Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 14 - What Is Actually Going On?

Chapter 14: What Is Actually Going On?

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Su Qianxun and Su Ran both drank orange juice. Since Su Qianxun loved orange juice, Su Ran said that she loved it too.

“Drink up, Qianxun. I’ll pour you another glass,” Su Ran said with a smile.

“All right then, you finish yours too.” Su Qianxun held her glass up and downed the drink in one go. As Su Ran drank, a hint of smugness flashed across her eyes.

Halfway through the dinner, Zhai Sheng who was already half drunk gave Su Ran a meaningful glance and left in advance. After he went outside, he felt very warm. ‘This is so strange. What wine did I drink just now? Why do I feel so warm?’

A group of female classmates surrounded Qiao Yiren and they flattered her. When Qiao Yiren saw that Zhai Sheng had left, there was a glint in her eyes!

“Qianxun, what’s wrong?” Su Ran asked when she saw that Su Qianxun was rubbing her forehead lightly.

“Maybe I’m too tired today. I feel a little sleepy.” Su Qianxun was rather puzzled. She was sure that she had secretly switched both their glasses earlier. Why did she feel a little dry in the mouth?

“I’ll take you somewhere to rest. There are lounges specially prepared for those of us who want to rest.” Su Ran kindly helped Su Qianxun up.

Since Gu Mian was not here, Su Qianxun had long wanted to leave. She allowed Su Ran to help her out of the private lounge.

Upon seeing this, Qiao Yiren could not hide the excitement in her eyes!

Su Ran supported Su Qianxun and brought her to the room where Zhai Sheng was in. She had drugged Zhai Sheng with a huge dose of aphrodisiacs, and there were even aphrodisiac incense sticks in the room. At that moment, there was probably not much difference between Zhai Sheng and a male lion in heat.

Tonight, he would destroy Su Qianxun!

The room was quite near to the private lounge, and the two young women soon arrived at the entrance. Su Ran took out the access card and opened the door. To her surprise, as she gazed at the alluring and beautiful Su Qianxun, she felt warm and uncomfortable too…

Su Ran did not have time to think much about it. The only thing she wanted to do now was to destroy Su Qianxun so that she could get a large sum of money as a reward. She could then study abroad!

When the door opened, Su Ran did not dare to go in hastily, because she was also unsure of Zhai Seng’s current condition. She helped Su Qianxun into the room and said, “Qianxun, go take a rest first. I’m going back to catch up with our classmates for a while…”

Su Ran wanted to exit the room, but when Su Qianxun heard the sound of someone with chaotic footsteps and heavy breathing approaching, she immediately grabbed the unguarded Su Ran and forcefully pulled her into the room as well.

The door automatically shut.

Su Qianxun quickly leaned against the wall beside her, pressing her thin and fragile body close against it!

Su Ran staggered a few steps forward due to the momentum. A boiling hot body embraced her, and she shrieked out of fear.

Zhai Sheng had long lost his rationality. Prior to that, he had already taken off all his clothes due to the heat emanating from his body. He pushed Su Ran against the wall and directly penetrated her with force!

A miserable shriek pierced through the air. Su Qianxun shuddered, and she pressed her lips hard with her small hands to stop herself from making any sound.

The shriek immediately followed by the sound of cloth being torn apart and Su Ran’s curses…

Su Ran’s shriek was so loud that her voice weakened a little after just a few seconds.

Su Qianxun’s thin and fragile body trembled. She really did not understand what heinous thing she had ever done to Su Ran to make Su Ran frame her like this!

If she did not have her guard up against Su Ran today, she would have been the one to suffer this agony inflicted by Zhai Sheng, which was worse than death!

Su Qianxun slowly inched towards the entrance. She pulled the door open and quickly fled for fear that Zhai Sheng would notice her and make a move on her.

She was actually worried for nothing. Right then, Zhai Sheng’s rationality was long gone because Su Ran gave him an extremely huge dose of aphrodisiacs. He could not even recognize anyone at that point.


Su Qianxun felt warmer and warmer. ‘What is actually going on? Why was Su Ran’s orange juice spiked too?”

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