Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 10 - Is That Kind Person Still Around?

Chapter 10: Is That Kind Person Still Around?

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“Miss Su, you’re awake.” A young nurse walked over and greeted her with a smile.

“Am I in the hospital?” Su Qianxun looked around. She only let her guard down when she was sure that she was really in a hospital.

“You passed out by the roadside and a kind person sent you here.”

“Is that kind person still around? I would like to thank him.”

“He left earlier because he was in a hurry. He said that it was only a small favor, and that there’s no need for you to thank him. Miss Su, do you still feel any discomfort in any area of your body?”

Su Qianxun only realized right then that all her pain had seemingly disappeared. There were no signs of pain in the area that was torn earlier…

“I’m fine, thanks.” Su Qianxun furrowed her eyebrows. Even though she had passed out earlier, she could still feel something after a while.

She felt a large hand massaging her. Su Qianxun clamped her legs together tightly… She vaguely remembered ‘that part’ being massaged as well.

A cell phone on the bedside table rang. When Su Qianxun saw that it was her cell phone, she grabbed it in a flurry to conceal her embarrassment.


“Qianxun, where are you now?” A clear female voice could be heard over the phone.

Su Qianxun felt a lump in her throat the moment she heard the voice. “Mian Mian, you’re back?”

“Yeah, I just landed. I received a text just now saying that there’s going to be a high school reunion. I’ll see you at the hotel!”

Gu Mian was pulling her luggage while exiting the airport.

Su Qianxun knew about the high school reunion this weekend. Even though she did not plan to attend it, Gu Mian did not come back often. As she really wanted to see Gu Mian right now, she agreed. “Alright, I’ll see you at the hotel then.”

“See you later.”

After she hung up, Su Qianxun got off the bed with the intention to discharge herself from the hospital. This was when she realized that she was no longer wearing the sportswear from before.

She froze. ‘Why do I vaguely remember a man tearing my clothes into pieces…

“Miss Su, due to negligence on our side, we tore your clothes earlier. Hence, we are compensating you with this outfit.”

The nurse took a bag and shoved it into Su Qianxun’s hands. She then left hastily before Su Qianxun could even react.

Su Qianxun did not even have the opportunity to thank the nurse…

She took a look at the time and realized that it was already four in the evening. It would take at least one and a half hours to travel by bus from the hospital to the hotel where the reunion was held.

Su Qianxun had no choice but to wear the outfit given by the nurse. She laid out the clothes on the bed, and she was surprised to see that they came with a set of underwear…

Not to mention that they happen to fit. Su Qianxun froze for a few seconds. ‘How did the nurse know my bra size?’

She looked around cautiously because she constantly felt like she was being monitored by someone. She then grabbed the clothes and went into the bathroom. She hastily changed into the new outfit and left the ward.

She even went to the payment counter to inquire because she was worried that she might have caused trouble to the person who saved her. However, she was told that there was no record of her administration to the hospital…

‘There should be no problem with me leaving the hospital, then.’ she thought.

After taking a few steps, she suddenly remembered something. She sped to the hospital’s pharmacy, leaned over the small window in front of the counter, and asked in a low voice, “Excuse me, do you have any morning-after pills? I would like to buy one.”

“You need a doctor’s prescription to buy medication from the hospital’s pharmacy. You’ll have to consult a doctor first.”

Su Qianxun was already rather embarrassed by the way the staff looked at her. Of course she did not have the courage to consult a doctor for a prescription. Therefore, she left the hospital in a hurry.

It was no big deal that she was not able to buy a morning-after pill in the hospital. Are there not pharmacies everywhere? She could just buy it on her way to the hotel.

However, the truth was that, even though she visited quite a few pharmacies, all of them had run out of morning-after pills.

‘Ran… Out…’

Su Qianxun was rendered speechless. How many one-night stands were there in Dragon City yesterday, to the point that so many pharmacies ran out of morning-after pills?

‘I must take a morning-after pill no matter what. I’m no longer a little girl who knows nothing, and I must protect myself after such an incident!’

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