Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 17 - Applying Ointment on Her

Chapter 17: Applying Ointment on Her

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Su Qianxun never knew that such a good looking man existed in this world. He looked so demonically astounding that it was as if everything else on Earth merely existed to serve as a contrast to his good looks…

This was Su Qianxun’s first time seeing such a beautiful man. She had met plenty of handsome men before, but none of their faces even came close to one percent of this man’s good looks.

Long Sijue was also gazing at the little thing who had run into his arms. ‘Was she trying to escape again?’

A dangerous glint flashed across his black eyes. The little thing was definitely the first person who had ever escaped under his watch!

Su Qianxun only froze for a second before she raised her hand to push the man who had his arms around her waist. “Let me go…”

Su Qianxun’s voice had always sounded extremely nice. Now that she had just been through a passionate night, her voice was coated with a hint of sensuality.

She was surprised by her own voice as well. She did not sound like she was rejecting him at all. Instead, she sounded like she was teasing him…

She bit her lips, which were slightly swollen from all the kissing, out of frustration. She suddenly had no idea what to do next.

“This wasn’t what you said last night!” Long Sijue extended his hand to grab her chin, forcing her to raise her head to look at him.

“You were the one who pulled me into the room last night. I didn’t come in voluntarily! So, it’s now a tie between us. No one’s in debt to anyone.” Su Qianxun did not know how she mustered the courage to look into the man’s eyes. The only thing she wanted right then was for the man to let her go.

“Haha… Are you sure?” Long Sijue let go of her slim body. His gaze, as sharp as a wolf’s, seemed like it was able to penetrate through people’s hearts.

“I-I’ll leave first!” Su Qianxun lowered her head guiltily. All she wanted was to leave the place as soon as possible.

When she was cautiously walking pass Long Sijue, her body was suddenly enveloped in an embrace. Long Sijue carried her by her waist before he threw her onto the big bed.

The only thing Su Qianxun was wearing was his shirt. Being thrown onto the bed like that, her body was exposed. She quickly adjusted the shirt to cover herself up…

Her tiny face had turned extremely red from blushing, and she looked extraordinarily beautiful as well as alluring… But then, her eyes appeared so clear and innocent..

Long Sijue felt a burning heat below his abdomen again. The thing below his abdomen was so swollen that it hurt!

There was a dangerous glint in his eyes. When he thought about the fact that in the future, there would be other men seeing her in such a state, he suddenly had the urge to kill!

He even felt fortunate that he was the one she ran into on both nights…

If she had run into another man last night, if another man had abused her wantonly like that for the whole night… When he thought about the possibility, Long Sijue was even overcome by the urge to destroy everything in the world!

“Don’t come here. If you come closer, I’ll…”

Long Sijue grabbed her small legs with his big, beautiful hands and pulled her towards him. Su Qianxun could only try her best to pull the shirt down and prevent her body from being exposed.

“What else do you want? When it comes to matters like this, no matter what, the woman is at a disadvantage. As a man, can’t you show some manners?”

Long Sijue did not bother to reply. He took out a tube of ointment, squeezed some of it onto his hand and applied it at the bottom of her foot…

After being dumbfounded for a moment, Su Qianxun immediately remembered taking her shoes off the day before to make it more convenient for her to flee. At some point, she stepped on something sharp. However, right then, her only concern was to escape, and she did not have time to care much about the injury.

“You don’t have to do this.”

“If you keep moving, I’ll f*ck you again!” Long Sijue threatened her in an evil tone.

Feeling upset, Su Qianxun bit her lower lip and remained silent. Even though she felt extremely uncomfortable, she had no choice but to endure it. She was really afraid that he would do it to her again for real.

She would really die if that were to happen!

This man was definitely a beast among beasts.

After he was done applying the ointment on her foot, he took out another tube of ointment. This time, he squeezed it onto another hand and reached for the base of her thigh…

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