Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 12 - She is No Longer the Lady of the Su Family

Chapter 12: She is No Longer the Lady of the Su Family

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The class monitor, Lan Yingying’s eyes were brimming with jealousy and disdain. ‘She’s no longer the lady of the Su Family, so why is she still putting on airs and graces?

‘But Su Qianxun is seriously detestable. She still looks sacredly elegant despite having fallen from grace.’

God had gifted Su Qianxun with an appearance envied by all—she was beautiful and exquisite. Each expression she made, be it a smile or a frown, could bring any man in the city and nation to his knees. Her natural, flawless beauty put every young woman who stood before her to shame…

Lan Yingying suddenly realized that Su Qianxun had not just become ten times prettier over the past three years, but the change in her beauty was beyond her physical appearance. She had also become more graceful in demeanor.

She felt that there was something wrong with her eyesight, for she actually felt that Su Qianxun had outshone her cousin sister, Lan Qingcheng, who was dubbed as ‘the most beautiful woman in Dragon City’…

“I’ve been busy these past few years. You guys know that I have to work part time to earn money now, right?” Su Qianxun replied flatly. Her gaze was pure and unpretentious.

Su Qianxun was being so frank that Lan Yingying, who intended to ridicule her, was dumbstruck. She swallowed back the taunts and insults that she was about to deliver.

“Class monitor, please let Qianxun in first. Most of our classmates have already arrived.” Su Ran acted as if she was very protective of Su Qianxun.

Lan Yingying got the message. She glanced at Su Ran and stopped talking.

Su Qianxun no longer wanted to speak to both of them as well. She only hoped to see Gu Mian soon because Gu Mian was the only person she could trust in this world right now.

She and Gu Mian grew up together. They were inseparable since they were young, and they had a very close relationship. During their first year in senior high school, Gu Mian was sent away by the Gu Family to study overseas due to a certain incident. It was around that time when she got to know Su Ran…

Gu Mian had met Su Ran when she returned to China. She later told Su Qianxun that Su Ran was up to no good, and that Su Qianxun needed to be careful around her. Unfortunately, Su Qianxun did not pay any attention to it at that time, because she often assumed that there could not possibly be so many bad people in this world.

Because all of Su Qianxun’s classmates were either from wealthy or powerful families, they naturally booked a luxurious private lounge. When she showed up, everyone turned to look at her, and there were a few seconds of silence.

“Su Qianxun, it’s really you. Eh, you’ve become even prettier since I last saw you a few years ago. Quick, come over and sit next to me.”

Zhai Sheng was known by all of Dragon City as the good-for-nothing son of a wealthy family. He had an extremely bad reputation. There was a rumor that he and some friends gang-raped a fifteen-year-old junior high school girl when he was in junior high school, and that the girl was killed during the assault. His behavior became worse when he entered senior high school. One could only wonder about the number of teenage girls who had been ravaged by him…

Zhai Sheng’s eyes widened when he looked at Su Qianxun’s beautiful, small face. He had been into Su Qianxun for quite a long time. There was an air of innocence about the young woman, and he wanted to tarnish her without mercy every time he saw her!

Unfortunately, he could not afford to touch her back then because Su Qianxun was the lady the powerful Su Family. Zhai Sheng was not foolish even though he was wild. Rr else, he would not be unfettered and out of trouble to this day despite causing numerous deaths.

Su Qianxun ignored him and found an empty seat to sit in. Unexpectedly, Gu Mian had yet to arrive, and she was momentarily saddened by that.

Even though Zhai Sheng had been shunned, instead of getting angry, he grew even more excited. He exchanged a look with Su Ran…

Su Ran took the initiative to sit down next to Su Qianxun and said, “Qianxun, did something happen to you? I’ve been worrying about you all day.”

“No. What could have happened to me?” Su Qianxun was rather distracted.

“Good to know.” Even though Su Ran find Su Qianxun’s behavior strange, she also felt that she had to be overthinking it.

When a hubbub of enthusiastic cheers broke out at the entrance of the private lounge, Su Qianxun quickly stood up and turned happily to look at the doorway. Her smile froze on her face when she saw the people who just walked in…

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