Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 15 - A Silent Chase

Chapter 15: A Silent Chase

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Su Qianxun did not have the courage to walk towards the front door as she would need to pass by the private lounge where the reunion was conducted. It would be a disaster for her high school classmates to see her in her current state.

She turned around and walked hastily in the other direction, hoping to find a bathroom as soon as possible so that she could wash her face and sober up. She could not bear the heat any longer!

The sound of footsteps echoed behind her. She turned around and saw about four or five men walking speedily towards her. They were all smirking, their gazes malicious.

Her heart sank. It seemed that Su Manni and Qiao Yiren were very well prepared this time. They would not give up until they completely destroyed her.

Su Qianxun’s shoes were not a perfect fit. Even though it was fine for her to walk in them, they slowed her down when she ran. She lifted her legs and kicked the shoes off before she desperately ran forward with her small, bare feet.

The men behind her froze for a moment. Once they managed to react, they quickly ran after her.

A silent chase unfolded in the hotel corridor.

While their footsteps were drawing closer and closer, Su Qianxun was slowly losing strength. However, she did not dare to stop running. She knew that she would be dead if she got caught. Her fate would be worse than that of Su Ran!

Su Qianxun could not help but whip around to glance at the men when she was turning the corner. The distance between her and the men behind her was barely forty feet. She turned her head back and continued to sprint forward…

After she ran a little more, Su Qianxun’s legs grew weak. Fine droplets of sweat emerged on her forehead, and a few strands of her long, black hair were stuck on her face. With her pinkish lips gently parted, she appeared extraordinarily seductive.

Su Qianxun truly did not have the energy to run anymore. She took a few steps backward and leaned against the door behind her. A hint of despair flashed across her beautiful black eyes. ‘It’s over. I really won’t be able to escape today…’

However, the weird thing was, even after she stood there for a few seconds, those people did not catch up to her.


The five men who had been chasing after Qianxun were all lifted by their necks and pressed against another wall around the corner of the corridor. Ye Gu continued to tighten his grip though the face of the man whose neck was being choked by him had already turned blue. Despite wanting to plead, he was not able to utter a single word…

Su Qianxun had regained part of her strength. She shook her slightly dizzy head and planned to leave. Suddenly, the door behind her opened. She lost her balance and fell backward. Someone grabbed her by the arm, and the next moment, that person pulled her into the room behind her.

Before Su Qianxun could react, she was pushed against the wall beside her, and something forced itself into her tiny mouth. She widened her eyes abruptly, and with great effort, she tried to shove the man who was forcing himself on her with her small hands.

Long Sijue kissed her lips mercilessly. He had severe germophobia, and in the past, it was completely impossible for him to kiss a woman’s lips.

However, she tasted so sweet and delicious. It was as if he could never get enough of her…

This little thing was the only one who could break his taboos again and again!

As the man explored Su Qianxun’s body, she felt very comfortable. She even took the initiative to respond to his touch.

Long Sijue sensed her proactivity, and his eyes darkened with desire.

However, Su Qianxun regained her senses all of a sudden!

‘No! I can’t do this!’

Her virginity was taken away by an unknown man the day before. She could not let something like that happen again!

As she failed to push the man away, she could only bite his tongue ruthlessly. Long Sijue was not prepared for that, and the sharp pain triggered his excitement.

Initially, Su Qianxun thought that the man would release her. Surprisingly, instead of stopping, the man kissed her even more fiercely.

The man was so domineering and willful that it made her heart throb!

The strong scent of his blood spread across their mouths. Even though Su Qianxun struggled with even more force, she too, actually had the desire to… It felt like there was a burning flame underneath her skin.

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