Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 13 - Stop, Your Surname Is Qiao While Mine Is Su

Chapter 13: Stop, Your Surname Is Qiao While Mine Is Su

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Qiao Yiren came in holding Xia Chuxi’s hand. Lan Yingying and several other students who followed Qiao Yiren encircled both of them like stars twinkling around the bright moon.

“Yiren, you’re really doing great now. You actually won a prize in the very first movie you acted in. With such a bright future, don’t you forget your old friends…” female student A said in a flattering manner.

“Of course not, we’re all good friends.” Qiao Yiren flipped her exquisitely straightened long hair pretentiously.

“Yiren, your clothes are really beautiful. It must be the limited edition from Chanel. They wouldn’t sell it to me even if I wanted to buy them!” Female student B was even better at polishing Qian Yiren’s shoes.

“It’s a gift from my fiancé.”


‘Ah, I can barely wait for it.’

Xia Chuxi’s doting gaze was fixed on Qiao Yiren’s body. Su Qianxun’s hands tightened into fists, and she turned around and sat back down. Tears welled up in her eyes…

Xia Chuxi could see Su Qianxun who was not far away from him. He furrowed his eyebrows a little.

There was a flash of iciness in Qiao Yiren’s eyes. She did not expect Su Qianxun—that slut—to be able to escape despite her plan being so thorough!

‘This slut might have escaped the first and second time, but I refuse to believe that she can escape a third time! Today’s plan is even more thorough. I’ll make sure that this slut has nowhere to flee!’

“Sis, you’re here too.” Qiao Yiren put on an obedient facade and waved at Su Qianxun, blinking her large, watery eyes adorably.

“Stop, your surname is Qiao while mine is Su… I don’t have a sister like you!” Su Qianxun sneered, refusing to show Qiao Yiren any respect.

“Su Qianxun!” Xia Chuxi said through gritted teeth.

“Chuxi, forget about it… Sis, I know you don’t like me, but father and mother are really worried about you. Please come home with me,” Qiao Yiren said in an aggrieved tone.

“I only have one mother. I don’t know that homewrecker you’re talking about!”

Qiao Yiren bit her lower lip. She looked like she was about to cry anytime, as if Su Qianxun did something extremely heinous to her.

“Su Qianxun, enough! How many times have I told you that this is not Yiren’s fault!” Displeased, Xia Chixu went forward and yanked Si Qianxun off her chair.

“Chuxi, don’t do this. Don’t blame my sister. It’s my fault, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have been born into this world.” Qiao Yiren tugged at Su Qianxun’s clothes.

A little impatient, Su Qianxun wanted to break free from Xia Chuxi’s grip. But the moment she started raising her hand, Qiao Yiren suddenly fell backwards…

Xia Chuxi reacted quickly and deftly pulled Qiao Yiren, preventing her from falling on the floor. Completely infuriated, he raised his hand and went to slap Su Qianxun on the face!

Not only did Su Qianxun not dodge, she quickly raised her petite face. Her clear black eyes came into Xia Chuxi’s view, and her gaze was so pure that it made Xia Chuxi feel guilty.

Something tugged at Xia Chuxi’s heartstrings. His hand froze in the air, and he could not bring himself to slap Su Qianxun.

Qiao Yiren nearly lost her temper. She swiftly grabbed Xia Chuxi’s hand and lowered it, as if she was protecting Su Qianxun. “What are you doing? You’re not allowed to hit my sister. Why don’t you leave first? This is my high school reunion, you can come and fetch me when it ends.”

Qiao Yiren pushed Xia Chuxi out of the private lounge in an indignant manner. She returned soon after, went beside Su Qianxun, and talked non-stop to her with the intimacy of true sisters.

The Su family affairs were no secret and were widely-known among the circle of the rich and powerful in Dragon City. Not only was Qiao Yiren’s mother a mistress, she also snatched the husband of her adoptive father’s daughter. Even though everyone present in the reunion knew about this, unfortunately, today’s society jeered at the poor instead of the promiscuous.

Even though some of them secretly looked down on Qiao Yiren and her mother, they still treated them politely for the sake of personal benefits.

Su Qianxun could not be bothered with these people anymore. She set her mind on waiting for Gu Mian’s arrival.

But when the reunion started, Gu Mian still had not arrived…

The group of youths wearing flashy clothes began to lift their glasses to toast one another. The female students who were jealous of Su Qianxun poked fun at her, whether directly or indirectly, wishing dearly that they could ruin her reputation. Beside Su Qianxun, Su Ran acted even more emotional than Su Qianxun herself. She did her best to defend Su Qianxun.

In contrast, Su Qianxun remained calm. No matter how the others made fun of and mocked her, she did not respond.

“Qianxun, don’t pay any attention to these people. They’re just too jealous of you… Come and drink something,” Su Ran placed a glass of orange juice in front of Su Qianxun.

Su Qianxun laughed as she looked at the glass of orange juice before her. “Su Ran, I’m really ‘grateful’ to you over the past few years!”

She stressed the word ‘grateful’. Su Ran smiled. “Qianxun, why are you saying this? We are the best of friends.”

“I’ll drink to you.” Su Qianxun lifted the glass of orange juice…

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