its original position. The Earth finally had a moon again.

“In my name: Rotate!”


The last force burst out from Su Hao’s hands.

Within Kingdom of Heaven, the huge boulder with infinite power had literally almost run to exhaustion with these words from Su Hao. With the last bit of its strength, the Earth was restored to its original state. The atmosphere appeared, and everything that was lost gradually returned. The Earth had returned into its initial perfect state.

“At last.”

“In my name, Realization!”

Su Hao’s eyes were akin to electricity, “Kingdom of Heaven: Condense!”


The land quaked.

Su Hao connected Kingdom of Heaven to reality, and the endless forces were in an excited state.

Within Kingdom of Heaven, some people were still. There was nothing in the depths, but the buildings under their feet vanished.

Some people were on the planes but the planes disappeared.

Those disappeared planes appeared on the real Earth. Su Hao was making the biggest Realization ever in history. It wasn’t a transfer, but the true version of Realization!


Realization completed!

Tall buildings!

Realization completed!


Realization completed!


Realization completed!


Step by step, it was like a progress bar in a game. Su Hao cautiously pushed forward, knowing that when Realization was completed, Kingdom of Heaven would turn blank. Right now, no one knew how much power Su Hao expended in making the entire time and space still.



Kingdom of Heaven gradually collapsed.

Kingdom of Heaven had been with Su Hao for so many years and finally disappeared.


Kingdom of Heaven was completely destroyed.

At that moment, reality moved. Everyone hardly felt any difference as they played, drank, and worked as usual…

Kingdom of Heaven was now gone.

However, right now, this world is Su Hao’s Kingdom of Heaven!

This is the real world!


“Is that really necessary?”

Chen Yiran took Su Hao’s hand.

“Kingdom of Heaven will eventually encounter a bottleneck, just like before.”

Su Hao smiled, “Only this world in front of us now is the true world. Having said that, don’t you feel any differences?”

Chen Yiran thought for a moment.

“That thing.”

Su Hao smiled, “That thing called the world imprint…”

Those two walked away and returned to Jianghe City.

This familiar and yet unfamiliar place, Su Hao walked step by step. How could these people working here know that they had changed worlds twice?

When one said that, he would probably be taken to a mental hospital.

Su Hao burst out into laughter.

At night, his mother Li Xiaoru still wore the same apron and prepared dinner for everyone. However, there was an additional family member, “Mingguang, Su Mingguang.”

“Mingguang, I have a friend who doesn’t look bad. Tomorrow you can…” Li Xiaoru said with concern at the dinner table.

Su Hao and Chen Yiran laughed at her.

Li Xiaoru had now returned to the usual housewife. She readily accepted this extra brother-in-law and even arranged blind dates for Mingguang from time to time, which made them not know whether to cry or laugh. Even Mingguang was helpless. However, that family bonding feeling was really good.

However, after dinner, Su Hao met an unexpected person.

“Blue Dream Butterfly?”

Su Hao was surprised and immediately laughed at himself, “I forgot, you’re Zhang Yating. What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong?”

“You became a bit fatter.”

The girl’s voice came, as sweet as ever. Su Hao’s pupils suddenly shrank, looking at this girl in front. His tone suddenly became a little nervous, “Blue Dream Butterfly?”


The girl nodded carefully.

“How could this be?”

Su Hao was shocked.

With Zhang Yating’s strength, how could Blue Dream Butterfly be allowed to occupy the master’s position?

“It’s uncle’s idea.”

Blue Dream Butterfly stuck out her tongue, “Uncle said that since I and Zhang Yating can’t be fused together, then just don’t merge and be separate. So…”

“Why have I never thought of that.”

Su Hao patted his head, regretting it.


Blue Dream Butterfly smiled, her eyes revealed a crescent-like shape.

“Come, let me bring you to play a game.” Su Hao smiled.

“I hate you.”

Those two left.

At the corner, Su Tiancheng saw this scene and then looked at Chen Yiran next to him, “To ask me to help separate Blue Dream Butterfly, will you regret it?”


Chen Yiran smiled, “Su Hao owes that stilly girl too much.”


Su Tiancheng was about to say something but suddenly a playful expression flashed on his face. He turned around and left.


Chen Yiran was stunned for a moment and felt a hand hugging her from behind, “Don’t feel sorry for your life. Let’s sleep together today…”

“Who wants to do so, you bastard!”

“Ahhh, sister, let’s beat him!”

“Alright, we charge at him together.”

The moonlight was akin to a flower.

That moon that Su Hao personally created leisurely watched this scene before grabbing a cloud next to it to cover half of the crescent moon.

The moon.

The moon had no face to see people.

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