Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 16 - You Are the First Person Who Dares to Say That I am Sick

Chapter 16: You Are the First Person Who Dares to Say That I am Sick

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However, when she thought about how she was deflowered by a man she did not know the day before, she really could not bear the thought of the same thing happening again.

Su Qianxun finally got a chance to speak when Long Sijue moved his lips downward. She pushed him away even harder as she spoke in agony, “No… Please, let me go!”

“No? Are you sure?” Long Sijue’s lips landed on her neck. His warm breath spread across her body, and she had tiny goosebumps all over her skin.

She almost lost her rationality…

“No… I beg you. Someone already framed me yesterday. I don’t even know if that man from yesterday has any sexually transmitted diseases! If he’s sick… Ouch!”

Su Qianxun shrieked from the sudden pain. Long Sijue released her shoulder, which he was biting on, and sneered, “You’re the first person who dares to say that I’m sick!”

Su Qianxun was dumbfounded for a few seconds. She then widened her eyes abruptly. He was the same man from yesterday!

Long Sijue put his arms around her, and she felt her world spin as she fell onto a soft blanket. Long Sijue pressed himself hard against her again, and their bodies were so close to each other that there was no space between them at all.

“You don’t remember? I can help you recall!” The moment Long Sijue said that coldly, all Su Qianxun could hear was the sound of something being ripped apart. She then felt a sudden chill on her body. He had torn her clothes into half!

In a flash, she remembered everything from the night before. Indeed, the night began in the exact same manner…

She was overwhelmed by anguish once again. Long Sijue ‘kindly’ reenacted everything from the previous night so that she could remember it…

He wanted to engrave it into her memory—he was the man who wanted her!


It was early in the morning. The young woman’s hair, which was as thick as seaweed, spread all over the pillow. There were teardrops on her long and thin eyelashes. The parts of her skin that were not enveloped by the blanket were covered in bruises. It was obvious that she had an eventful night…

“No!” Su Qianxun let out a sudden cry and opened her eyes abruptly. It took her a few seconds to recall what happened the day before.

‘Su Manni and Qiao Yiren are practically psychopaths. After their plan failed the first time, they actually tried to destroy me again!’

The person who disappointed her the most was still Su Ran. Sun Qianxun really wanted to find out why Su Ran wanted to frame her like that.

Had she done anything wrong to Su Ran?

This was probably not the first time Su Ran wanted to frame her. It was only due to her excessive trust of Su Ran back then that she did not have the slightest clue…

The sound of flowing water rang out from the bathroom. Su Qianxun was suddenly reminded about the man from last night. She could never have guessed that it was the same man from two nights ago…

Su Qianxun hastily got down from the bed. But she immediately crumpled onto the soft carpet because her legs were too weak and sore. She bit her lips hard to stop herself from making any sound.

She had to leave the room before the man came out!

Her clothes, which were torn into half just like two nights ago, were lying pathetically at the end of the bed.

She felt extremely upset. ‘Is that man sick? Why does he like ripping clothes apart so much?’

Su Qianxun had no choice but to pick the man’s shirt up again and put it on. Her fingers were trembling so badly that it took her a lot of effort to button up.

Su Qianxun did not dare stay there any longer. She turned and dashed towards the door…


Su Qianxun felt as though she had run into a rock! What else could be so hard?

Teary-eyed, she lifted her head. Her eyes were met with a pair of familiar, cold black eyes. This time, Su Qianxun could finally see the man’s face clearly!

It was a face so handsome that it looked like it was carved by the gods. His facial features were distinctive, so unique and exquisite to the extent that they would make any woman scream.

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