Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 18 - Do You Think That Things Come So Easily in This World?

Chapter 18: Do You Think That Things Come So Easily in This World?

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“Wha-What are you trying to do?”

Su Qianxun quickly tried to retreat, but Long Sijue caught her before she could do that. Due to her struggling, Long Sijue pressed her face-down against the bed and forcibly applied the ointment onto her private part.

Su Qianxun could only bite her lips hard so that she would not let out any sound!

Yet, as if torturing her on purpose, his fingers circled back and forth continuously.

Su Qianxun wanted to scream and tell him to stop, but she clearly knew that the cold and domineering man would not listen to her.

Right then, she only hoped that he would be done with torturing her soon and he would let her leave.

After three whole minutes, Long Sijue finally removed his fingers…

Su Qianxun, who had regained her freedom, tumbled to the other side of the bed as she escaped. She then ran around the bed and towards the door.

A flicker of menace flashed across Long Sijue’s eyes as he watched her slender figure from the back. This little thing had crossed his line many times!

So many women tried their best to get close to him whenever they saw him. This reckless little thing was the only one who… wanted to escape every single time!

When Su Qianxun reached the door, she tried hard to twist open the knob, but the door would not budge no matter how much effort she put in. She was extremely desperate and she tried a few more times, but the door still could not be opened.

She turned anxiously and looked at the man who was walking towards her. She really wanted to cry. “What else do you want?”

“You want to escape after you’ve slept with me twice? Do you think that things come so easily in this world? Hmm?” Long Sijue walked slowly towards her like a

Su Qianxun’s face reddened a little. Even though she was frightened to death, she still looked stubbornly into his eyes, not allowing herself to flinch. “What do you want then?”

“Bear my child!” Long Sijue gazed at the young woman before him. The cold aura that emanated from his body made Su Qianxun unconsciously tremble.

Su Qianxun was truly frightened to death. At the same time, she found the matter inconceivable. ‘Why would a person I’ve only met… I mean slept with twice keep asking me to bear his child?’

She thought of the “childbirth agreement” that his subordinate gave her at the pier the other day!

The man was not joking.

“I’m not gonna bear your child!”

Su Qianxun felt that he had to be crazy. She was not even twenty years old yet, and unless she was not right in the head, she would never agree to bear his child!

Long Sijue’s gaze became quite scary after he heard her unhesitant reply. Light blue rays permeated from his black irises…

“Demon! You’re a demon!” Su Qianxun was horrified by that. She was now very sure that the man was not an ordinary person!

Agitated, she turned and tried to pull the door open.

There was a sudden pain at the back of her neck, and Su Qianxun lost consciousness.


When Su Qianxun woke up, the room was pitch dark. ‘Am I dead? Am I in another world?’

She raised her hand to feel her face. ‘It’s warm!

‘Shouldn’t a dead person’s body be cold?’

Su Qianxun sat up abruptly. She was not dead. She quickly got down from the bed and ran unsteadily towards the door.

The door could easily be opened this time. She ran out of the room without even daring to turn back. There was only one thought in her mind—to leave the place immediately.

The moment the door was shut, the light in the room was turned on. The man who was standing by the window turned around slowly. He stared meaningfully at the closed door with his black eyes.

‘Little thing, you won’t be able to escape!’


Su Qianxun ran out of the hotel and boarded a bus without stopping at all. It was only then that she heaved a sigh of relief as if she had just woken up from a nightmare.

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