Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 9 - Definitely the First Person

Chapter 9: Definitely the First Person

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Tang Zui grinned from ear to ear as he held a pair of binoculars and stood beside Long Sijue. He was sure that this woman was definitely the first person who dared to disrespect Sir Jue like this.

How many women out there dreamed of getting into Sir Jue’s bed but did not get the chance to? How many people wanted to bear Sir Jue’s child, but had no way of doing so?

Even the most beautiful woman in Dragon City, Lan Qingcheng was deeply in love with Long Sijue and desperately wanted to bear his child…

This young woman was quite a character.

“Jue, it seems like she has no respect for you. Say, was it because your skills last night were so horrible that she felt no pleasure at all?” Even though Tang Zui was afraid of Long Sijue, he still dared to poke fun at him.

“I heard that Mancheng is lacking manpower. Since you’re so free…”

“No, I’m not free! I just remembered that I still have a lot of things to do! I’ll take my leave first!” Tang Zui tossed the pair of binoculars to Ye Gu and fled so quickly that it was as if a fire was lit up his a*s.

‘That man, Si Mancheng has already been in Africa for more than a year. By now, his skin must has become as dark as charcoal because of the sun. I’m definitely not going there!’


Su Qianxun took a taxi to the cruise ship yesterday night. That was the very last bit of her living expenses for the month. Initially, she thought that she could go home together with Xia Chuxi… Now, she had no choice but to walk.

She clenched her fists tightly when she thought of Xia Chuxi’s betrayal.

A black Maybach drove past her, almost rubbing against her body. Su Qianxun nearly fell because of it.

She got so frightened that her complexion turned ghastly pale. When she lifted her head, she saw Qiao Yiren’s face in the rearview mirror. Qiao Yiren’s lips were curled up into a smug smile. It was obvious that she was in an extremely good mood.

The driver of the Maybach was Xia Chuxi.

Su Qianxun’s heart ached to the point that she was almost unable to breathe. ‘Does he want to run me over to avenge Qiao Yiren?’

Inside the car…

When Qiao Yiren turned to face the man beside her, she had already put on a worried look. “Chuxi, let’s give my elder sister a ride. It’s such a long journey, how is she going to walk back?”

“There’s no need. Isn’t she very capable? Let her walk!” Xia Chuxi stared coldly at the woman behind him.

“Chuxi, our child is fine. She only pushed me because she was too angry.”

“She should be glad that our child’s fine, or else…”

“All right, all right, don’t be angry. I won’t speak up for her anymore.”

Qiao Yiren leaned helplessly against Xia Chuxi’s shoulder. Her eyes brimmed with venom when he could no longer see her face. She looked completely different compared to her gentle appearance earlier.

Ever since the incident with Su Mochen (the female protagonist’s brother), Su Qianxun had been very vigilant. Even though Qiao Yiren and her mother tried several measures to bring her down, that little slut managed to escape every single time. This was why she thought of using Xia Chuxi’s name to ask that little slut out.

As expected, she took the bait. When Qiao Yiren thought about how Su Qianxun was going to lose her reputation and be despised by others just like her damned brother, Qiao Yiren felt so happy that she could almost fly.

This weekend, she would be buying a few sets of classy, custom-made Chanel clothes to reward herself.


Su Qianxun was drenched in cold sweat as she stood there. Slowly, her field of vision started to spin frantically, and she fell on the ground as her body went limp.

A low-profile black sedan stopped next to her. Ye Gu opened the car door, and a pair of black leather shoes stepped onto the ground.

Long Sijue exited the car. He walked towards Su Qianxun like a God descending from the heavens and bent down. He then picked the young woman who had fainted by the roadside up. His movements were so gentle that it looked like he was protecting a very important treasure.

Long Sijue carried Su Qianxun into the car. Ye Gu then closed the car door as he swept his vigilant and sharp gaze around the area. He then opened the door to the front passenger seat and entered the car before the car drove off.


When Su Qianxun woke up, she was already in a hospital ward. She sat up abruptly, nervously looking at her surroundings…

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