Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 11 - A Dog Ate Her Pill!

Chapter 11: A Dog Ate Her Pill!

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Su Qianxun surfed the internet to find out where else she could get morning-after pills. There was a tip from a netizen—twenty-four-hour vending machines.

Su Qianxun raised her head. Coincidentally, there was a vending machine right in front of her. However, she was in the kind of area where people bought condoms and adult toys…

She gritted her teeth. No matter what, she must take a morning-after pill.

The man from last night… She had no idea how many times he c*me inside her. Moreover, every single time…

When she thought about last night, Su Qianxun’s face turned pale in a split second. She never wanted to have s*x and experience this kind of torturous pain again in her life. It hurt so bad, as if someone had cut her into two with an ax.

Su Qianxun knocked herself on the head hard to stop her train of thought. She cautiously scanned her surroundings before she entered the shop with the vending machine, like a thief.

She did everything in one go. She looked for the pill, paid for it and collected it!

Su Qianxun ran as if her a*s was on fire until she was under a tree with no one around. She patted her chest hard and felt relieved as she had finally gotten the pill.

Su Qianxun did not even buy any water. She quickly opened the box and took out the small, white pill to put it in her mouth…

Right when she was about to stuff the pill into her mouth, a silhouette charged at her and a bite landed on her arm.

Su Qianxun shrieked out of shock. She was drenched in cold sweat as the small white pill in her hand fell on the road.

The gigantic dog that bit her let go of her and ran towards the tablet, wagging its tail. It stuck out its tongue and ate the morning-after pill…

Su Qianxun was completely stunned. A dog ate her morning-after pill!

After the big dog ate the morning-after pill, it quickly turned around to face Su Qianxun. It stuck out its tongue and wagged its tail, acting like it was trying to please her.

“There’s… There’s no more!”

Su Qianxun could not even muster the strength to cry as she looked at the shockingly huge dog. She raised her empty hands—to show the dog that she was not holding any more morning-after pills—before she sprinted off with the speed of an athlete. She looked like she was running away from a ghost.

The big dog gazed at her departure with its head tilted. No one knew what it was thinking about.

A black car stopped by the roadside. The car door opened, and the big dog promptly hopped into the luxurious limousine.

Once it got into the car, the big dog ran up to its master to ask for a compliment. “Master, Master, did I do a good job? I ate the candy in the big sister’s hand!”

Long Sijue threw the big dog a cold glance, and it immediately got the message. It did not dare disturb its master anymore. Instead, it turned around to lie down on its designated spot.

Long Sijue was watching the erotic scene between him and the little thing on the laptop in front of him. As all the surveillance cameras in his room were of high resolution, the video was extraordinarily vivid…

This little thing was really obedient. She allowed him place her in any posture!

The thing below his abdomen—which was already so swollen that it hurt—grew even larger…


It was already half past six by the time Su Qianxun arrived at the hotel. More than half of her high school mates had already arrived.

When she walked into the hotel, her class monitor in high school walked over with Su Ran. Su Ran flashed a friendly smile while the class monitor smirked.

“Qianxun, you’re here. Why are you so late?” Su Ran walked over and wanted to hold Su Qianxun’s arm. Su Qianxun lifted her arm and pretended tuck her messy hair behind her ear. She flashed a slight smile and said nothing.

Su Ran was briefly startled. She thought that it must had been a coincidence, as it was not possible for Su Qianxun to have discovered anything.

“Qianxun, you haven’t been nice. You stopped keeping in touch with us after you entered university. We’ve been inviting you to our reunions but you’ve never replied!”

Everyone knew that the Su family got into big trouble during the summer holidays of the third year of high school. Su Qianxun, who was the lady of the Su family, fell into dire straits. So, it was obvious they invited her to reunions with the intention to humiliate her!

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